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  1. Harrow Borough F.C. Sign-Up This is my sign-up post for Harrow Borough F.C. - my first attempt at the challenge. I've lurked on this thread for years and decided to finally give it a go. I wanted to do a club I hadn't seen on the thread before, and when I saw Harrow pop up on June 24 I couldn't believe it - I've never seen them promoted before. Sure enough, 16 squad members total. If I can keep them up in the VNS it will be a miracle. Prediction (24th): Manager Profile: Squad: Wish me luck!
  2. Just wanted to share that I used ARGUS343P102 on a new save with Dulwich Hamlet (did a Dafuge-y thing where I holidayed the first year to start as a newly promoted team in VNS) - predicted to finish 24th of course with 350-1 promotion odds. Won the title with 105 points, 33-6-3, 17 points clear of second place. This was on FMT and I Instant Resulted all the games, left all training to AM. Got to the FA Cup 2nd Round and FA Trophy Semi-Finals, was a fantastic season. I had 3 loan players, 1 Wing Back and 2 Strikers, who were great for me but wouldn't sign after the season. Will
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