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  1. Harrow Borough F.C. Sign-Up This is my sign-up post for Harrow Borough F.C. - my first attempt at the challenge. I've lurked on this thread for years and decided to finally give it a go. I wanted to do a club I hadn't seen on the thread before, and when I saw Harrow pop up on June 24 I couldn't believe it - I've never seen them promoted before. Sure enough, 16 squad members total. If I can keep them up in the VNS it will be a miracle. Prediction (24th): Manager Profile: Squad: Wish me luck!
  2. Just wanted to share that I used ARGUS343P102 on a new save with Dulwich Hamlet (did a Dafuge-y thing where I holidayed the first year to start as a newly promoted team in VNS) - predicted to finish 24th of course with 350-1 promotion odds. Won the title with 105 points, 33-6-3, 17 points clear of second place. This was on FMT and I Instant Resulted all the games, left all training to AM. Got to the FA Cup 2nd Round and FA Trophy Semi-Finals, was a fantastic season. I had 3 loan players, 1 Wing Back and 2 Strikers, who were great for me but wouldn't sign after the season. Will let you know how my first season in Conference National goes! Great tactic!
  3. I've been assigning my MC's to a DM training regimen as I noticed that most of the CM's I could find using Crag's filters were DM's as well and had traits more typical of a DM. Anyone else doing this or think it is a good/bad idea?
  4. Crag, does your link to the filter download still work for you? I know in the U.S. we've had our government start blocking some file sharing sites (doing their best imitation of a middle eastern dictator, because if there's 1 copyright infringing file on there than the whole site must be for criminals, right?), so I'm not sure if that's why the link to multiupload isn't working. I can't even load the main page (http://www.multiupload.co.uk/) so that's why I'm that suspecting that. Anyways, any chance you could upload them to a different file sharing site like mediafire? Thanks to you, Wes, and of course Fuss for all your work on this incredible tactic!
  5. Wes, that tweak is switching the MC's to man marking when there's a lone striker and zonal when there's two strikers? Thanks
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