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  1. Icelanders are not fluent in Faroese or Danish as is listed when you pick Icelandic as your language.
  2. Why is there no option for this mode in FM18 like there was in FM17?
  3. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Brian Brown (Regen) Your Team: Southampton Buyer/Seller: Man Utd Player's Value: 22M Offer: 46.5M Season: 2019/2020 So, I'm trying out a new tactic that has no wingers so I offered him out and got this offer from Man Utd. He is one of the best winger in the game and I would be selling to my main rivals in the league so I'm wondering what to do.
  4. He's been amazing for my Southampton side. He has developed into a world class poacher and was key in us winning the Euro Cup this season, can't recommend him enough.
  5. You can also take a look at Erik Sviatchenko. I bought him for only 1.2M and so far he's been rock solid. Here's a screenshot of him in the third season.
  6. What!? Iceland qualifying for a Major Championship! Any chance of a screenshot of their best player?
  7. Birmingham just got a Czech tycoon takeover in season 2 in my save. Despite spending 32M on players they sit rock bottom of the EPL but have managed to get Jurgen Klopp from Dortmund as their manager after sacking Chris Hughton.
  8. Any must sign players in the first season? Just started a game.
  9. Wondering if you guys could help me find a team to manage, I can't seem to get into any save at the moment. Preferably a team in Germany, Spain or England. Doesn't have to be a top team just a team with 2-3 good players and is fun to manage.
  10. Hey, I'm looking for a team in the Top Leagues of Europe that are just fun to manage, doesn't have to be a top team just fun to manage and will have a decent transfer budget.
  11. Maybe he didn't like the cold weather .
  12. Nice season. Unlucky on the one loss in the league .
  13. Most Players in Team of the Year 10 - Keflavík(2014) - submitted by bjoggi33 Sorry Flamers
  14. I just made my second Group Stage. The option for stadium and all that stuff has been grayed out since the beginning so don't know what to do about that . Unlucky with the youngsters wanting to leave, my players have never wanted to leave expect for once when I sold my star defender to Rosenborg.
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