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  1. Managers that are Icelandic have 7 languages listed as fluent (Icelandic, English, Danish, German, Faroese, Spanish, and French). It really should only be Icelandic and English listed.
  2. RB Leipzig, 44.345k. They play in the Regionalliga in Germany which is unplayable in FM.
  3. The one that scored one is real, the other one is my regen
  4. Maybe the odd thing is that 10 everton lads are in team of the week
  5. Tylerbode Wich version do you think is better for Newcastle v1 or v2
  6. just won Man Utd 4-2 with my derby team in my 1st season in the prem
  7. can someone please upload another link couse the links dont work for me
  8. can somebody please put another link couse the link doesnt work for me
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