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  1. Hi Will the limits to number of players in the youth teams for clubs in Rep. of Ireland be included in FM2020?
  2. Glad to have you back and great news for us. Wish you all the best until then!
  3. @KUBI what about temporarily close this thread until @claassen decides to comeback?
  4. @claassen Take a brake, you deserve it. Thanks ever so much for Europe. Hope to see you full of motivation again in 2019 :)
  5. @claassen First, thanks for the updates. Always appreciated. Will you be fixing the CL and EL for Europe and the other international competitions before going for next Confederation? The CL/EL don't take into consideration that teams from same city plays on same day at home, and CL group can have 3 teams from same nation in same matchday.
  6. Coming to the end of my 1st season I notice that the nations qualified for the FIFA U20 World Cup in 2019 are wrong. Using the original db.
  7. Hi Just started my first game in FM19 and England have had 3 teams drawn in same matchday groups (Liverpool, Man United and Tottenham in groups E, F and G) UEFA I mean to recall have restriction to two teams from each FA for each matchday groups.
  8. I have a almost similar problem, though this happens during match. If I alt-TAB during a match and try go back to the game, it gives me a black screen. I am not using 3D match, only the good old classic with extended highlights shown on pitch view.
  9. Hi! Curious to hear if there will be adding official support to other leagues? Is the Gibraltar or Kosovo leagues added for example, just thinking an example there Kosovo league develops and can compete on same line as for example the Serbian or Croatian league. And will there be more of the competitions in the Central America/Carribean, like the CFU Club Championship and other CONCACAF tournaments. And will there still be a limit of leagues which you can add to your game.
  10. l.s


    Hi. Trying to add a bookmark without first creating an folder (in-game) crashes the game, everytime. Would be nice if the game automaticly created this as default. Thanks
  11. I hope to see next version of Football Manager as natural 64-bit program. It is the future anyway.
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