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    Club legends

    Hi It would be nice if a profile for old club legends still were available throughout the game I think. Like going into Liverpool and clicking Bill Shankley you get his history, going into Man Utd clicking Dennis Law or Bobby Moore the same. Diego Maradona etc. Nice touch to give younger people a glimpse of the past of great players/manager for different clubs.
  2. I have problems getting the files downloaded via the steam client, I found a forum thread about how it may be fixed for others here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/255710/discussions/0/2251182219839689513/ For me I got all leagues until Belgium, then the latter files aren't downloaded. Which is very annoying. Seems like it's some kind of Steam issue.
  3. I guess it is because all leagues available to each nation here now are active, so if relegations are added there's a whole bunch of extra needed to be done.
  4. I mean, I've been waiting for something like this. And out of the blue with no previous posts about this, boom, you deliver. Thanks! This is very much appriciated. I will start a new game with your DBs today.
  5. Hi! I started a game just with the original db just to check what happens, and the national league together with north/south at the level below are fixed in the original db. So then is just a quora, do you need to do anything with those in yours? I mean, if you could just activate and make the leagues below the national leagues playable? I am impressed anyhow that you take your time, and thanks again for the hard work.
  6. Any chance you could reverify for the .4 version? Looking forward to trying it out. Great work!
  7. Hi, how's leagues set up from season 21/22 in this db? Are the numbers of team then corrected so they will reflect the numbers usually in the different leagues? There's some leagues with odd numbers of teams, most of them because some team folded etc And will be replaced from 2021/22 by reducing numbers relegated this season and more getting promoted. Apart obviously from those leagues mentioned that are restrcturing, I don't expect you have this up in your db? If so, a many thanks. I am very thankful for your effort to make a good game much better!
  8. Anyone else have had troubles with the OFC Champions League? Was thinking starting a longterm save with New Zealand as one of my leagues, would be nice to know upfront if I should wait abit. Btw! Great work! It's appreciated a lot from me at least, it makes a good game great.
  9. Don't know, it's been like this for all teams with long sponsordeals.
  10. Ok, so finally. There's progress. 12th season just finished.
  11. Just a thought. How about they drop releasing FM21, now that there will probably be a chaotic situation in the football world. They focus all their effort to overhaul the ME for FM22, they got 1,5 year or so to do it. Just release some transfer updates and such until then. Pros for this would be they won't need to adress each single nations different response to the covid19 pandemic, they don't need to do much in regards of the competitions like Euro 2020 and Olympics 2020 and probably others too.
  12. Hi I'd love it if was possible to have an option when choosing affiltiate that was: - Help develop the club into developing more youths, investing in their infrastructure or something similar. - Getting lower reputation nations clubs to develop a club there or similar. As we get more and more addons that make it possible to have almost any country in the world playable it would be fun for instance too see how one could help develop one club in a nation like, Djibouti, and in a 10-20 years perspective they start developing a lot of more talents.
  13. Hi, I had this same problem. Just bought a new computer and was eagerly to start my first new game in FM2020. But this happened, followed all the guide and such to find a way to start it. For me, my computer got an integrated Iris card, the program called Intel Graphics Command Center did the trick. I started it up, made it search for games, found FM2020 and made a profile for it. In this profile I edited 'anti-aliasing' so this was 'application controlled' rather than 'always off'. Started FM2020 and voilà my game started up perfectly, and has done so ever after.
  14. Nothing to do with the latest ME update, but a feedback when your team gets to the Club World Cup. The team travels before and after each match, using up a spot each time. Wouldn't it be better if the team travelled to the championship and stayed there for let's say a 2-3 days before until the day after? Perhaps even being able to choose a specific place to stay, like a training center for a local club or such?
  15. @Timo61 Thanks for a great update, a small thing though. Playing in the New Zealand league now and where to choose squad for the OFC Champions League....not possible. Would you check into if there's anything wrong with the update? Or just my game that's bugging.
  16. @claassen How are you? I hope you are well. Are you inspired for another season of your work? I hope to see you around soon.
  17. Hi Will the limits to number of players in the youth teams for clubs in Rep. of Ireland be included in FM2020?
  18. Glad to have you back and great news for us. Wish you all the best until then!
  19. @KUBI what about temporarily close this thread until @claassen decides to comeback?
  20. @claassen Take a brake, you deserve it. Thanks ever so much for Europe. Hope to see you full of motivation again in 2019 :)
  21. @claassen First, thanks for the updates. Always appreciated. Will you be fixing the CL and EL for Europe and the other international competitions before going for next Confederation? The CL/EL don't take into consideration that teams from same city plays on same day at home, and CL group can have 3 teams from same nation in same matchday.
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