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  1. Poll - Windowed or Full Screen?

    How do you make it windowed?
  2. Looking for a team with mostly tall players, that would be adapt to playing the long ball up to a tall striker with a smaller fast striker?
  3. FM 11: Vuyo Mere

    Vuyo Mere Value: 90k Sale Value: 300k Club: Sundowns Age: 26 Position: Right Back Very good defensively and physically and decent crossing, very good full back and as great for me at Litex
  4. Tinashe Nengomasha Value-230k Sale Value- 55k Club- Kaiser Chiefs Age- 27 Nationality- Zimbabwean Great well rounded defensive midfielder who can pass and is very cheap Was great for me at Litex.
  5. -Full Name- Miroslav Matusovic -DOB- 2nd November 1980 - Nationality- Czech -Position- Left winger -Club- Free Agent His stats are pretty solid and he looks really good imo
  6. noclegi w Warszawie tanio

    Great post, lmao, that not a tad pointless?
  7. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    League was very easy The champions league was not so easy Skacel and Harbottle are coming in, on frees so far, I will probably sell and buy a few more as well.
  8. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    Barca put me out 2-1 on aggregate
  9. Demands

    When they become free agent's they accept less.
  10. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    I have just drawn Barca in the knockout stages, the run was good while it lasted :'(
  11. Your managerial style

    I play counter attacking football with fast players usually a 4-5-1 or a 4-2-3-1.
  12. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    Qualified for knockout stages of CL with 2 games to spare Finished unbeaten won 3 drawn 3
  13. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    I have had a great start in my group beaten Werder 1-0 away and Milan 1-0 at home Won every league game so far as well.
  14. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    Qualified for the Champions League group stages first season, what kind of money will that bring in? drawn with Milan, werder and zenit :'(