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  1. What big striker did you buy to play with Hooper?
  2. What kind of tactics do you reccommend I am Sutton Utd in Blue Square South.
  3. I am 14 so still get a bit angry and punched a wall after my young Litchenstein centre half stopped me from getting my first win as manager of Litchenstein against Macedonia by scoring 2 own goals in the last 5 minutes, and I broke my hand in two places doing this.
  4. would it be possible for you to upload your filters and new tactics to mega upload??
  5. Biggest Bargain ever????:confused: http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu329/dotocelt/?action=view&current=LyonNiltinho.jpg
  6. Should I sell Kalstrom if I am not playing with a central midfielder.
  7. Just started a game with Lyon any reccommendations for a Centre Back and Right mid I am playing a diamond.
  8. Please because this tactic sounds really promising but filefront just wont let me download it
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