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  1. Looking for a team with mostly tall players, that would be adapt to playing the long ball up to a tall striker with a smaller fast striker?
  2. Vuyo Mere Value: 90k Sale Value: 300k Club: Sundowns Age: 26 Position: Right Back Very good defensively and physically and decent crossing, very good full back and as great for me at Litex
  3. Tinashe Nengomasha Value-230k Sale Value- 55k Club- Kaiser Chiefs Age- 27 Nationality- Zimbabwean Great well rounded defensive midfielder who can pass and is very cheap Was great for me at Litex.
  4. -Full Name- Miroslav Matusovic -DOB- 2nd November 1980 - Nationality- Czech -Position- Left winger -Club- Free Agent His stats are pretty solid and he looks really good imo
  5. League was very easy The champions league was not so easy Skacel and Harbottle are coming in, on frees so far, I will probably sell and buy a few more as well.
  6. When they become free agent's they accept less.
  7. I have just drawn Barca in the knockout stages, the run was good while it lasted :'(
  8. I play counter attacking football with fast players usually a 4-5-1 or a 4-2-3-1.
  9. Qualified for knockout stages of CL with 2 games to spare Finished unbeaten won 3 drawn 3
  10. I have had a great start in my group beaten Werder 1-0 away and Milan 1-0 at home Won every league game so far as well.
  11. Qualified for the Champions League group stages first season, what kind of money will that bring in? drawn with Milan, werder and zenit :'(
  12. My transfers for the first window, I'm pleased with them. 2 bargains I think, really like the look of my new defensive mid
  13. What big striker did you buy to play with Hooper?
  14. Would the Liverpool chairman be interested in loaning N'Gog to Forrest?
  15. Well for someone who isn't very goo at football manager I undoubtedly had the greatest season I have ever had the league table finished like this; the champions league finished like this beat Atletico 4-0 in the Spanish Cup final and all this was done by using this simple tactic Except Ozil played most games and got player of the year
  16. I know I was surprised myself I started with that expecting it to get reject only to be pleasantly surprised when it was accepted
  17. First time I have ever played as Arsenal, hope for a long game signed; Currently line up; Enjoying it so far probably been my best game on Football manager so fat hoping to add a defensive mid in January, also just beat Real 1-0 at the Bernabeau in the cl group stages with Dinamo Zagreb and FC Twente the other teams in my group.
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