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  1. The king of the match report returns - will be following!
  2. I have the same problem as you guys. I see that Nobby has posted in a thread in the Steam discussions but I cannot find any way to specifically report the issue to Steam Support.
  3. I haven't been around these parts for a long time but just popped in for a catch-up and what do I find - a new story from d_s, one of my all-time favourite writers. Just love these match reports - I've always said that you write the best ones in the business so get posting again soon
  4. Not for FM13. You can only play a network game using Steam in this version.
  5. Fantastic to see you back here d_s.
  6. BobBev

    Hitting The Bar

    mistahc - have to say that this is a really enjoyable read with some very nice touches of humour that had me chuckling out loud.
  7. Steve, As far as I am aware all he will need to do is to install Steam on his new laptop and once he logs in to his Steam account all of the games in his library will be available.
  8. In my online game I took charge of Reading with rep set as automatic and I ended up as Regional but one of our other lads took Stoke and he got National.
  9. An additional preference setting would probably allow a solution to suit everybody - automatically add scouted players to shortlist (Yes or No). That could even be extended to allow you to nominate a specific shortlist if you checked Yes.
  10. Yes, my experience is that the DOF will only try once for each player on the lists. And as far as I can tell this is also 'single-threaded', i.e. he works his way though each list one player at a time, not doing anything with player 2 until the action for player 1 either completes or fails. I say 'he' as it's clear that the DOF is always a man, otherwise he would be much better at multi-tasking!
  11. Well based on my own observations Coaches can only train senior players but Goalkeeping Coaches and Fitness Coaches are able to train all players.
  12. I'm no expert on this but I have seen some information in other threads suggesting that play over a standalone LAN is not possible. The host server needs to be known to Steam, as do all the clients so all participants will need to be internet-connected.
  13. Simon - just remind me again, what part of your body is that exactly???
  14. Maybe I'm missing something here but there has always been an option to speed up the course of a season by simply going on holiday for each matchday. I have used this a lot - set up my tactics and my team selection and then left my AssMan to oversee the actual match. Sounds like FMC is something of a variation on this approach.
  15. Like many of the other little teasers that we have heard about this has the potential to be an excellent feature depending on how well it is implememented. My personal experience of the general judgement of the AI is not entirely positive but I'll wait to see how this works out in the demo defore reaching any firm conclusions.
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