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  1. I was aware that there indeed was no role that perfectly suited my needs, it was written in frustration after being 6-1 down at Arsenal after 60 minutes, and myself somehow blaming this on the way Mitrovic played.
  2. I'm playing with Newcastle in FM16, and I want to utilise Mitrovic as a striker with the following PIs: Hold up ball Get further forward Not dribble more Not move into channels Not roam from position Not more risky passes This sounds a lot like a Target Man (Attack), but as I get a sudden urge to make and destroy a Alan Pardew voodoo doll and curse Mike Williamson 3 times each time I see a long hopeless hoofball towards a lone striker, I'd really like a role without this inherent hoofiness. Is this infact impossible to create in the game?
  3. If you give an Advanced Playmaker in the AML/R position Run Wide With Ball, how does this interact with the already active Cut Inside With Ball? Do they just cancel each other out, leaving it entirely up to the player?
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