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  1. I've had the same experience as isignedupfornorealreason. I'm currently trying the same formation as OP with Sampdoria, with an AP/A in the same position, and I find that the AP/A sometimes positions himself literally next one of my other midfielders.
  2. It's a pretty standard 4-2-3-1, the AM/ST placement makes it look worse than it is. If you find that you're having many shots off target, you might just try to Work Ball Into Box. That should result in fewer but better shots.
  3. I was aware that there indeed was no role that perfectly suited my needs, it was written in frustration after being 6-1 down at Arsenal after 60 minutes, and myself somehow blaming this on the way Mitrovic played.
  4. I'm playing with Newcastle in FM16, and I want to utilise Mitrovic as a striker with the following PIs: Hold up ball Get further forward Not dribble more Not move into channels Not roam from position Not more risky passes This sounds a lot like a Target Man (Attack), but as I get a sudden urge to make and destroy a Alan Pardew voodoo doll and curse Mike Williamson 3 times each time I see a long hopeless hoofball towards a lone striker, I'd really like a role without this inherent hoofiness. Is this infact impossible to create in the game?
  5. What is the thinking in exploiting the middle when facing a 4-1-4-1?
  6. It would be nice if the Attributes screen had the players star rating somewhere, preferably with the option to choose which backroom staff members opinion it shows. At least at with my resolution (1920x1080), there's lots of empty space on the screen where it'd fit in as well.
  7. I've moved away from using Thauvin as a Winger, and instead using him as an Inside Forward, and putting Haïdara on attack duty. Janmaat has the Gets Forward Whenever Possible PPM, so he's a threat down the right even on support duty. In addition, I made Wijnaldum an AP(A), and Anita a CM(S), as well as Mitrovic a DF(D). This allowed me to win the game a couple of times, but it was never exactly smooth sailing. Eventually I found that using a 4-2-3-1 Wide (with mostly the same setup, DLP(D) and CM(S) in the middle, T(A) in the AM slot) nullified West Ham much better.
  8. We're in that difficult time period between the start of the Premier League season and the new FM game. In order to somewhat quell that abstinences, I downloaded a transfer update and got cracking with my beloved Newcastle. Things are mediocre at best, as I'm into the christmas period and find myself in 11th place. The boxing day fixture is away at West Ham. I played that game, lost, but my computer crashed before I could save. Thus, I had to play the game over, and I tried to tweak a few things as my initial approach didn't cut it. I lost again, and something kicked inside me, and I really wanted to win this game against West Ham. Partly out of wanting to improve and understand, and partly(mostly) due to stubbornness. Without further ado, let's just say that I've had a few unsuccesful attempts, and here I am. A part of this "challenge" is that I want to beat West Ham using the formation I've mostly been using, a generic 4-1-2-2-1/4-3-3/whatever you call it. West Ham start out in a 4-4-1-1, and eventually move on to a 4-2-3-1 when they need a goal. I've not really tried to pinpoint what roles their players have, neither from their line up or the way they play, but in general it's pretty aggressive: In addition to beating this team with a 4-1-2-2-1, I also have a preference in how we should defend, create and score. I'd like us to sit deep and narrow, soaking up pressure. As for creating and scoring, I'd like us to play the counter, utilising fast transitions and being direct when we win the ball (I'd appreciate it if everyone ignores the fact that this makes more of a Alan Pardew than a Steve McClaren). Ideally, two of Newcastles new signings would be the main threats, namely Florian Thavin and Aleksandar Mitrovic. An ideal goal for me would be Thauvin getting a ball in space or beating his full back, and proceeding with a cross onto Mitrovic who's arrived in the box, who then slots it home. Through my multiple attempts at beating West Ham, I've realised that my approach might be a tad flawed. Thauvin is by no means a world beater down the wing, and at best he's only a decent crosser of the ball. As for Mitrovic, he's probably inferior in the air to both of West Hams central defenders, Tomkins and Reid. Defensively, I have all but given up on dropping deeper and not closing down. If given the time and space, the pace and power of West Hams attack absolutely kills me. I'm never really beaten on the counter, I just ship goals when I'm organised, generally from crosses from Jarvis into Sakho, who physically bosses Steven Taylor and Coloccini, or Valencia on the other flank, who only needs a square meter of space in the 16 yard box in order to find a shot. Thus, I now play the match with a higher defensive line and more closing down. As I've played this match a lot of times, with a lot of variations in player roles and tactical instructions, most with miserable results, I wouldn't read too much into the following setup, as it's just what I happened to have at the time of my last save (using Counter and Flexible): It does however highlight a few my general ideas: 1: I'm using Mitrovic as a DLF in order to try to exploit the space between West Hams midfield and defence. I'm also hoping that him being deeper makes him harder for Tomkins and Reid to pick up when he eventually arrives in the box. 2: In my midfield trio, I'm trying to have a sitter (Anita as DLP/Tiote as Anchor) as the DM, a CM(s) or DLP(s) depending on whether I have Tiote or Anita at DM, and for the final, someone to further exploit the hole between West Hams banks of 4. For this I've tried a RPM, B2B and CM(a). 3: I'm using Ayoze as an Inside Forward on the right with Janmaat as a Wing Back behind. This as I'd like to have some penetration between the lines, as well as to avoid becoming all too 1-dimensional. In addition to being thankful of any general advice on how to improve, I'll post a few of the things I struggle to achieve: 1: Even though I've given up on defending deep and soaking up the pressure, I'd still like to know how to best achieve defending narrow and attacking with width. 2: Is defending deep in a 4-1-2-2-1 even viable with one of the wide players on attack duty? 3: I struggle immensely with getting Thauvin involved in the game, and he may often go the entire game without even attempting a cross. I've tried having the more offensive MC on his side of midfield, but that's not been an immediate quick fix, at least not in this match. I'll just end with a TL;DR: I want to beat a 4-4-1-1 with a 4-1-2-2-1. I want to do this playing on the counter, wide and direct, and ideally while defending deep. This I'm incapable of, and I'd very much appreciate a kick in the right direction and someone telling me why I suck.
  9. If you give an Advanced Playmaker in the AML/R position Run Wide With Ball, how does this interact with the already active Cut Inside With Ball? Do they just cancel each other out, leaving it entirely up to the player?
  10. This may be mentioned before, but the ability to automatically reject loan offers based on the proposed squad status. I do nothing but reject loan offers for reserve/u18 players which Rochdale and Notts Co want to put on their bench.
  11. 5-2-3 Narrow Finally finished the season with the 5-2-3 Narrow, following the introduction in post #67 and the half season update in post #175. We start with a quick glance at where we ended in the table: Managed to qualify for the EL, but in the end I'm a bit disappointed, as I felt we were in a good position to challenge for the CL places at the winter break. Unfortunatetly, we were inconsistent in the second half of the season: As mentioned in my winter break post, I changed my BWM/s to a CM/a in order to get more offensive contribution from the position, but after the dreadful spell in January, I reverted back to using a BWM/s. So in the end, my settled formation with roles looked like this: From that picture we're also able to see how I spent my remaining loan signing. Through the season we've suffered longer injuries to both Uche, Vietto and G. dos Santos, so I opted to bring in a loan striker. And who better to be a presence in the box and contributing in build up play through the right side than Nicklas Bendtner? Quite a few, I suppose, as he only scored a single goal (albeit a beauty) and had no assists. Though to be fair, he got injured in his first match, was out for a couple of months, and struggled with match fitness after that. As we're wrapping up both the season and the tactic here, I'm gonna check if it actually worked. To recap, the overall match plan is to draw the opposition deep unto us, close down aggresively when they're in our half, win the ball back, and then quickly work ball predominantly down the left flank. From the schedule, it's fairly easy to see that the formation rarely contribute to high scoring games. Through the course of the league, we only scored 3 goals or more in 6 games, but we also conceded 3 or more at only two occasions. A more detailed look at how these goals are scored and conceded follows: Goals Assists Not too shabby, all things considered. Duhamel was my top scorer with 13, with Moreno as the runner-up with 9. Nearly all of these came from the DF/d, which in the end was a tad unexpected. Assist wise G. dos Santos lead the line with 9, all from the AF/s position, tied with Manu Trigueros, who has played in both the DLP/d position and the BWM/s position. As we're wrapping this up, I'll make just a few final remarks. I pity the fools that have had injuries or otherwise been unable to play Jaume Costa. Been my best player by a mile, performing with bravado as the sole contributor of width down the left. Not that Mario hasn't performed admirably at right back either, but I don't feel like the IWB/s has come into any effect. He's performed exactly like a WB or CWB in my eyes. Maybe this role needs a wide man ahead for it to work. Over the season I've also noticed that this is a formation and playstyle that demands a lot from the players. In general, my players were knackered on the occasions where we played every 3 days. An extended EL and/or cup run would have put a tremendous strain on my team. With that I'm laying the 5-2-3 Narrow to bed. It's been an interesting season I'm reasonably satisfied with, barring an early exit against a bunch of minnows in the EL. It's been great reading about all your seasons, and I'm impressed by what you accomplish with the same player material.
  12. Half-season review of 5-2-3 Narrow Alright, I've finally had the time to make it half way in the spanish season with my 5-2-3 Narrow, as elaborated in post #67. First, a quick look at how the season has panned out: I'm not by any means setting the world alight, and the Europa League was especially disappointing. However, form is going upwards, and only 1 loss in the last 13 games han been good. The formation with roles: Some adjustments have been mande: BWM/s -> CM/a: I've gone from a BWM/s with Get Further Forward to a CM/a with Close Down Much More. This is more or less the same role PI wise, but the offensive contribution from this role has been non-existant, so I'm hoping this somehow gets him more involved. P/a -> CF/s: In retrospect, a poacher didn't fit my tactic at all. No closing down, too offensive, and no contribution in build up play meant my right side was incredibly predictable. Changing to a CF/s should help in with all these aspects, but I still feel that Uche could contribute more. DF/s -> DF/d: The change of role encourages him to close down oppositon defensive midfielders. The two other strikers can close down defenders, and my central midfielders are already outnumbered (or so I'm told ... EVERY MATCH), so I need someone to close down this area. Actually getting more goals from this position after the change, the player in the role has a great knack for arriving late in the box and getting on the end of crosses. Duhamel, Moreno and Bruno (!) have contributed a total of 11 goals from this position. The tactical instructions are as follows: I've gone Counter and removed Push Higher Up. The reason for this is that I want the opposition to have more people upfield, so they're more vulnerable on the counter when we eventually win the ball back. I could probably drop even deeper and play with even higher tempo, but I feel like there's a decent balance in the tactic for now. I do well against the big teams, beating Atletico away, snatching a draw at Barca, and that Real Madrid manged to get all three points was a grave injustice. Against lesser clubs I struggle more, as evidenced by the Europa League campaign. Those matches were incredibly dour affairs, and I really don't feel like I have an answer to teams who play deep with this tactic. Or at least, how I play with this tactic.
  13. I didn't know how the 5-2-3 Narrow formation was, but I hoped it didn't look like what it sounded like. It looks exactly like it sounds. I usually don't play with transfer budgets in the first windows, but did for this, and already used my 2 purchases. Musacchio made a hissy fit about wanting to leave, and I managed to get about £20m for him. That allowed me to make the rather boring purchase of Balanta, as well as Mathieu Duhamel, who I thought matched one of the roles I wanted to use decently. The formation and the first draft of roles is as follows: Team instructions (Standard mentality): The formation doesn't really look suited to any kind of possesion football with that midfield, and I've never heard of defending in one bank of 5 and one bank of 2. My idea for the formation and playing style is to play with aggressive closing down followed by quick transitions. Get hold of the ball, boot it down the left flank. Simple. Breakdown of roles with PIs: Gd - No PIs: As I'm using a high defensive line, I'm thinking a Sweeper Kepper should do well, so I'll probably implement that in the future. CWBa - Close down more: Adding numbers down our crucial left flank. As we have 3 CBs, him bombing down the flank shouldn't be that much of a problem. Centre backs - No PIs: The first choice centre backs are really decent, but I'm a bit unsure on how to set them up. I feel comfortable playing Balanta as an BPD, but I'm wondering whether I should give the other center backs the Limited Defender role to encourage more direct play, or if I should give them Shorter passing PI to encourage distribution to my DLP or BPD. May also change from C-X-C to X-C-X, but I feel the former is safer for now. IWBs - Close down more: The thought behind this role is to let him push into midfield when we are in possesion, and to allow my right sided central midfielder to push further up in the field. DLPd - More direct passing: Ideally this should be the guy with the key responsibility of booting the ball down left field BWMs - Get further forward: Should regain possession, and then hopefully arrive late in the box - while being covered by the IWBs. AFa - Run wide with ball: The spearhead and main outlet. Should take the ball out left and create chances/score goals from this position. DFs - Close down much more: First defender, relentless closing down as well as being a presence in the box Pa - No PIs: Someone to lurk around, trying to make the best of the AFa's end product. I never really bother with the pre-season, so I'm already two games into the season. Issues I've taken note of is that I may have to reduce the closing down of the DL and DR positions. They press to far infield, leaving GAPING holes down the flanks, beyond what the back 3 can compensate for. I'm also monitoring how the BWMs and IWBs synergize. I won my first against Zwolle in the Euroa League 0-2 after two nearly identical goals from set pieces that weren't influenced by my style, but I have to say I was extremly pleased with the goals we scored in the first league game: [video=youtube;sMXCUnPwhlI]
  14. Hi, I'm sometimes using mouse3 (the wheel button) quite a lot for actions outside FM, and in FM this button is a shortcut to go to the manager home screen. This in turn leads to me ending up on the manager home screen even though I don't want to go there. Is there any way to completely unbind Mouse3 in FM?
  15. When is this future? After the January transfer window, or the (i'm assuming) soon-to-come patch?
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