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  1. Thanks. It works better when you are playing to win the game. If you are playing against a much better team then you should play more narrow and shorter passing to keep possession.
  2. First season in the Premier was a real struggle. Found it very difficult to bring any decent quality players... even from established Premier League clubs, all of them being rejected a work permit. got the All Work permits abolished towards the end of the season so i am more hopeful. the season was a roller coaster.... Started ok then went on a bad run. Fans criticizing tactics etc, dropped into the bottom 3, but i stuck with it. Eventually pulled away and finished a respectfully 12th.
  3. In the Championship we were expected to avoid relegation and when you look at the first few results... i guess people would give up and say it didn't work, but i knew we had got lots of new players and was confident once the players settled and confidence improved, then things would be ok. Why i delegated all the staff... I think that Football Manager is very complex and very difficult to master everything. I prefer to concentrate on the match days. You still play a huge role in the success of your team. Team Selections, when to change between tactics, when to change MENTALITY. When to use Shouts.
  4. Took a break from FM for awhile but all the time i would have a tactic idea running around my head. I decided to return and implement the ideas i had into tactics. I came up with a set of 3. I tried it with Man City first just to see how it would play out. Unbeaten in 11 games with little input. Then in Division One with Sunderland. I set staff to delegate all. So they would buy/sell players do all the other stuff. I still bought one or two players but was happy to leave it to them otherwise. Set of 3 formations... 1 - I played this mostly throughout the first season, switching to 2 and 3 occasionally. (Formation 4-2-3-1) 2 - Used this one mostly and switched to either 1 or 3 quite regularly. (4-2-3-1) 3 - Used mostly if i needed a goal or sometimes just for a change (which is required in FM) (4-2-2-2) It is important that you learn the tactic and try to get players accordingly. Pace throughout the team will reap benefits. One of the few signings i made myself was 18 year old Ricky Jade-Jones from Peterboro for £400,000. Scored 31 goals from 40 games in the Championship Ross Stewart scored 19 goals from 15 games. Tactic 1 and 2 use the same formation and can be changed one to the other easily. Tactic 3 changes the AMC for a 2nd Forward so make sure you have subs available to do this. Lennons Attack.fmf Lennons Attack v2.fmf Lennons Attack v3.fmf I would recommend starting with v2 normally and switching to the others when neccessary.
  5. After 2 consecutive promotions we are odds on for relegation....
  6. Doing good for a team trying to avoid relegation
  7. After promotion into the Championship, what should be a difficult game away to Sheffield Wednesday. Look at the stats... if you control possession it gives you a better chance. No guarantees though, you also need to sign the right players after a promotion.
  8. You will see the shape when you download the tactic. it is easier to do that then explain it is a 4-2-2-2/1 formation because home and away are different
  9. I don't use OI and i don't change instructions during the game, EXCEPT... reduce Mentality to Cautious or Defensive during the last 10-15 minutes to see the game out.
  10. I am a believer that if you have the ball the opposition cannot do anything. This tactic is based off my last tactic with some minor adjustments. Playing with Sunderland and England i won promotion to the Championship at first attempt, no big deal... but it really did well with England Winning the European Championship at first attempt. Beating Germany, Spain, Portugal and France in the Final. Lennons V15 is a home tactic (Adjust Mentality to suit) Lennons v16 is a Away tactic (Adjust Mentality to suit) Lennons v15.fmf Lennons v16.fmf
  11. I would use Lennons V12 (Home) and Lennons V14 (Away) they are the most upto date versions
  12. During the Championship season Uruguay sacked their manager and offered me the job, i did not want to lose my Sunderland progress so i added a Manager and took over Uruguay. i suppose Qualifying is almost automatic as you only need to finish in the top 4/5. But to be above Argentina and Brazil is a good achievement.
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