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  1. Won Division One and the Checkatrade Trophy, although to many draws for my liking especially after i played each team for the second time. So i turned off Run With The Ball and put on Be More Expressive. It seemed to help.
  2. The 'Pre Match Tactical Advice' i never uses except the Mentality.
  3. It that team selection you can see how they have selected Max Power as a BWM (defend) and Lee Cattermole as a BBM, even though they should be the other way around. I draw lots of games because i forget to pick up on that!
  4. Playing with Sunderland in Division One... After 26 League Games only one defeat. Carabao Cup - knocked out Aston Villa and Swansea before being knocked out away to Chelsea in the Qtr Final (winning 1-0 until the 87th minute, knocked out by penalties). FA Cup - Got through to the 3rd round then got a home tie against rivals Newcastle, was the better team and lead 1-0 most of the game. Finished 1-1. FORMATION - Looks like a Christmas Tree. The full backs are amazing if you get decent players they will always get into the opposition penalty box. Because it uses 2 Box to Box Midfielders you get players back defensively and forward offensively. At the start of the season i added 'Get stuck in' but as you start winning games and moral is high i removed that. Keep an eye on energy levels and always try to have players on the bench who can replace them. IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE... OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS - I have that set to me and i don't do any, don't set it to your Assistant. AUTO PICK (Team Selection) - I chose auto pick BUT i then check the team. The amount of times they will select an Attacking Midfielder for the Defensive midfielder role is unreal. I never listen to in game advice, it is to conflicting... we need to play a shorter passing THEN we need to hit more long balls. IGNORE THEM! MENTALITY In Division One with Sunderland i have found Balanced or Positive have worked most, The in game advice is usually a good way to start. Don't start with Attacking, i find it is broke. I only change to Attacking if i need a goal or i am winning easy. Cautious works fine. But i do like to change it about. Against some teams you can start with Positive and just leave it the full game. Harder games it is best to alter it. Away to Chelsea i started on Defensive and switched between Balanced and Cautious and switched back to Defensive once we got the goal. It unsettles them. If a player is red carded remove the middle midfield player and it does not effect the tactic too much. THE STRIKER I got Alexander Sorloth on loan and i noticed that Target Man was his best role so i went with that. 22 goals from 20 League games speaks for itself. When he has been injured i have used other players but i change to THEIR strength (IE Advanced Forward) and it worked. But as the TM has been amazing as lots of crosses go in i have stayed with that whenever he is fit. LENNONS Homev4.fmf
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    1st SEASON - Championship Winners 2nd SEASON - Mid to top half premier League 3rd SEASON - 5th (Euro Qualifying)
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    NO OI's and i let my Assistant do all parts of training.
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    I have made mistakes in the past by thinking when creating a tactic 'the more shots the better'. This is not true with this patch. I was getting 30 shots and scoring one goal but thinking by creating so many shots the wins would come. But it is more effective to try and be stronger defensively whilst creating better chances when attacking. As in the first game of the Premier League season above. Man City had more shots BUT we had more on target. I used 'THREAT 1' and using Mentality Control, Counter, Attack, Defend and Contain. I started with Control but Man City were getting too much of the game, switched to Counter and got into the game. Changed to Attack and scored 1-0. Switched to defend, When Man City scored 1-1, changed to Counter, then Attack. Scored 2-1, changed to defensive then Contain to see out the game, scored again 3-1. Normally i would not change so much but against a big team i find it better as they try to work you out then play against that so by keep changing it prevents them from doing that!
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    WOW! To do it that team and it finish that high is quite impressive.
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    DURING MATCH GAME: All 3 tactics are aggressive, otherwise your defense just do not tackle. So throughout the game you need to monitor the energy levels AND any player that has been carded. Always make full use of your subs. If a player is red carded reduce the midfield 3 by one.
  10. I have found the latest patch more difficult in that i can create a tactic that will completely dominate the opposition with loads of shots and a good win, however the opposite can also happen in another match. So to overcome the possibility of opponents working out your approach is essential to vary your tactic. During testing i tried lots of things, some worked, some did not. So each time i kept what worked and took out what did not and adjusted it until i have got what i think is right. SUNDERLAND - Using Sunderland with the Winter update is difficult. The squad is weakened on the original squad with little money available, any good offers for in form players are accepted. BUT what i have found with tactics is that, a bad tactic will make good players look and perform bad, a good tactic will make average players look good. Some players that i tried to get rid of early season to raise money could not raise a offer but half a season later the offers are flying in. TRIPLE THREAT TACTIC Named because i use 3 tactics which are similar in formation but very much different in attacking approach. THREAT-1 This is the normal approach especially as you start off. it offers some cover in defense but plenty of attacking options. It uses 2 Inside Forwards. MENTALITY - Control (default), Counter, Defensive, Contain. WHEN TO USE - Away games, Starting tactic at home when slight favorites. THREAT-2 This pushes a DM up and plays with an Attacking Mentality with Fluid team shape. This uses 2 Raumdeuters. MENTALITY - Attacking (default), Overload when needing a goal WHEN TO USE - At home when good favorites, or if Threat 1 tactic is not effective or have gone a goal behind. THREAT -3 The more adventurous of the three styles which is setup to attack from the off. This uses 2 Trequartistas. MENTALITY - Attacking (default), Overload when needing a goal. WHEN TO USE - At home when really strong favorites. NOTE: Mentality - Only use Contain and Overload when really necessary. Contain should only be used when you are playing a top team and want to out the last 20 minutes of the game. Overload is great for getting goals but if used to much it quickly reduces energy levels. Give the tactic time to settle, in my game early on i got quite a few draws that i thought i should have won but as it settled the wins became more consistent. In the FA Cup game away to Man City i started with Tactic 1 on COUNTER but went a goal behind, changed to DEFENSIVE and it really made the difference. Changed to CONTAIN around the last 20 minutes and although Man City were the better team i looked dangerous every time we went forward. If you are playing with any of the Top teams you will probably only need THREAT 2 & 3. Threat-1.fmf Threat-2.fmf Threat-3.fmf
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    Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    I have no idea how Crewe will cope in the Premier League with a ground capacity of 9,000. About to find out but avoid relegation will do me...
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    Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    Do NOT use OI, they conflict with the tactic.