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  1. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    This is mad! I am managing better in the Championship with Crewe than i did with Sunderland. I even played my squad players who were lacking fitness in the Carabao Cup against Bolton and still won! Crazy to think this team was 1000/1 to win the Championship.
  2. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    pleased to hear it is working for someone else, the lack of feedback concerned me. You are changing the mentality correctly, although if you are winning comfortable you can leave it. players filters, what's that? TBH i like to play FM without to much micro management. It has become a game with to much detail and this can be a bad thing unless you are able to scrutinize everything with a fine tooth comb. I try to play without to much fuss, changing the mentality makes sense. Having said that with Crewe i am still starting games with Attacking mentality and i thought i would be doing that in this Division.
  3. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    First game of the season is against Crystal palace who are favorites to win the title, but after only 40 seconds... after just 16 minutes... Premier League here we come! Won the game 7-1, already my expectations for the season have changed.
  4. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    1000/1 to win Championship, 1/5 to be Relegated... Sunderland 45/1 to win Premier, 13/1 to be Relegated.
  5. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    Looks like next season is going to be as hard as i expected...
  6. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    Although Top 6 was my target at the start of the season i was disappointed to finished 6th as i spent most of the season in 4th/5th position. However it is good progress and a big step up from the Championship but i will be expecting European Qualification next season.
  7. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    Won the League by 20 points which i never expected, i think the Championship will be a big step up and i will settle for Mid Table then hopefully promotion to the Premier the season after?
  8. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    With 8 games to go, set to break the League One records for goals, points and wins...
  9. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    Won the Checkatrade Trophy with Crewe beaten Man Utd U23's by 4-1 in the Final.
  10. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    No Individual Player instructions
  11. Lennons Underdog 5-2-3

    Added the slightly wider than original tactic, download both to make switching from one to the other easy. NARROW - Use when underdogs or slight favorites. WIDE - use only when strong Favorites.