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  1. Knocked out the FA Cup by Portsmouth 1-2, but i thought we created the better chances, unlucky.
  2. Played Newport in the FA Cup 2nd round, they are 2 Divisions higher and beat them even though i had a player sent off. We are going to win the Cup!!! LOL
  3. At Dulwich they had no transfer budget, most players are on non contracts and they only lost one game so far. In the FA CUP they beat 3 small teams then came up against Dag & Red from a League higher. We were big underdogs so i used CAUTIOUS and we won 4-1. Working much better than i expected.
  4. it has always been my theory that whatever Tactic you use at home, away should be similar but a little shorter passing, Slightly slower tempo and narrow defending with the reason to keep possession because it is an away game. But the ME does not agree with this theory so it will only have short term success. Football Manager should be about implementing your theories into your team but that is NOT how this game works, you must follow how THEY believe will work. Another example.... a lone Advanced Forward on attack will not work but a lone Pressing Forward or Deep Lying Forward on Attack will. It seems using instructions which they advise, this tactic is a good way to start... 4-4-2 - Home.fmf ***IMPORTANT*** If you can do OI and In Match instructions yourself then good. If you are not comfortable with this then make sure you delegate it to your Assistant Manager. That way he will man mark certain players in certain formations. From my testing you do not need a away version (which is against my belief) you just need to adjust the MENTALITY according to who you are playing. Because this is using theories that they recommend the football does seem better., it almost looks a different ME.
  5. You can do it BUT you must do a lot of revision. Within the pages on the Tactics and Tips forum there are lots of advice. You must understand how THEY want FM20 Match Engine to work otherwise you will have no chance. For example... See the wide players? On one side you will have a Full back or Wing back on Support, on the other side they are on Attack. Same with attack, either side is different. SI believe that this gives balance when attacking. In my opinion it does not make sense, surely that makes your team unbalanced? You must also adjust to your opponents formation. For example, if your opponent plays with an Attacking Midfielder you can use a Libero to man mark him. All these things are ok but unless you study the forums you would never know these things and as it says a couple of wrong instructions will cause a tactic to fail. I am working on a tactic trying to take all this information into account... testing now.
  6. It is the newest patch, hard to get anything to work consistently. They want to make a game that plug and play tactics do not work, they want you to adjust your tactics to the opposition.... what they do not realise is most people who play the game do not understand how to do that.
  7. Why would blaming the ME make me feel better? Watching players take as much room as a tank would take to turn around with the ball gives me no pleasure to watch or complain about it.
  8. Ok you can make countless GOOD tactics and each may prove a failure due to the bugs in the match engine.
  9. It works at Non League level and it suits my team not being one of the favorites, BUT if you are a better team or you expected to win easily you should increase the tempo.
  10. TO HIGHLIGHT.... LENNONS 2.4 is the latest version of this tactic. Lennons 2.4.fmf
  11. Trying this with Alfreton to see if it works at the lowest level. In game advice tells me to play with DEFENSIVE mentality away to York. I ignore the advice and win 3-2 and are the better team. look at the possession, 60/40 away to the title favs.
  12. I get the Assistant Manager to do team training and Individual player Training. I delegate most jobs BUT i keep control of Opposition Instructions and Touchline Instructions. Although i don't alter them i don't want my Assistant Manager to give instructions that conflicts with my tactics. In game help is misleading, you don't need it.
  13. I kept my formation the same. I tried adding logic... if you are in a higher division it is best to keep possession and not waste it. So i slowed the pace down and shorter passing. I decided to go ATTACKING mentality both home and away. In my opinion, this should not work but it does with this Match Engine. I had no pre season at all with this tactic and it took me a couple of games to settle on the instructions but it has preformed way above expectations. Lennons 2.4.fmf
  14. I think most tactics work with Sunderland in Division One with different levels of success, some work great but then collapse. Or they may work well in Division One but struggle in the Championship. So now i have saved my game after winning Division One and will wait until i can get something that works well in the Championship. As we are expected to battle against relegation it will be a good test if i can get a tactic working, far more than it was in Division One.
  15. I think this Match Engine has more bugs than before the first patch. When players trap a ball then stand and wait while his opponent runs away with the ball. You never see that in professional football and yet it happens throughout each game. New features are implemented poorly, for example... You are expected to read Round 3 of the Carabao Cup. In the 2nd Round we are away to someone like Leicester, lose 1-2 but a good effort. I get the message... the board are upset that you did not meet your expectations for the Carabao Cup. Expectations should be determined by who you play and who you get knocked out by, completely unrealistic.
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