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  1. After 2 consecutive promotions we are odds on for relegation....
  2. Doing good for a team trying to avoid relegation
  3. After promotion into the Championship, what should be a difficult game away to Sheffield Wednesday. Look at the stats... if you control possession it gives you a better chance. No guarantees though, you also need to sign the right players after a promotion.
  4. You will see the shape when you download the tactic. it is easier to do that then explain it is a 4-2-2-2/1 formation because home and away are different
  5. I don't use OI and i don't change instructions during the game, EXCEPT... reduce Mentality to Cautious or Defensive during the last 10-15 minutes to see the game out.
  6. I am a believer that if you have the ball the opposition cannot do anything. This tactic is based off my last tactic with some minor adjustments. Playing with Sunderland and England i won promotion to the Championship at first attempt, no big deal... but it really did well with England Winning the European Championship at first attempt. Beating Germany, Spain, Portugal and France in the Final. Lennons V15 is a home tactic (Adjust Mentality to suit) Lennons v16 is a Away tactic (Adjust Mentality to suit) Lennons v15.fmf Lennons v16.fmf
  7. I would use Lennons V12 (Home) and Lennons V14 (Away) they are the most upto date versions
  8. During the Championship season Uruguay sacked their manager and offered me the job, i did not want to lose my Sunderland progress so i added a Manager and took over Uruguay. i suppose Qualifying is almost automatic as you only need to finish in the top 4/5. But to be above Argentina and Brazil is a good achievement.
  9. After winning Division One (Sunderland) and finishing 6th in the Championship and scrapping through the playoffs, beating Stoke on pens in the Final.... here we are in the Premier League. Look at our wage bill in comparison with any other team...
  10. NEW VERSION... V12 use in all home games. V14 use in all away games MENTALITY Use Positive or Balanced in most cases unless you are playing a team much better than yours, then Cautious/defensive would be the way to go. Lennons v12.fmf Lennons v14.fmf
  11. I have made another version of the tactic, the defence is the same but it uses wide attacking players which the other tactic did not. I can upload the tactics if anyone wants to try them. i now use a home and away version, the reason being that as you play opponents twice in a season you won’t play the exact same each time you play them. it is something like this..... PF (Sup) W (Att) SS (Att). W (Sup) CM (def) WB (sup) CD (sto) BPD CD (sto) WB (att) Gk (def)
  12. I think it depends on your formation, if you are playing with several players up front or midfield players with attacking roles then it is already an attacking formation so Balanced Mentality is enough. Going attacking with too many Attacking roles maybe too much. Just now i feel Balanced/Positive is enough.
  13. As the season went on we hit a patch were we struggled to score. This is when your opponents play ultra defensive against you. Now i would have thought you would play attacking mentality with more width, this does not necessarily work in FM 2020. Strangely more effective was using a Cautious or Defensive. Playing defensively against a team near the bottom of the League??? But this is a game and you have to do what works.
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