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  1. I have no idea. I just saw it in the hints and tips posted in this thread.
  2. Junior Coaching determines the current ability of the players in your annual youth intake.- Youth Recruitment determines the potential ability of the players in your annual youth intake.- Youth Facilities help to determine the progression rate for your youth team players.- Training Facilities help to determine the progression rate for your first team players. @Seb Wassell I have seen you write that this is no longer how it is working. So maybe the tips should reflect that
  3. Amazing! Thanks for the many patch notes. Can you say anything about what has been changed in the ME?
  4. Maybe you could just imagine that I said "changes to the game" instead of "patch notes". I think you understand what I mean. But I get it, you don't care about what "changes to the game" that has been made. But I do - and I think that I am allowed to have that opinion in the feedback thread, and you don't have to feel assaulted for that reason. My message was not in any way directed to you. Again - this is not critique, but a suggestion for the future. Not only for full releases (changes to the game, if you will) but also for normal patches where patch notes is also very scarce and vague. Happy FM'ing to everyone.
  5. ...which is why I wrote <even in "real patches">. I already am and have been enjoying the game for 18 years. I have participated in correcting bugs almost every year. And in no way does it bother me very much. I'm just saying that if SI thinks that no one cares about patch notes then I know quite a few, including myself, that would like to read them if they were available in any way.
  6. Well obviously they have made numerous improvements. I'm not doubting that the slightest. And yes, maybe I will find out - maybe I won't. That's not the point. The point is, that SI seems to think that patch notes are not important. Even in "real patches", not just in the final release. It's always very vague. So I'm just saying that some people have huge interest in reading what have been changed in their favourite game. And if SI have an overview of what has been changed, then it shouldn't be very hard to post the changes. But maybe the don't.
  7. Obviously I am aware of that - and I think you know what I mean. They made changes to the game as per this line and I would love to know what have changed.
  8. Seriously... What is that point of not making patch notes? What other game doesn't mention what have been changed in an update? What is the point of keeping it secret? Is it time pressure? Laziness? For me patch notes are one of the most exciting things about games and even though there may be hundreds - just write them down and people can read them if they find it interesting.
  9. I'm no expert, but I would guess that 4 attacking roles is a bit much - especially since I expect that you will use one of the defensive mentalities (since you want to trigger counter attacks). Could be completely wrong though.
  10. I had the Exact same problem as you with my 3-5-2. Never found a solution though.
  11. Yes I understood that.. And that is exactly why I made the point that I did.
  12. And what about 3 striker formations? Anything being changed about that? I feel like SI should just make complete patch notes instead of this. Patch notes are exciting not something that you should just get overwith. Other games that make updates every month has 20 times the amount of patch notes of this. And we waited for so long on this patch.
  13. I still haven't figured this out quite yet. I have done a lot of experimentation. I think the Wingbacks may be too isolated. I have tried with mezalla's in the midfield but that makes defending through the middle more vulnerable. I have also tried using Complete Wingbacks, but when they roam from their wide positions we are lacking even more width. Still the WB's ratings are often terrible due to the huge amount of unsuccesful crosses. Maybe I need a big man as the AF. As I said ealier, everything went very well when we were underdogs. Currently leading my UEFA Cup group by a huge margin since we are underdogs against those teams and my AF gets lots of CCC's. However against the small teams, we can't really break them down. Maybe because of lack of width. Can't really tell. On another note - When is your new article coming out @Cleon Could use some inspiration.
  14. Since the "decision experiment" I'm focusing less and less on decisions. Decisions takes a lot of CA points even though it's one of the stats with the least influence on perfomance.
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