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  1. I haven't played for 3 months now. Was hoping it would get fixed. But apparently i won't. I'm a "one save per year"-kind of guy, and now I can't get on with the save, which really sucks.
  2. I'm now in 2024 and have the same problem. Didn't happen 22 or 23 for me either. So now I can't really get on with my save. This is actually a game breaking bug.
  3. That is not how it works. Jumping reach is far you can reach with your jump. The only Thing height matters for is to determine the upper and lower limit for Jumping reach. I don't know the exact numbers, but a very tall player Will get a Jumping reach between 15-20 and a midget Will get between 1-5. So the height determines Jumping reach and Jumping reach is the only Thing relevant in The Match engine
  4. I have a save from right as the transfer happened. Is that of any use? And it is definitely high. Vikingur could have payed wages for every player in the club for 155 weeks for that money. And he will probably never play for their first team.
  5. - I'm Breiðablik - currently the best team in Iceland. - I can sell my star players for around 100K - 150K euro. - Vikingur from the second divison just offered a contract for one of my mediocre youth players - because he only had 5 months left on his youth contract (I did'nt want to keep him). - So now Vikingur got him on a "FREE" transfer. - However, the "free transfer" is now the largest transfer ever in the Icelandic league with a compensation of 425k euro . Potentially rising to 1.1 million euro. This is huuuuge money in Iceland. - The best thing - They only made
  6. Something is really weird with how youth teams are set up in Iceland in the game. So the idea is that you loan out your youth players to your youth team. However, the youth teams doesn't have staff. And you can't control their club - so you can't hire staff for the U19's. Some of the youth clubs have a manager and nothing else. Others have nothing. You would never want to loan a prospect out to a team with no coaches - even though they share your training facilities. The teams that has "integrated" U19-teams (like FH and Vikingur) have a huge advantage - since they can then actually
  7. @Experienced DefenderThanks a lot. That's what I thought. Can't think of a time where I would use the TI's then - except for laziness. Another quickfire question for you. Would it make more sense to have the advanced forward on the left or right in this setup. DLF(s) - AF W(a) - CM(s) (get further forward) - CM(s/d) (hold position) - WM(s) FB(s) - CD - CD - FB(a)
  8. Who gets the TI I use? If I use Tackle Harder - does everyone tackle harder? If I use Be More Expressive - then who roams from position? Same with run at defence and so on. Why woudn't you always just choose by yourself who roams and who tackles harder or dribbles more?
  9. In my 442 I want my right fullback to offer overlaps for my WM. How do I decide if I want a FB(A) or a WB(S)?
  10. Since you want your WM to be your main goalscorer together with your AF - the "overlap left" may be holding him back. This instruction ups the mentality on the WB and lowers the mentality on your WM while making him hold up the ball. Really really nice results though!
  11. I guess there's something really wrong with my setup. All my players are wanted. Half of them are wanted by teams from Qatar and UAE. Screenshot is from day 1 when starting the save. For playable leagues I have: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy and Finland = 1 league Iceland, England and Germany = 2 leagues Denmark, Sweden and Norway = 3 leagues So 20 leagues playable. In the database I loaded all national team players in Europe And all Scandinavian players with high reputation.
  12. If you choose the preset tactic 5-2-1-2 WB in Fluid Counter-attack - then you will get 5-2-1-2 from Vertical Tiki Taka. It's not just that the settings are the same, but even the name of the tactic changes to Vertical Tiki Taka when I'm trying to make a Fluid Counter tactic.
  13. I am trying to recreate Nuno's Wolves in FM - and there's two formations that I would love to get to work. However, I could use some sparring on how to make it function in FM. These are the formations: 5-2-3/3-4-3 Like the real Wolves - I want to be solid in defense while still being able to create chances for the front 3. However, I think I might be a little too conservative, since I'm not creating a lot of chances. The defense is solid though. The problem might be that i don't have any runners from the midfield since Neves and Moutinho both plays as deep lying pl
  14. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think those colours have any influence on your matches whatsoever. I think it's like the green circles on player roles. They are just a guideline for you to see what a players attributes fits if you cannot see it for yourself. I often play a winger on the WB position and his area is obviously red because he "can't play" that position. But as far as I know, it's just his decision stat that is taking a hit. In your example I don't think any stats are taking a hit.
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