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  1. I just ended up with some random newgen, he is insane though! Model proffesional, 20 in working with youngsters and 5 star attacking coach.
  2. How are you able to make that statement regarding potential? Are you just taking into account coach and scout reports?
  3. Thanks FuSS, I don't want to belittle my point but: Frankly this tactic is as good as any other tactic you have made. I went into this season taking whatever I could get, and then you produced your tactic. It was great at the start of the season when people underestimate you, then I got to a point where Liverpool lost 3 in 4 (they looked unbeatable all season) and I was in contention. This is when I got frustrated with the tactic. I feel like it is incredibly solid and in general, plays the way I want it to play. The problem is that I dont feel that we convert as much as we should, and this shows with the front line, who have consistenly underperformed through the season. I thought I had taken a screenshot of the crosses completed in the league, but to enlighten you I was 19th in the league with these fullbacks: I have used your tactics for many years and I am aware it is dependant on hard working. technically adept fullbacks. I feel they make and break your tactics as they influence all phases of play, and frankly I love that. Your whole philosphy regardless of the result really resonates with me. I love the fact that the mezzala is essentially sacrificing himself for the cause and even when I see him struggle ratings wise he is doing what I need for the team. The domination that the team see's game on game is frankly a credit to your ability to interpret football as a sport and translate it to this simulation. Where I have been disapointed this season is the fact the front three are non-existent. I agree Helder Costa is out of position, but I was clutching at straws due to the impotence of the forward line. I was regularly depending on Barry Douglas from set pieces who is and aging left back who kept getting injured: I don't know whether the issue is the crossing instruction of "whipped crosses" as my cross completion was less that 10% over the season which feels artificial. It was just so irritating seeing strikers not score all season. In fact I dont think they scored a single goal whilst using this tactic. Granted I didn't have the greatest front line although I feel Macias is more than capable: I really can't complain I won the league for F**K sake. But it was frustrating towards the end of season being dependant on alternate tactics that I didn't enjoy. I know you mentioned that I went attacking, but I used your tactic last season with one of my favourite saves (Ajax) so I understand the advantage of cautious to draw the oppositon out. but it wasn't as effective this season. Just to add the match stats from those games: The palace game I switched to three up top. I ended up giving bollockings to the front 3 consistently which seemed to help a bit but still. To be clear I can't be mad at this tactic, it plays how I want it to and frankly, it's so solid and honest it's hard not to enjoy. The problem for me is the conversion of crosses and I'd almost rather play with 10 men, I think I would be able to break the opposition down easier haha! I want to caveat this by saying Thank You!!! This tactic plays how I want to see football being played. I have to admit I would switch to alternate tactics to get a result but I depended on this throughout the season. I would not of wanted to take on the top 6 without this tactic. Further to this some of the progression I have seen on my players due to the fact they have performed over and above their expected ability has been wonderful to watch, the main one being Sergio Gomez, who is my main AP:
  4. I wouldn't say I am struggling with this tactic as my Leeds team are in the hunt for continental places in their first season in the premier league, but it is a frustrating one. My strike force are horrendously impotent: Time and time again they fail to score and I have to depend on set pieces and sheer brilliance from my AP. It's like they aren't even in the game. The other thing is I tend to concede from individual errors, which can't be helped, or just letting the opposition walk through my team from me attacking a corner. The amount of blocked shots and crosses and pull backs, is again frustrating. I tend to have to change to an 3 up top tactic from Knap in the last half an hour to try and get a result from games we should be comfortable winning. Next game same problem:
  5. What team are you? If you are an underdog I would suggest using cautious and not using any OI's You aren't going to win every game but you will likely overachieve in comparison to your targets.
  6. I am struggling with DoF's at the moment not offering decent amounts for players I have asked them to target. I have tried signing a youngster recently who my scouts valued at 1.5 to 2.5 milllion. The player in question has a value of 18k but I feel he will be great addition for the future. So I ask him to attempt to sign him, giving him a maximum allowance of 2.5 million. He keeps putting in stupid bids of 21k or similar. What's the point? I have allowed him to use that budget why won't he? Even if he doesn't rate the player he should be trying to get the best deal for a player within the budget I have outlined. He's not a bad DoF either with 20 judging potential and 18 ability, with 20 negotiating.
  7. Justin Kluivert was only £11.5m for me. Seems like a bargain!!
  8. Cheers for the reply dude. My team are incredibly dominant in pretty much every game they play which is probably why I noticed it more. It's a good tactic as always, I've always enjoyed how your tactics have played regardless of result. Saves me the effort of trying to figure the ME out :)
  9. Have you got a specialist throw in instruction set up? I seem to be creating a lot of what feel like artificial chances from throw ins at the minute.
  10. have to agree. It's great that he contributes so much, but it becomes a struggle to search through the abundance of content.
  11. Cheers FuSS!! It shouldn't be the case but my enjoyment of playing this game is directly correlated to you uploading tactics Completely agree about fullbacks and wide men. It's so hard finding good full backs but when you do....
  12. Yeah I've done it now it really does make a massive difference, normally for games it's not worth it but you have so much loading/reading in this game it seems to very beneficial to do so.
  13. Thanks hmm looks like I've got some sorting out to do now then
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