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  1. Cheers for the reply dude. My team are incredibly dominant in pretty much every game they play which is probably why I noticed it more. It's a good tactic as always, I've always enjoyed how your tactics have played regardless of result. Saves me the effort of trying to figure the ME out :)
  2. Have you got a specialist throw in instruction set up? I seem to be creating a lot of what feel like artificial chances from throw ins at the minute.
  3. have to agree. It's great that he contributes so much, but it becomes a struggle to search through the abundance of content.
  4. Cheers FuSS!! It shouldn't be the case but my enjoyment of playing this game is directly correlated to you uploading tactics Completely agree about fullbacks and wide men. It's so hard finding good full backs but when you do....
  5. Literally the 4th post in the thread but cheers for the screenshot
  6. Yeah, well I play on the 2D classic view then, SI have never pressured you to move to 3D so it seems weird that they have been so lax in the 2D view.
  7. Alright guys, ive had a cursory search for this subject but haven’t seen anything. I only play 2D but the ball just looks like a shadow. Is there anyways to get it back looking like a normal ball? I’m playing on a MacBook Pro 2015, not ideal but good enough for the game. 3D works fine but I don’t play in 3D as I prefer 2D. Anyone have eave any suggestions? Or suffering similar?
  8. Hey FuSS good to see you back!! Nice tactic so far the only issue I'm having is the amount of long shots being taken. It ends up accounting for 2/3rd's of my chances. I see you've put shoot less often on the player instructions, but they seem to just shoot from anywhere still!!
  9. Ahh that makes sense I guess, shame though trying to improve my german and seeing as I'm on this enough thought it could help getting more immersed
  10. I can't seem to find a German setting which is quite a surprise, Is it not supported? If so is there any files that can be downloaded to change the language?
  11. I like Work the Space, he seems to play the game like me and his live comming isn't bad bar his pronunciation of peoples names. The first vid I watched of him he analysed how his team pressing led to a goal and it was good to see a tactic he had come up with pay off in the way he intended it to, made me more interested to come up with my own tactic rather than a downloaded one. Although I still use downloaded ones that are in line with my philosophy as it's to frustrating to try and "beat" the engine to get your team to play the way you want to. I tried searching for other youtubers and only really found stratapp dude, but he irritated me with his USV save as some of the players he signed were far too good for the league he was in originally, although he does produce good content but pronounce club funny
  12. Damn it I normally sneak in and make this thread Haven't had a chance to recommend a load of players as of yet, but ludwig Augustinsson is a great bargain LB, not the biggest PA but as an attacking wing back just gets the job done bags a few goals and gets loads of assists, and just runs up and down that left side the the duracell bunny. So far I would say my top 5 although not unsurprising are, 1. Ludwig Augustinsson 2. Luan 3. Gabriel Barbosa 4. Mayke 5. Timo Horn
  13. Yeah they don't have to accept it if it's not upfront, always been that way iirc I'm afraid.
  14. In FM14 I had Liverpool get relegated in like the third season, I laughed my tits off!!!
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