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  1. I didn't see duplicated players. Perhaps you are loading both this file and another japanese players database. Note that Japan League Level 6 includes both leagues and players.
  2. Hi Foss! I'm very glad for your work. I made a japanese pyramid system in the past for FM2010 and I wanted to make the full japanese pyramid for next editions, but I always ran across technical issues and lack of time. My two main wishes were the complete prefectural league system and all high school tournaments. Did you manage to put them in your work? I ask because I didn't buy FM2017 yet. If I will have a bit of time, I will try to help you on the graphic side. I already have several backgrounds for clubs and stadiums, including the ones of regional/prefectural/youth leagues.
  3. http://www.fifagamenews.com/fifa-17-include-japanese-league/ The big news is: Konami lost J. League license. Moreover, Konami announced to drop the license before this agreement with EA Sports. So, we have two scenarios: -J. League license is now free and any company may purchase it for non-exclusive contents (as much as late 99s and early 2000s). -EA Sports has got the exclusive rights. In this case, I have the small hope that Sigames will try to talk to get a third party license. I think is unlikely that EA Sports has bought the exclusive license. That was a crazy and non-sense action made by Konami. J. League is not an important league like Premier, Liga or Serie A. Only a "small" group of people has interest on it, especially FM users. I would be surprised if EA has spent so much money to get the exclusive license. Sigames, could you give more info about that? Any chance to see the japanese league on FM17?
  4. Konami loses its exclusive J. League license, while JFA announces new partnership with EA Sports. Official news on JFA site. http://www.jleague.jp/en/news/article/5024/ Even if they talk about EA Sports as new "top partner", I wonder if there is any chance for Sigames to reach an agreement with EA to get a third party license.
  5. An official guide to the advanced editor? It was announced one year ago but no more news since then.
  6. What about this new Uefa tournament? http://www.uefa.org/about-uefa/organisation/congress/news/newsid=2079556.html
  7. Its' exactly because I know how software development works that I say what I say (I play videogames since the Atari age, I worked on a video-game magazine, I knew/know several developers etc.). CM01-02 is considered one of the best CM/FM editions (if not the greatest one) and is the one with the minor amount of bugs. They reached that result because it was an update of CM00-01 that was an update of CM99-00 that was an update of CM3. The sequel with a lots of new features (and bugs) was CM3, the next three installments were just updates with less bugs, few new features and slight improvements. The most bad point of those edition was only one thing: the price. Full price for data-disk, but apart that, you got what you expected. Does CM99-00 had less bugs and some improvement compared to CM3? Yes. Was CM00-01 less bugged and with some new small improvement compared to CM99-00? Yes. Same thing for CM 01-02. The base was CM3, then only updates where every edition was an improvement of the previous one. FM09 was the base of the next installments until now, but I can't say each update was more polished than the previous one. I just see a game hit by a lots of bugs at each edition. This is a waste of money for me as customer and it's a waste of time (and also bothering) for the developers that instead of working on gameplay they have to work on bugs. We don't have a decrease of bugs edition after edition, we always have a huge amount of bugs for every edition after FM09 and this is not normal considering that after that installment we got only updates where the most important attraction for buying a new edition is perhaps the database update.
  8. The age limit bug for example. I'm not asking a major update, just a good hotfix. The last for FM13 didn't fix all serious/medium bugs of that edition, but it was a nice update. http://www.sigames.com/news/14226/FM13+v1333+hotfix+released
  9. It's impossible having a game that is bug free. But it isn't normal having a game that always has plenty of bugs without any justification. It's understandable that CM3 had lots of bugs compared to CM 97-98, it was a true sequel with lots of new features, same thing between CM 01-02 and CM4 or CM 03-04 and Football Manager 2005. After FM09 the game is basically the same as structure. There are some new small improvements, few new features (and not always good...) but since 5 years each edition is comparable to updates like CM 00-01 and CM 01-02. There aren't valid reasons for having at each edition lots of bugs (some of these bugs some times are old bugs which were fixed and reappear) and there wasn't this huge amount of bugs in the old update editions like CM 01-02. It's from FM10 that I wait for fixes of certain bugs, with FM14 some of those bugs are still there and I have to wait again for FM15 and hoping that they will be definitely fixed. But this is kinda absurd even for a FM fan like me. At this point, it would be better for me using FM12 that is much less bugged than FM13 and FM14, while for football games with updated rosters I will play Fifa and Pes. There has been another update for FM13.
  10. They could at least fix things not related to editor (including age limit and no transfer market in lower leagues). I don't think Sigames blow up for a new small patch. Next installment will be released in 7 or 8 months, I don't understand why FM14 should be abandoned by its developers. It has been published 4 months ago but it seems almost retro-gaming for Sigames. At this point, instead of buying the game in October/November, it'd better waiting March/April and seeing whether the game is free from serious bugs after the last patch. Apart this, I say again that Sigames should consider seriously to re-build the game code. It's not possible that for any small change appear a huge amount of new bugs. I would understand if there are huge improvements at any new installment, but the game is basically the same since FM09. I think it's frustrating for themselves spending a lot of time on fixing bugs instead of working on the gameplay.
  11. Even accepting a not very good ME, bugs related to advanced editor, no transfer activity in lower leagues and age limit should have a hotfix.
  12. Well, I informed about this issue in early November and it's under review since then. I'm quite surprised is still not fixed, considering that makes certain leagues partially/completely unplayable. I hope it will be fixed with a possible mini-update along with the one reported by magicmastermind.
  13. Let's hope they change their mind and release another update. Last year the winter update was planned as the last one, but after about one month they released another patch.
  14. There are also other issues under review but not fixed in the latest patch. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/381541-Not-sure-if-it-s-a-bug-or-it-s-by-design-but-age-limits-on-clubs...-Reviewed
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