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  1. I didn't see duplicated players. Perhaps you are loading both this file and another japanese players database. Note that Japan League Level 6 includes both leagues and players.
  2. Hi Foss! I'm very glad for your work. I made a japanese pyramid system in the past for FM2010 and I wanted to make the full japanese pyramid for next editions, but I always ran across technical issues and lack of time. My two main wishes were the complete prefectural league system and all high school tournaments. Did you manage to put them in your work? I ask because I didn't buy FM2017 yet. If I will have a bit of time, I will try to help you on the graphic side. I already have several backgrounds for clubs and stadiums, including the ones of regional/prefectural/youth leagues.
  3. An official guide to the advanced editor? It was announced one year ago but no more news since then.
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