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  1. also if you get a red who do you take off
  2. Just a quick question How do you improve decision on a player?
  3. this any good on fm18
  4. @knap any chance of a player filter
  5. so would you say every thing done by ass man never used it From what i understand it you [manager] what just does general training. so what do you use?
  6. Knap post your staff responsibilities and individual training please
  7. weren't tevez a denfineve forward?
  8. you say giggs winger you got inverted winger and rooney tevez cf you got 1 af and a cf why?
  9. thanks so that thought all 3 def was bpd's lol
  10. were this tactic pal can'nt seem to find it
  11. not bad new promoted team using white europe tacs
  12. what training and individual training you use ?
  13. which player scored most goals and how many ?Knap
  14. cragswfc

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    can you show me your player instructions for him please