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  1. Quick question... Am I to assume that if I uploaded my tactic and it's flag as tested, but not appearing here (https://fm-base.co.uk/tactic-testing/#overall-results-202/) - that it was terrible and the PPG was too low to make the list?
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm on a little hiatus from FM currently, playing Kingdom Come but will be back shortly and will be revisiting this tactic to see if I can get the same solidity with a lesser team.
  3. I read somewhere that although your assistant may recommend fitness training during pre-season, it doesn't actually improve conditioning in the way you would expect and thus is not worthwhile. I believe this came from @Cleon so a valid source, though I cant find the actual quote right now. So what I do is focus on Team Cohesion and Match Tactics during pre-season. Once tactics are all fluid and team cohesion is well into the green, I switch to Balanced and Defensive Positioning and take my assistants advice on when to increase or decrease the load based on frequency of matches - seemed to work well.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! What team did you use? I'm away from my FM laptop at the moment, will post a screenshot shortly but if I remember rightly I basically bought 4 midfielders as I wasn't happy with the depth there. I sold Sanchez, Elneny and Coquelin. I bought Perisic, Mahrez, Milinkovic-Savic and Goretzka. Perisic and Mahrez were bought specifically because they are perfect inverted wingers in this formation.
  5. The Aim Inspired by people like @Mr U Rosler I wanted to create a realistic tactic that met the following, in order of importance: - Defensively solid - Realistic shape - Different types of goals scored - Players breaking from deep - Goals and assists spread through the team If you want a tactic that is going to try and 'game' the ME, play with 3 central strikers and win games 7-4 then move along because you're in the wrong place. If you want to be solid defensively and enjoy a 1-0, then read on The Tactic This has been a work in progress since the game released and as mentioned I've taken a lot of inspiration from others. Shout out to @Mr U Rosler, @burnum and others trying to create realistic tactics. The basic shape with TI's and player roles is shown here: - I don't use OI's at all - The only additional PI's I'm using are 'shoot less often' on every single player The Results Here is a screenshot of results since using the final tactic: As you can see we are absolutely rock solid defensively. I'm so pleased with the team shape defensively. We don't score massive amounts of goals but when you keep this number of clean sheets, it almost doesn't matter. We have only conceded 2 goals once and that was with a completely rotated team in an EL game against Sporting. The 0-1 loss against Everton was incredibly unlucky. We dominated the game and had a goal disallowed, they scored a late goal from a corner to win it - just one of those things. We have played Chelsea 3 times so far, and conceded 1 goal in over 270 minutes of football. The League Table Here is a screenshot of the league table around the halfway stage: 6 goals conceded in 18 games The Stats Here is a screenshot of my player stats, as you can see goals and assists are nicely spread throughout the team. Really pleased with this. Misc Notes - The BWM(d) will never get great ratings. I'm not worried about this because he does his job on the pitch. - The CF(s) sometimes has off days and isn't going to score 40 goal a season. he often plays the role of decoy or creator. - The only real weakness is the ball over the top. I have weighed this up against the benefits of playing a higher line and offside trap and it's a calculated risk. - Training. I do Team Cohesion and Match Tactics until they are significantly high at which point I switch to Balanced and, you guessed it, Defensive Positioning Caveats - For consistency, all my tests while coming up with this tactic have been with Arsenal. I do not know if this will work with lower teams, or even ANY other teams. All I know is it works with this Arsenal side I've assembled. I welcome feedback from anyone else. - Because I'm happy with the tactic in my long term save, I'm probably not going to provide updates and tweaks to this tactic as others do. I just offer it 'as is' and welcome other people to tweak and feedback if they would like to. I hope it offers people a platform to build on to create defensively solid teams. Download 1-0 to the Arsenal.fmf
  6. Let me preface this by saying this is by no means a 'it's your tactics, mate' post - I'm just going to offer some anecdotal evidence from my current save. I found similar issues to you, I was playing 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 variations for a few saves and generally found my striker would score almost all the goals and all the assists would come from the wingers or full backs from crosses. I was searching for an attractive brand of football that could score different types of goals spread around the whole team. I finally found it in a 4-5-1 with the following setup: --------------------CF(s)------------------------- IW(a)--AP(a)--BWM(d)--BBM(s)--IW(a) FB(s)--------CB(d)------CB(d)--------FB(s) Playing on standard and fluid. I'll post screenshots later when I'm on the other laptop of the formation and the player stats if you are interested but the following things happen with this setup: - We dominate possession (average 55%) - We score lots of goals through the middle - We're a threat on the counter - the BBM and BWM win the ball back quite often and start a transition - Goals and assists are spread really evenly through the team - particularly the IW and BBM surging late into the box and scoring - The AP(a) is the heartbeat of the team, playing deeper he has lots of passing options but can also run with the ball - has a lot of assists I guess what I am saying is that I completely agree with your points and was having the same struggles but found a point solution. I think the key is a deeper formation with multiple attack duties which I believe is how a lot of top teams play IRL but I'm certainly no tactics guru. I think a lot of people would try and set Man City up to mirror real life as a 4-3-3 with high wingers when actually it would be a deeper 4-1-4-1 but with lots of attack duties and probably KDB as a RPM.
  7. Looks like we're going to finish 6th first season with WBA - really pleased with that. Definitely the best tactic I've used so far, realistic shape and build up play and scores some lovely goals particularly on the counter. I have a couple of tweaks that may be useful for other people using weaker teams like me... The formations I struggled against were anything with 2 up top (other than the big boys), notably the 4-4-2, Bournemouth gave me real problems. The main problem was on the 'counter counter' if you get what I mean, after our attack had broken down and we often had 8 players ahead of the ball. As mentioned the reason this formation works so well is most teams only leave 1 up top, giving you 2v1. Well 4-4-2 obviously meant we often had 2v2 at the back when our counters broke down and conceded several goals like that. What I did was drop the 2nd VOL to be a DM(d), Jake Livermore in my case. This meant he covered laterally in front of the 2 CBs which worked brilliantly because he could: a) cover the long ball up to the 2 strikers b) cover laterally for either FB if they broke down the wings c) most importantly just gave us another body so it was 3v2 on their counter This has also become my go to tweak for tougher away games and holding onto leads later in games. Anyway, thumbs up @Mr U Rosler you've done great work here.
  8. Wow... I think the FM gods have been watching this thread. Talk about addressing both issues...
  9. Thanks for the speedy reply mate. Think you may be right about the pace. I did try him centrally for a couple of games but might give him a longer run and adjust training - I'm going to be looking to replace Morrison in the summer so would be ideal if I had a ready made replacement in the club. Burke is already in and around the first time (along with Sam Fied) and I have high hopes for him.
  10. @Mr U Rosler Hi mate - first of all, great tactic. I've been looking for a decent and realistic 4-2-3-1 for a while. I hate all this 3 striker 'game the match engine' type stuff but I don't have the inclination to fiddle with tactics and go through the trial and error process you have, so much appreciated. I've been using it with WBA without any real tweaks, it fits the team well I think: GK Foster RB Ter Avest (signing) LB Gibbs CB Evans CB Dawson VOL Livermore VOL Hendrix (signing) RAM Phillips CAM Morrison LAM Chadli ST Rondon We're in 6th coming towards the end of the season which I'm really pleased with. With some good summer signings I'm hoping to be able to push for Champions League qualification after season 2. I have a couple of things I want your opinion on: - Chadli is not performing. He is arguably my best player but his stats and performances have been underwhelming. You alluded to issues with the wide players contributing in attacking areas and I think I'm seeing that - he's putting a shift in defensively but just not scoring or creating many goals... any thoughts on that? Phillips seems to be performing much better which is interesting cause he's a right footed winger playing the IF role on the right and doesn't have as good stats as Chadli... all very puzzling. - Any thoughts on how to setup against teams a LOT better than you? Being WBA, we have a decent portion of games against better opposition. I'm really struggling with the City/Spurs/Chelsea type of games and just getting battered. I've tried going in with no tweaks, tried counter/defend but nothing seems to work too well. Don't get me wrong, i expect to get beat in most of these games but I haven't really competed with any of the top teams yet. Just wondered if you had any thoughts on that..
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