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  1. I did open a thread about the passing conundrum, got an answer from a mod.
  2. That would probably be the first tactic in the original post by Knap: !FM19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112.fmf
  3. So if the team passing directness is standard and I tell a player to go more direct (add the PI "more direct passes) and then bump up the TPD to slightly more direct (not maxed out in TI), will that player play slightly more direct or much more direct?
  4. But if you change the TPD to "slightly more direct", you don't have the option to tell an individual player to go more direct. You can only do that while on "Standard" TPD. Hence my confusion.
  5. This question might sound really odd, and as english is not my first language I do apologize if something is unclear. So my question is about the "relationship" between Player prefered moves, player instructions and team instructions. Let me give you an example. With a standard mentality, you have five options when it comes to "Passing Directness". So let's put Team Passing Directness (TPD) on a 1-5 scale: With the TPD on "Much Shorter", the player is set to with the option of telling an individual player to go more direct. With the TPD on "Shorter", you get the same options. If you click on "Shorter passing" it will give a player the PI of Pass it Shorter. Now does that mean the whole team will pass it shorter but that individual player will pass it much shorter? With the TPD on "Standard", you get three options for your player: "shorter", "standard" or "more direct" Oddly enough, if you tell the team to go "Slightly More Direct", you're left with the same options as before: "shorter" or "standard". This means you can't tell a player to go more direct, even though there is another notch on the TPD scale. So what happens if you set the TPD to Standard, give a player the "More direct" instruction and then change the TPD to "Slightly more direct". Will that player pass it slightly more direct like the team or much more direct because of his player instruction?
  6. This discussion is a bit offtopic so I'm going to put it in a spoiler to not disrupt this thread about tactics too much.
  7. I don't think it makes the marking 'ultra' tight or tackling even harder. I am in no way an expert in terms of FM but I think the order is Player prefered moves > player instructions > team instructions, but only if there is a conflict between the instructions. For example, if you put a player with the PPM "Gets into opposition area" as a DLP, there will be a warning symbol next to that instruction to signal that player will not follow it. In the example of tighter marking, with the teams pressing intensity set to 'More Urgent', you have two options in terms of player instructions: 'Less Urgent' or 'Standard'. However, if you set the teams pressing intensity to 'Slightly Less Urgent', you instead get the option of giving an individual player the option of 'More Urgent' pressing. With 'Much Less Urgent' 'Run at defence' however is interesting if you also tell some players to 'dribble less'. Will they dribble less or will they run at defence? I think the players you tell to dribble less will dribble less while the rest will run at the defence. So in a way you can either choose the team instruction 'Run at defence' and tell some players to dribble less or you could just tell some players to dribble more. It would be the same end result.
  8. You showed a screenshot of your friendlies, you can't take too much away from them. Give the team time to get familiar with the tactics and increase the match cohesion.
  9. I did a holiday test with 4-2-3-1 as Brighton and it did pretty well. Over 60 points I think
  10. Just had an interesting game playing with Knaps 4-2-3-1 Beowulf press. I've tweaked it and removed get stuck in but still got 7 yellow cards in one game.
  11. Then that's probably down to the team instruction "Get Stuck In" and the level of your squad. Lower levels of decision making, tackling etc. might mean more horrible tackles.