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  1. Not tried the latest version but CM-A and DM didnt use to have any instructions
  2. Sadly it just doesn't seem to perform in my tests but then again neither does any 3/5 back tactic
  3. Could you please update this? Would really appreciate it
  4. Those are from November, would they still work? Or would it be too much trouble to updated them for 19.3.5?
  5. Would love to see a 5-3-2 (3 central midfielders, 2 strikers) if possible
  6. It's a shame that 4-2-3-1 isn't very good in this match engine
  7. Which tactic is better, this or your Gladiator tweak on FM-Base?
  8. Staff Members have favorite formations and will use one of them when put in charge of a team. In regards to team instructions and roles, I'm not sure how they decide on them.
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