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  1. Wow i have let this one sliip Toon can you please have a look into the reason that Spurs are losing so much money each year and why we are now 16 Million in Debt?
  2. Wow how the hell did Newcastle spend 119 million in the window on new players but only bring in 28 Million. Plus have you seen the list of players that they have signed If i didnt trust Toon i would say that something fishy was going on here.
  3. What happening with this one Toon are we still playing?
  4. Toon you shuld leave the transfers as they are. I think that it should be up to the chairman whos club sold the player to look through the transfers made and then let you know which ones to cancel. Or just allow them all to stand reguardless of if people wanted to keep there players it would make the game a little more intersting and give the managers a bigger degree of control over the players that they manage. It would make the game a little more iteresting as well i think as it would mean chairman had to work around there manager a bit more!
  5. Toon Who is Tome. As i cannot seem to find a screen shot of him above but i have signed him from the youth draft. Can you please put up a screen shot so that i can see what he is like?
  6. Spurs are looking for a new first team Goal Keeper if anyone has one that they would consider selling?
  7. Spurs would also like to take part in the big deal that is offered
  8. Tottenham have agreed that they will listen to offers for the following players in order to try and freshen up the squad: Ledley King David Bentley Niko Kranjcar Robbie Keane Jamie O'Hara Kyle Naughton and Aliaksandr Hleb
  9. Problem with them doing that is that they are hardly going to be inconspicuous after, they are going to be the talk of the football world and i am sure we will be able to find them should we need to.
  10. Can i do the following I would like to pay 2 million now with 6 million in installments over 24 months and the final 2 million based on future success of the team?
  11. Surly this has to be a waste of Money for the Chelsea chairman as their stats in all departments being offered i would assume would be quite high anyway??
  12. Toon can i just check before i sign up to the big deal what Spurs stats are in all the departments that you are offering to upgrade?
  13. Tottenham are open to offers for there players!
  14. Toon can i please suggest that from now on the Players who's contracts expire in the summer are posted up after our transfer window as there are players that people may wish to sign now rather than on a free in. But cant because you have posted them in the free transfer section.
  15. How were those three so cheap Xavi must have cost a fair bit!!
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