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  1. The problem with this is yes there are the few out there that know what thay are doing with the coding but then there are millions who don't. If they opened it up to let people edit what they like, How many new threads would we have each day with the title "Help I have broken my game" or "How do i fix _____" This is going to eat into the time that SI spend helping people with genuwine problems rather than self inflicted ones!
  2. I Disagree. In real life Rooney is a striker but i have no doubt that as an attacking midfirelder he is definatly accomplished. He would prefer to play as a striker and that would be his natural position but his manager knows that he is more than capable in other positions. I guess this is just FM's way of telling you that the player shold be playing in this position but if you so choose he with do more than enough if you choose to play him in any of these positions. The same with Ryan Giggs he is a left winger but he would be accomplised as a Centre Midfield player should you widh to play him there. He is not a natural Centre Mid but as the years have gone on he has become very good at playing there.
  3. As it has been said before in this thread when coming up the leagues i tend to change a lot of the squad every year. When i manage a higher profile club i like to buy players that are young and gradually work them into the first team. I prefere to have players that have been at the club for a long time work there way through. Every now and then i will spalsh out on a big name/price signing to replace someone in my squad but it would always have to be a vast improvement or a player that will offer something different to what i already have!
  4. I think the only thing that i would like to see implemented more is the manager contract. So maybe a club wants to take you as manager but your current club are asking the earth in Compensation. I think that the manager wages could be used to maybe buying out your current contract so that the move is possible. This obviously would be a very rare occasion but would be a neat little feature and for the majority it would make no difference to how the game is played. I personally always negotiate my contract to what i would expect in real life if i was in that position. I would seriously consider a job at a higher team if they offered a lot more wages than i was on as i try to play as realistically as possible. Other than that i cannot see any benefit to spending the money that you earn.
  5. Paulo1985

    Chairman manager 2011

    Wow i have let this one sliip Toon can you please have a look into the reason that Spurs are losing so much money each year and why we are now 16 Million in Debt?
  6. Paulo1985

    Chairman manager 2011

    Wow how the hell did Newcastle spend 119 million in the window on new players but only bring in 28 Million. Plus have you seen the list of players that they have signed If i didnt trust Toon i would say that something fishy was going on here.
  7. Paulo1985

    Chairman manager 2011

    What happening with this one Toon are we still playing?
  8. But what i was suggesting was even though the loan is agreed between two clubs, you would be talking to the manager, that would be a private conversation between people and not to do with the loan terms. That way the loaner would be able to see exactly how the manager intends to use the player. Maybe make it conditional on the manager relationship between each other. Much like fergie and his son. Fergie loans players to his sons clubs. The club then removed him as manager and fergie recalled as many as he could. This says to me that even though the contract was between clubs. The real contract was between the managers. The same with Cleverley this and wiltshire last year both Fergie and Wenger sent there players to a club and knew that they would get first team football as they both mentioned it in press conferences. In fact fergie has also sent Macheda out on loan and mentioned in the press that he would go where he would be garenteed the maxim amount of game time. How would he know that he would get it unless he had spoken to the manager and asked him how he intended to use the player. This has to be put in the game as we see it going on all the time in the real world!
  9. The new conversation module would be perfect for this for the people that wanted to go into that much detail. I don't see the problem with SI including a screen that lets you talk to the manager of the other team that you can set up these Gentleman's agreements and you would then be able to ascertain the exact impact that he feels that your player would make to his team. This could then impact on the relationships between managers and see certain managers applying for loan players from certain clubs. As with Fergie and his son. This would also improve personalties within the game and could improve the relationships between managers.
  10. Paulo1985

    Chairman manager 2011

    Toon you shuld leave the transfers as they are. I think that it should be up to the chairman whos club sold the player to look through the transfers made and then let you know which ones to cancel. Or just allow them all to stand reguardless of if people wanted to keep there players it would make the game a little more intersting and give the managers a bigger degree of control over the players that they manage. It would make the game a little more iteresting as well i think as it would mean chairman had to work around there manager a bit more!
  11. I brought Robbie Savage and Emile Heskey put them in the youth team, Made them unavailable for the Reserves and left them to rot until they had a year left. Played them for a little while then signed them on a new contract and did the same again. Repeated this until they both retired! Also on an old CM i was playing as United and sweeping all aside with Pablo Aimar as the main part of my team. Inter came in with a bid and it was back at the time where the bidding system was reject and they would keep coming back with better offers. I managed to get them to pay 112 Million for him in the end. got a message saying that Inter were in financial trouble and that all offers would be considered and offered them 7 million for none other than Aimar. Brought him back and left them 105 Million worse off!
  12. Paulo1985

    Chairman manager 2011

    Toon Who is Tome. As i cannot seem to find a screen shot of him above but i have signed him from the youth draft. Can you please put up a screen shot so that i can see what he is like?
  13. Paulo1985

    FM11: Ultimate Gaffer

    http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac29/Paulo1985/ManagerProfile.jpg Started this one. After Holidaying til March i finally got a job at already relegated to League two Yeovil. Played the Rest of the season but nothing good happened lost alot more than i won and now ready to take on League two as one of the favorites
  14. Paulo1985

    Chairman manager 2011

    Spurs are looking for a new first team Goal Keeper if anyone has one that they would consider selling?
  15. Paulo1985

    Chairman manager 2011

    Spurs would also like to take part in the big deal that is offered