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  1. Wow i have let this one sliip Toon can you please have a look into the reason that Spurs are losing so much money each year and why we are now 16 Million in Debt?
  2. Wow how the hell did Newcastle spend 119 million in the window on new players but only bring in 28 Million. Plus have you seen the list of players that they have signed If i didnt trust Toon i would say that something fishy was going on here.
  3. What happening with this one Toon are we still playing?
  4. Toon you shuld leave the transfers as they are. I think that it should be up to the chairman whos club sold the player to look through the transfers made and then let you know which ones to cancel. Or just allow them all to stand reguardless of if people wanted to keep there players it would make the game a little more intersting and give the managers a bigger degree of control over the players that they manage. It would make the game a little more iteresting as well i think as it would mean chairman had to work around there manager a bit more!
  5. Toon Who is Tome. As i cannot seem to find a screen shot of him above but i have signed him from the youth draft. Can you please put up a screen shot so that i can see what he is like?
  6. Spurs are looking for a new first team Goal Keeper if anyone has one that they would consider selling?
  7. Spurs would also like to take part in the big deal that is offered
  8. Tottenham have agreed that they will listen to offers for the following players in order to try and freshen up the squad: Ledley King David Bentley Niko Kranjcar Robbie Keane Jamie O'Hara Kyle Naughton and Aliaksandr Hleb
  9. Problem with them doing that is that they are hardly going to be inconspicuous after, they are going to be the talk of the football world and i am sure we will be able to find them should we need to.
  10. Can i do the following I would like to pay 2 million now with 6 million in installments over 24 months and the final 2 million based on future success of the team?
  11. Surly this has to be a waste of Money for the Chelsea chairman as their stats in all departments being offered i would assume would be quite high anyway??
  12. Toon can i just check before i sign up to the big deal what Spurs stats are in all the departments that you are offering to upgrade?
  13. Tottenham are open to offers for there players!
  14. Toon can i please suggest that from now on the Players who's contracts expire in the summer are posted up after our transfer window as there are players that people may wish to sign now rather than on a free in. But cant because you have posted them in the free transfer section.
  15. Good idea GCB. But only if it is not going to cause you too much work uploading goals for every game. or would it just be the live games and England games?
  16. How were those three so cheap Xavi must have cost a fair bit!!
  17. IS BLUE THE NEW RED ON MERSEYSIDE? You could be forgiven for thinking that the Blue half of Merseyside were also runs by their recent history and that Liverpool were in a different league but this year something has changed. Success is now defiantly on the lips of Every Evertonian you speak to and why should it not be with the squad that has been put together by new manager Harry Redknapp with the full backing of new club chairman Paulo Eight five. The premier league shakeup as it has become known was very kind to the blues bringing the Manchester pair of Vidic and Lescot from United and City respectfully to add to the talents of Baines and Jagielka already at the club. Lets not forget that the back up of Distan and current England international and club captain Phil Neville means that the defence is shaping up to be a tough one to beat this year. In midfield they have added a little bit of steel with the signing of Alex Song from Arsenal to compliment to an already promising line up of taletnt with the likes of Pienaar, Fellaini, and the unquestionable talent of Arteta already at the club. That then brings us to the signing of a certain Portuguese international who is one of, if not the best player in the world at the moment. Ronaldo alone is enough to push Everton into the higher reaches of the table and add to that the signing of his fellow former Real forward Karim Benzema and you have a lethal partnership that could push the Toffees in to the bracket of genuine title challengers. This is all backed up by the talent that is present in the clubs youth team where the likes of Jack Rodwell, Sheamus Coleman and Jose Baxter and it could mean that Everton might be around for a while at the top of the league. Add all this together and you start to get the picture that this new look Everton side are here for the long term and could be right up there come the end of the season pushing the “big four” all the way to the end. Good times are ahead for the Everton fans and only a fool would be stupid enough to write them off as a title threat this year and for the forseeable future!
  18. Everton manager condemns peers Everton Club Chairman Paulo Eight Five has run the risk of angering his fellow chairman by today condemning thier comments regarding the recent announcementEngland squad announcement. He stated “Butty is new to the job and he should be allowed to find his own team. He is like any other manager in this game and should be allowed to live and die by his results rather than the announcement of his first competitive squad. The Everton chairman stated “Chip is a decent guy and I am sure he will do his best for the national team. I for one am happy with the squad and think we have a great blend of experience and youth. The other chairman all think that there players deserve a call up but the players must prove it to the new national team manager. I have sat down with Phil (Neville) this week and he is understandably upset at being omitted from the squad but we at Everton hope that the set back will allow him to redouble his effort at club level and force his way back into the England fold”
  19. Paulo1985 Has today announced a deal that will see him become majority share holder and chairman of Premier league side Tottenham Hotspurs. More on this development in the next couple of hours:
  20. What teams are left? I might be interested in taking one of the Prem Teams if thats ok?
  21. Sorry GCB. Between my job and the new baby i am a little short of time i will get Evertons up as soon as possible!
  22. Player: Bobby Zamora Selling Club: Fulham Buying Club: Everton Fee: £4mil
  23. Everton are looking for a LM, ACM and a striker if anyone is selling decent players?
  24. Nottingham Forest,Trust GCB his sign ups are some of the best on the forums. If you want an idea of how this all works then just read the T2B thread and it will (i am guessing) follow the same sort of format. After this transfer window we will be required to be the spokesperson for our clubs and write press reports, Interviews and the like to make the game a little more interesting than just watching the results. It works really well when poeple perticipate and make the game fun. If there is one thing that Andy is good at, It is making the game seem real i have seen the posts that he produces for matches and even draws and they are top quality!
  25. Wow i am extreamly happy with the Euro players the Everton have been given Ronaldo and Benzema. Add that to Vidic and Lescott at the back and the squad is shaping up nicely. Alex song in midfield is not my first choice but will do a job. I am looking forward to the start of the season now!!!
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