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  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact same post repeated about every FM for the last 5 years. Every one that comes out is the one that's no longer as good as it used to be.
  2. No it can't. Potential ability never changes. Always static. What changes is star ratings. They go up and down based on the quality of your team and also the coach who is providing reports on them. A 3 star player for Man City will be a 4 star player for Stoke for example. Also different coaches might rate players slightly differently. Has nothing to do with the players potential ability changing cause it doesn't.
  3. What effect does editing a teams club attendance figure have in game? Does it change existing figures, or increase/reduce attendances, have any effect on season tickets etc? Or is it purely cosmetic? Don't really want to touch it in game without knowing the exact effect. Obviously there's 3 figures that can be edited, be nice to know how they all relate.
  4. I have a player who is "unhappy with training recently". Not due to high workload, like when most other players are unhappy with training. It also says the player is happy that the club has a dedicated fitness coach. However how do I fix the players happiness with training? I've tried both reducing and increasing training workload to no effect. I think it's stupid that the game doesn't give a reason for why he's unhappy with it. In the players coaching report section this players happiness is red almost zero. His morale is still superb and his status is enthusiastic about his future at the club but it still bugs me, as he's my best young player with world class potential. He's highly professional, high determination etc, so I know it's not attitude related.
  5. Where's the updated version? I'd like to be able to use the custom backgrounds I have, but turn up the darkness with the background selector, as it's a bit hard to see the text against the light backgrounds.
  6. You got players from 5 different countries? Do you have that many feeder clubs? How much did income increase? I have just won the Euro Cup, FA Cup and finished 6th in the league with Leeds, three seasons in, so my rep is now worldwide. Am looking at ways to increase income to build the bank balance so I can eventually buy/build the stadium.
  7. I already have a feeder club for work permit purposes, which has allowed to me to stash two young players with a team in Bulgaria till they get citizenship. I had another feeder club for loan purposes, but didn't see the purpose and got rid of it. Basically I want to know whether it's worth getting a feeder club for some of the other purposes, such as a feeder club "to increase our profile in another country", "improve our scouting network's knowledge", "secure first options on players from a successful youth system" and "provide us a chance to recruit foreign youngsters". I understand basically what they all mean, although I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between the last two, but basically I want to know whether the benefit is substantial at all in game. No point getting a feeder club for merchandising, if the difference between the fee you pay and increase in sales isn't much. Also have a reasonably widespread scouting network (covering all the countries that actually produce good footballers), so is there any point to getting a feeder club for that reason? Can't really find much in the way of guides that go into much detail on feeder clubs on the net.
  8. Got a regen come through with the name Alfonso Marquez. Pasty white kid. He's English, with a second nationality of..... Jamaican. Wtf? Is it that hard to get construction of regens right in terms of name/skin colour/nationality?
  9. This has to be one of the most innane things I've read on this forum. So basically what you are saying is, that we have an example of an FM player that is looking to cheat, therefore uses in-game editors to basically do just that, whereby they could edit all their own players to become Messi's and youth players to potential Messi's if they desired, yet apparently the reason for the more difficult and frustrating transfer market is to provide some 'restriction' of some type to these people who use cheating tools that allow you to basically change anything you want? WTF?
  10. This entire post (and previous posts) shows a complete lack of understanding of real world football. If a club had no reliance on financial health, then no club would EVER sell their best/most valuable player. The only reason they would have any inclination to sell would be to improve their financial health (excluding any factors outside their control like the player wanting out). Therefore this should be playing a major role (i.e. clubs from lesser leagues with low financial strength should be much more likely to accept lower offers). This is realistic. Your mantra on how and who FM managers should and shouldn't target in transfer dealings is not. This is not meant to be some linear rail road role playing game with a specific way to play. Players shouldn't be forced to play unrealistic AI, it should simply be made more realistic. A financially poor club can't afford to reject decent offers for players, but you seem completely ignorant to the financial side of real world football. If a wealthy club IRL chooses not to take their time following scouting and building up a player in the media, but chooses to open the checkbook to sign this player from a much lesser club, they get him. Whether that's the right or wrong way to go about it is irrelevant and subjective. Again if finance didn't play a significant part in football, no club would ever sell their most valuable player outside of them wanting to leave. It does though. So it should be reflected correctly, end of story. Can I ask do you work for SI? If not you should. Or at least they should be compensating you in some way.
  11. This isn't the point. A 4.5 star rated youth player isn't a superstar. It's a player with the potential to be. I think those clubs get lot's of players with 4.5 star rated talent, but through lack of opportunity or lack of character from the individual they don't go to the next level. Liverpool with their problems are bringing talented players through because of necessity and you see the talent there. In most situations these players wouldn't get the opportunity, and someone like Sterling who should become a very good player, might have been a nobody who didn't get a chance. It's not because Sterling is so much more talented than any of the best youngsters at City or United or Chelsea, simply he's the one that's been given the chance. If anything there should be more high star players in the game, but just make many fail to ever reach their PA through lack of opportunity at the highest level, or just through other factors, injury, or lack of determination.
  12. I'm sorry what? Do you think that irl, scouting and seeking young players in lesser known countries do not occur? I think you are a bit misguided if you think that. I also think you are coming at this from the point of view of a big club in a big league. It actually occurs frequently with big clubs at mid tier leagues. It may not be big Premier League clubs for example, one of the larger Danish clubs may very well scout the lower league Swedish clubs and come across such a talented 15 year old. And they very well may and from what I've seen regularly would make offers to try to bring them in (how often to you see teams like Ajax or PSV in Holland sign fantastic young players on the cheap no one knew about, then after a few seasons of good performances on sell them for massive prices to big clubs in one of the big three leagues?). It happens frequently, IMO, particularly in the second or third tier of european football leagues. Another thing about scouting people don't seem to understand is it's not about a scout simply going to a match and coming across some wonderkid they are simply lucky enough, right place, right time to see. Scouting is networking. They might hear about a kid via a local scout from an opposing team in the same league as the lower league club in the obscure country where the wonderkid resides, who speaks to a club official, who speaks to another teams official, who speaks to a scout, who speaks to another scout who mentions it to your teams scout. Or it could be an agent initiating things. I bet teams with heavy scouting networks DO hear about obscure talents in obscure leagues if their talent is such to cause any attention, even solely within the teams league he plays for. Now the thing is scouts at big clubs would hear hyperbole about an enormous number of kids around the world, so whether they actually spend the resources to go and scout them is a different story. But I think they would be aware of far more than people think. But the scout at a top club in a mid tier league probably is more likely to devote resources to checking out this wonderkid from the obscure league. And they may, and I'm sure do make attempts to bring them in, and for far cheaper than what prices are quoted for young english players. In the game if your an Anderlect or FC Copenhagen for example, or another big club in a mid tier league, you could not do this. In fact the first thing that would happen with a wonderkid from a lower league division of an obscure league is that he would likely be snapped up by the top club of that countries first division. Then the footballers journey begins. But as I understand it, that first step could not even happen because the obscure countries top club surely could not afford millions of pounds for this player.
  13. Would be great if someone could figure this out and create a spreadsheet where you could enter in stats and it would calculate CA used based on the players position. Using FMRTE to work it out is a bit clunky. Basically physical stats take up the most CA, followed by mental then technical. However different individual stats take up more CA than others based on the players position (i.e for strikers, finishing, anticipation and composure take up more CA than tackling, marking etc.)
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