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  1. Do you normally get more goals from an attacking CM than AMC?
  2. I have a world class AMC who's elite in all the attributes you need for a good AMC (pretty much any role). But his best attribute is long shots. Whats the best role to make use of this, since even though he plays well, from the few different roles I play him in, he never seems to be in position to take many long range shots. When I move him back to a CM role as a mezzala or attacking CM, he scores 2 long range bangers in 3 games. Is there an ideal AMC role to make more use of this, or a role with specific added instructions to have him make some more deeper runs?
  3. Find the most talented young wingers that maybe happen to have ok stats in some defensive categories. Buy and retrain to full back. Problem solved. Or as mentioned if you like inverted wingbacks, find some physically gifted centre mids and do the same. Save a lot of money with that.
  4. No the only mods I have are the ones from here. Yeah looks like a visual bug now that I've gone past the fixture. Is the scheduling time of the pre season ICC tournament fixed? It always seems to clash with something, international tournaments, or even the World Club Cup the one time I played in it in my save so far. I could handle it way better if I could actually get it moved closer to the start of the season, the late June, early July start has just always been bad timing. Think I'm gonna play my reserves/youth the early games from now on, even though it's importance in game means it w
  5. I only have just realised that the Brexit EPL 17 foreign player limit is actually purely about nationality (initially thought 0-21 HG status was excluded). Does this mean that Home Grown Status at the club/nation means nothing in England? I know there is a requirement for European competition, but this is the 15-21 home grown rather than the 0-21 home grown, which is more strict, the latter of which is basically not utilised at all if you play in England? The rules here are convoluted, and SI have done a poor job simplifying and making it clear how these things work IMO. Took me ages to f
  6. Teams don't care about winning any pre season competition. If you have players that need rest, you should not be playing them in these competitions. I don't think clubs would care about it IRL. But fair enough, I think the fact that it counts as statistical record for the season bothers me the most. Also is this a bug? This is an U23 match, two of exactly the same on the same day. Just some really weird things that happen with the youth competitions, the number of games played on the same days gets a bit out of hand. Nothing gets spread out with the Youth comps. Also Youth match
  7. That's a decision made by SI. It was perfectly fine to decide what kind of affiliate you wanted in older FM versions, and you didn't own the club in those versions. If you really wanted to make the mechanic dictatorial, you would not even allow me as the manager to request or even deny an affiliate or even have a choice. But I do. And if SI actually intelligently coded the clubs ownership AI, you wouldn't even have to request a commercial affiliate, the board would be smart enough to know that you are now a big club and it would be very beneficial to actually of their own volition go and
  8. I'm the one that rejects the affiliate. Don't have an issue with the board turning anything down. I just want a commercial affiliate, but 3 times in a row I've turned down all affiliates then requested a few months after, because they continually looks for affiliates to loan players out to, which I don't want. I was wondering whether it ever changes with each consecutive request and I eventually get a commercial affiliate.
  9. You used to be able to choose the type of affiliate club. Is that no longer in the game? I keep asking for an affiliate club then rejecting all the options, because the board keep saying they will find an affiliate club to send out players on loan. Not interested, as I just want affiliate clubs for commercial growth. Is it literally impossible to get this request filled? Or will they eventually search for this type of affiliate club if I keep asking then rejecting their choices until they give me options for this type of affiliate? I'm the 4th highest rep club in the world, so no issues from t
  10. He also won't sign a new contract because other clubs are interested (has two years left on contract so not a big deal). Plus my DoF just said I should transfer list him. It's like the game is trying to force me to get rid of him lol. I don't really care too much as I would get a good fee for him, but he is home and club grown which is important in England with Brexit. I'm far more reputable than any of the interested clubs, so I can only think the player is interested because the game is treating his playing time as surplus to requirements and coding him to want to play for a lesser club wher
  11. IMO this is what makes the whole PA attribute mechanic archaic. I know you need a way to correctly keep player development balanced, but to me this is like building a house with just a nailgun. We should have way way more complex and flexible player development models in 2021 than we did back when the game came out. You literally will not be able to retrain a player to a new position if they do not have enough room left between CA and PA to account for the extra weighting of attributes, even if the player has all the attributes to change positions like high versatility etc. Also for young
  12. Hes not concerned about something else though, cause the next week he complained about playing time. So I had to either increase his playing status or make a promise that I would increase it. I don't do promises, so he now has squad rotation playing status. If it was something else he would have complained about the actual problem, unless you are saying the game will make the player complain about a problem when that's not the problem? The issue now is if the game won't stop reflecting his playing time as surplus to requirements, he will become much more angry than when he was breakthroug
  13. Last 12 games below. Even if I had not played him in many months, the game should NOT say he is delighted with playing time under agreed playing time section, then concerned about playing time under happiness. Cannot be both.
  14. Yes, the players expectations are also to be a squad player, even though his agreed playing time is breakthrough prospect. The problem is that he's probably played in almost half the games, yet the game seems to think that equates to a playing time of surplus to requirements. I have a player that's only has one sub appearance all season, but is still classified as fringe player level of playing time by the game. It seems that the completely incorrect evaluation of playing time by the code is the only reason for the issue, otherwise it wouldn't show delighted with amount of game time under
  15. Just checking if this is a bug or not? 15 appearances seems to amount to Surplus to Requirements for whatever reason, yet under agreed playing time he's delighted with the amount of game time he has been getting, yet his one negative under happiness is that his agreed playing time is not being fulfilled. Not an issue for me as yet, but I just saw it and of course it didn't make any sense. I do heavy rotation, which he's part of, plus 15 appearances should not be classified as surplus to requirements, yet it says he's both happy with it, and concerned with it at the same time. I'm only in
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