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  1. Difficulty levels are very easy - boost or reduce the opposition's player attributes by a number while the ME keeps working as it is. Game designers just don't like the idea, but sadly, as big business interests take over and selling to a wider audience becomes priority, we get to what OP wrote. Or I just hate SEGA, I don't know.
  2. Other than tutoring, you can increase Determination and Work Rate by justifiably warning/fining the player (that is when he doesn't get upset). Follow his games for bad performances and you can do wonders in 2 years.
  3. This is the first time I see SI acknowledging the topic of multithreading so I'll dare to ask - Have there been made any progress in FM19 with the day-to-day player processing or does it still run on a single core?
  4. Not going back to sliders, going back to when we had both - current and slider UI! There was no downside to having more options you can safely ignore. Then SI removed the slider UI, limiting our control. I'm still baffled.
  5. Aaaahh... Sliders are the answer! I understand SI wanted a more human interface, but there were one or two FMs where sliders were still visible along with the "shouts/instructions" system. I've no idea why they completely removed them. They were really helpful to figure out what different instructions do exactly (FM is vague). They let you change only a single parameter (like mentality) without messing up EVERYTHING (as you say in the original post).
  6. I am left with the same impression, which is pretty bad. It makes setting those criteria when scouting counterproductive, because I can always set a filter when looking at the results, while actually getting more data for other searches. The obvious things like height, weight, age, etc. should make scouting more efficient and produce more of those reports, not just filter out the results.
  7. Apparently I'm not very good at tactics, because whenever I use Instant Result (normal fm with a skin) I get better results than actually playing the match. The problem is that I'm quite an old player and read a lot of stuff, imagine what is it like for newcomers. It is okay to lose and bad things to happen, but not understanding why is really frustrating. I'm suggesting a guided match/tutorial mode where during play you get tips for the exact actions the AI would take if it was doing its "Instant result" magic. You already have the logic, just expose it. I know there is some assman feedback at the moment, but evidently it is not really helpful.
  8. You could google the site and see they've been in business for a while. Then again, there is also the option to pay with Paypal, which is as good as it gets for consumer protection.
  9. I guess we play the game differently. When I start the game I don't know who I'm gonna manage with what scouting range and it is very much possible there won't be any players loaded at those places, making scouting pretty unexciting until some years of regens. To have an acceptable to me transfer market I need all leagues. And no matter what you say, it makes the game extremely slow, as the star ratings at the beginning warn. Yes, I am the minority (that needs a full game world among other things). That's why they'll keep up with the 3D and UI touch ups and I gave up. That's what I started with.
  10. Okay, I guess I'll have to explain for the n-th time. The issue is not leagues, it is the number of players. I don't know what exact setup you mean by all leagues (all levels), but whatever it is, it loads some players. If you load all players via a custom file or in-game database rules (load all players from... every continent), it won't be a matter of taste, it is unplayable. The day-to-day processing of players (attribute changes, injuries, transfers) is done on a single thread. While the matches on a given day are calculated in parallel on multiple cores. Hence the main performance hit comes from number of players, not number of matches. Even if you don't want to load all the kids in Africa and keep your current all league setup, wouldn't you want your game to run like 3 times faster? If you game is running slower at the start, what about 10 years in (regens grow the number of players)? Isn't that a bigger deal than touching up the UI here and there?
  11. I'm not sure this is still on topic, but I want to vent, guys. I love the idea of FM and I've been following it since FM2006, but didn't buy the last version and won't buy the new one. I've given up because for years I had the same complaints and nothing will ever change. On one side we have SI (maybe blame SEGA) that doesn't do enough, mostly rehashes the old games and milks the fanbase, which works because they are the only game in town. The barrier to entry is probably high due to name licensing and the huge player database. With the FM brand image waning someone may try, although I doubt it. My biggest disappointment here was the rework of the tactics screen. They just (gradually completely) hid the sliders behind fixed presets and marketed this as some great rework, while the only real change was taking the fine control away from the player. Presets do make the game more accessible, doesn't mean we can't have both (as we did for some time). I actually used the shouts, but at the same time seeing how they change the sliders was precise, clear. Now it is too vague for my taste. On the other is the fanbase, which for some reason keeps going on and on about the 3D match. Something I absolutely don't care about, but is apparently getting most of SI's attention, because people seem to care. I don't think SI will ever put in the resources (maybe they can't) to make the 3D view as satisfactory as FIFA, so the casual fans will never be happy, while the fewer hardcore fans will feel nothing they care about is really getting better. That makes me really sad about the future of the game I love. My biggest wish for the last 5 years was the FM to change the way it processes players. Without getting technical, FM isn't fully utilizing modern computing resources, which is inexcusable in this type of game. Imagine how much better your experience would be if you were really able play with all players and all leagues. But no, we will have 10000 new 3D animations and new camera angles. (PS. Oh, god, the camera angles. It is a full 3D scene, you can't wow me with more fixed camera angles. It only rises the question why isn't there a free camera. And the ugly answer is so you can fiddle with camera angles and market it as a feature.)
  12. You are missing my point and it is that the official information - manual or in-game is severely lacking. "Leadership" is in the guide, but its dictionary definition is worthless. What it should say for example is "it passes X % of the captain's Determination/Professionalism to his teammates". Same goes with Flair. Nobody knows for sure if Penalty Taking is stand-alone and does Finishing apply to Long shots. On the other hand "Professionalism" is not in the guide and we all know it is mighty important. Only people who pay for the in-game editor can discover that hidden attributes even exist. Despite the fact that Personality and Media handling are visible cues to those hidden attributes, but nobody explains you that in the game or the manual. We know it because we've been playing for a decade and people on the forum conducted hours of testing to find things out. That is not normal.
  13. Oh, really? Tell me what Leadership does actually? Or anything on Professionalism? The manual is a mockery, it doesn't even work properly - the sidebar doesn't expand.
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