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  1. I thought i'd share my progress on the standard kits for all 20 premier league teams i've been trying to create. I wasn't happy with any of the other kits packs out there as i didn't think they were close enough to the licensed in game kits already available. I've managed to create all kits except for the Puma ones which are coming. I wanted to get feedback to see how keen people are for me to finish these? I'm also happy to share my design files (when i'm done) with the community so they can use these to create other leagues that are also missing, due to the licensing.
  2. i've been using this training schedule for 2 seasons and my players all under the age of 24 don't improve, i've got balotelli, kuzmanovic, saviet, gourcuff, noble, monnet-paquet, gary cahill, armand traore as well as 7 star coaches with light schedules. what's going on? why isn't it working?
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