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  1. turned out to be a pretty solid season...
  2. Hit Xmas equal top of the ladder with United. Managed to qualify after a very tough CL group (including R. Madrid, Dortmund & Ajax). Have United in the League Cup semi finals and still in the FA cup. Reasonably happy with the squad, but still feel we're one or two players short of being Elite. Spurs had struggled last season and finished 8th, missing out on continental football. Alli & Kane both unhappy not playing CL football, and with Spurs sitting 3rd and looking like they will qualify, i decided to go after them in the January Window. Hit the back end of January now and managed
  3. Completed the third season! Again another really good season. Consolidated ourselves as a very strong team, finishing 3rd, some 6 points off winners Man United. On the Cup front, had a really successful Champions League run, losing on away goals to A. Madrid in the semi final. Too be honest, this far exceeded expectations and probably cost us 6-9 points in the league, and possibly the title. Knocked out of the League Cup by Spurs in the semi's, and Won the FA cup final vs Man United. Overall i was really happy with the season, and it set the foundations to really kick on in the next season. Up
  4. Really happy with the 2nd season. We were competing in the top echelon for majority of the season and managed to finish 4th. I felt we were a genuine title contender, but probably lacked the depth required to push in after x-mas. Perhaps my own fault, turned down so good targets to continue to give opportunity to the home produced talent. Very happy with Champions League football though, will be a big financial boost for the club to continue to upgrade facilities. In addition to all this, we were able to bring home the FA cup, winning the final on penalties. Was nice to deliver some silverware
  5. So for the second season, and with the anticipation of Brexit, i decided to go the Great Britain approach and try to utilise more domestic players. My main targets where to strengthen in the full back and Central defensive positions. A very ageing squad so i wanted to cash in on some of the players approaching 30 too, so it was going to be a massive turn over of players. Was happy to use a few loans again to substitute some positions until i get the players i want. Transfers 2018/19 In: Kieran Tierney - £20m Lewis Cook - £17.5m Danny Ings - £8.5m Phil Jones - £8.25m Sam B
  6. Decided to use Everton as my first career for this release. I normally like to see which EPL team struggling in real life in the current season and have a run with them. I also always like to try different clubs out and traditionally prefer to avoid the big clubs and their wallets. I was actually quite surprised at how poor the squad was, and made some changes pretty quickly. Identified some decent CAM's so thought id run with them as much as possibly and decided to cash in on the wingers (i've never really played with wingers). Picked up some depth at RB, CB & CAM with some loan signin
  7. Im really struggling defensively in wide areas, and on the flip side, most of my penetration is coming from wide areas: Corners - Scored 7, Conceded 4 Cross - Scored 17, Conceded 15 As soon as the ball goes wide in a defensive or attacking sense, i'm expecting goal. 16 of the goals i've conceded have come from within the 6 yard box, with 22 coming from central 18 yard box. At the moment i've attempted to drop the wider players back into a RM/LM midfield starting position in the hope they can provide a bit more support to the full back. I actually feel like when im conceding i shoul
  8. at a big club, is reserve football not considered "quality playing time"? If im 18 playing in Man United reserves, getting 30-40 games in some world class training facilities, you'd expect that to be ok?
  9. i dont use loan out players all that often. Mainly because often, my facilities and staff are of a higher standard, i cannot tutor the player, i have no control over the training and it effects home grown rules. Agreed, there are benefits to them "playing", but i feel at 16-20, reserves is suitable enough and i have complete control over them. The only time i use loans is if im happy with the training and development i've done, but i have a couple of players ahead of them im not ready to move on yet. Then its purely to get them football at a higher standard. Looking at your player, dependin
  10. So im 3/4 way through my first session, and things i've noticed: Match Engine: Every Beta and Release for the past 4-5 years has been quite poor in regards to the balance in the ME. I feel as if crossing is very effective on this version of this seasons FM. I've scored 45 and conceded 19 from crosses, far ahead of any other type of goal assisted. Score and concede quite often from corners too. And then there's pretty much the 15-20 times per game that both teams cross and the keeper has to flick behind and you get the standard "Player X certainly didnt mean that". I imagine it will take
  11. I apologise if this has already been answered, but in previous FMs i utilised "split view" on match days. would have match stats on one side and match overview on the other. I cant seem to simplify the match screen in between highlights. it seems very busy and some windows seemed locked in position. Has the split view feature simply been replaced or am i missing something?
  12. I've managed to reach January on 3 separate saves so far. Im noticing quite a lot of "back to back goals". Score in 39th, score in 40th-41st etc (allow for celebration between too). Both for and against. To give a breakdown of my current save, ive played 36 games. Game 1 - Goals in 87th, 88th, 89th. Game 5 - Goals in 59th, 61st, 63rd. Game 6 - Goals in 45th, 45+1. Game 9 - Goals in 43rd, 45th. Game 11 - Goals in 82nd, 84th. Game 17 - Goals in 30th, 31st. Game 18 - Goals in 10th, 12th. Game 21 - Goals in 52nd, 54th. Game 22 - Goals in 42nd, 44th. Game 23 - Goals in 1st, 3
  13. given the 4-4-2 team tactic a go.. quite enjoyable to watch the football being played. At home im absolutely crushing opponents, but away im absolutely abysmal. do you change the tactic home and away?
  14. just read through everything. seems like you've created alot of tactics with great success Knap! Ive always been inclined to creating my own tactics with the TC, but thought it would be worth testing out someone else's to get some ideas etc. Im looking at using the Tottenham merry xmas tactic as i enjoy 4-2-3-1 type formations. My only issue is i have no idea of stat specifications and player roles now that its classic view. What type of players fit each role? If you could convert the player positions to TC roles, how would you assign them? For example, is the Striker a DLP? AF? CF? Poacher et
  15. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/283224-FM-2012-Carlos-Fierro Player Threads - Carlos Fierro.
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