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  1. Got this guy looking for someone to play along side him
  2. he has already gone to man city unfortunately
  3. Looking for a new one, roughly 30-40 million to spend, third season with blackburn, in the champions league ... Any suggestions ??
  4. Anyone tested this to see how it compares to the original tactic ?
  5. looking for a striker, 2nd season budget around 10-15 million, any recommendations ? just been promoted to the premier league with blackburn
  6. how much does he go for 1st / 2nd season ??
  7. Think I tried this guy but couldn't get a work permit
  8. 2nd season with Blackburn, won promotion so now in the premier league have around 10 million to spend and around 40-50k in wages Any recommendations ??
  9. which has been working better for you ?? this one or the dark side of the moon one ?
  10. what is the newest version .. not sure if my has updated from the Beta version
  11. What sort of transfer budget did you guys get for the championship, I am just coming to the end of the season in league one, six points in the clear with 3 games left so trying to plan for next season
  12. just started a new game with chorley in national league north - local club Can anyone recommend any good right and left wingers available on free transfers Cheers
  13. Who to buy I am at the start of pre season in my 4th season - 3rd season on the prem with Blackburn and have just qualified for the champions league by finishing 2nd last year and winning the Uefa Cup I can buy either Johannes Eggestein or Lautaro Martinez Johannes Eggestein would cost around 45 million - 20 million upfront the rest in installments and add on Lautaro Martinez would cost 30 million minimum fee from Barcelona Any of you guys had any experiences which could help me decide who to buy ? Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the reply I am currently playing as Blackburn in my third season and reckon I can sign him for 15-20 million and have the cash free, seems like a no brainer to sign him looking at those stats
  15. Can someone post a screenshot of Reiss Nelson 4 or 5 seasons in and how he develops cheers
  16. anybody know how Chalobah develops - thinking of signing him second season for 2 million so interested to see how he goes later on in the game Cheers
  17. What player instructions would you recommend ??
  18. Hi Just wondering if someone could have a look at the below set up and help me - I keep conceding goals with a long ball over the top of my two centre backs or from crosses when my fullbacks get caught out of position I play a 4-2-3-1 Wide - Standard with flexible shape GK - Defend DL - Full Back Attack CD- Defend CD- Defend RB - Full back Support MCL - DLP Support MCR - BWM - Defend AML - Winger Support AMC - Attack Midfield Support AMR - Winger Attack STR - Poacher Attack Team Instructions - Closing Down Much More Work Ball Into Box Normal Tempo - Default Normal Defensive Line - Default Mixed Passing - Default Thanks in advance
  19. Buying/Selling: buying Player Name: laporte Your Team: Everton Buyer/Seller: man united Player's Value: 37 million Offer: 10 million upfront, 35 in installments Transfer/Wage Budget: this would wipe it out Patch: newest Season: pre season of season 3, just won the tilte previous season, need a class centre half to partner stones
  20. Just started a new save with Everton after the winter update , can anyone recommend a new centre midfielder got about 10 million to spend, want someone who can go straight into the side rather than develop, Cherrs
  21. Club: Blackburn Rovers Transfer Budget: 18 million Wage Budget: 220k spare Position: Striker With: Other: Loyalty Bonus: Agent Bonus: Season Start of third season, just finished 7th in my first season in prem
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