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  1. Got this guy looking for someone to play along side him
  2. he has already gone to man city unfortunately
  3. Looking for a new one, roughly 30-40 million to spend, third season with blackburn, in the champions league ... Any suggestions ??
  4. Anyone tested this to see how it compares to the original tactic ?
  5. looking for a striker, 2nd season budget around 10-15 million, any recommendations ? just been promoted to the premier league with blackburn
  6. how much does he go for 1st / 2nd season ??
  7. Think I tried this guy but couldn't get a work permit
  8. 2nd season with Blackburn, won promotion so now in the premier league have around 10 million to spend and around 40-50k in wages Any recommendations ??
  9. which has been working better for you ?? this one or the dark side of the moon one ?
  10. what is the newest version .. not sure if my has updated from the Beta version
  11. What sort of transfer budget did you guys get for the championship, I am just coming to the end of the season in league one, six points in the clear with 3 games left so trying to plan for next season
  12. just started a new game with chorley in national league north - local club Can anyone recommend any good right and left wingers available on free transfers Cheers
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