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  1. Similiar thing happened to me during a game,but it was from the start of the second half.Couldn't make any tactical changes,substitutions,team shouts,etc.It wasn't until I got a message to substitute a player and clicked on it that the pop-up disappeared after the substitution was made.Played nearly 35 minutes of the 2nd half not being able to do anything.Also the view match options changed from extensive highlights to full match,even when changing it back it still reverted to full match.
  2. In first season I bought Joel Pohjanpalo for 2.4m in the January transfer window.Only early days for him but 5 goals in 3 games is a promising start.
  3. WOW!!! Amazing price for Berardi.Guess it's worth holding on to players till promotion if you can get there.;)
  4. Bugger...I paid 1.7m with no ongoing fees.Ive been ripped lol
  5. Maybe Maybe these two could work together,hand in glove....
  6. I understand this is an old post but I found this guy. Is this the one?
  7. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/353896369581764751/AC4C9F7740F8165C90EEB37CCDA845B4ACE48327/ Another Cameron Scorer sighting...
  8. Hey Neil, Yeah I have a few skins,using Vitrex16 2.1 for this save,and latest Susie Real name fix as well as some tactics from the workshop. Since clearing the cache I haven't had a problem finished the 3rd season and won Cup treble(sorry had to gloat). Wonder what the problem was?Am now at mid June 2018 and no problem since clearing the cache.
  9. Hi Duncan, Have cleared the cache and restarted game and this appears to have cleared up the issue.I have uploaded .dmp file so you can have a look. "FM 2016 v16.2.0.750467 (2015.12.30 19.51.33).dmp Thanks for the reply.
  10. Hi, Into my 3rd season and I am getting frequent crashes and it has now escalated to crashing every time at the same point in-game.I have numerous Dump files but am not sure how to attach these. It usually crashes when I click on submit team button but I just reloaded an older save and managed to get to the end of the game before it crashed exactly at full-time. Getting very frustrated.
  11. Play him as an Advanced Forward,Attack, and encourage him to shoot more often.Also if using 2 strikers play him on the left side.The amount of times he will peel off the CB and run onto a through ball before burying it into the back of the net is amazing!!!
  12. Jason Cummings is a GUN!!!Got him in Jan transfer windows for Leeds first season and he scored 16 in 21 to help us get promoted. First year in the PL he scored 25 in 35!!He's now valued at 17.5m pounds ,) Not a bad price rise for less than 500k.
  13. That's all well and good,but why should I,living in Australia, pay $90 USD when if I lived in the US I could get the EXACT same game for $40 USD?That being the case why then would I not look for the cheapest possible price available to me?I'm sure none of the guys at SI or Steam are starving,but if these price differences aren't corrected then people have every right to look elsewhere to find the best deal.I also genuinely hope your generosity towards the creators is duly noted and rewarded but somehow I don't think that will be the case. p.s. I wouldn't mind paying $10 or even $20 more for the game,as an Aussie I am used to this,but this price is simply Outrageous.
  14. If Steam are going to keep this price for FM 13 in Australia and NZ as it is,then simply people will not buy it from Steam and will instead look elsewhere or not buy it at all.I have pre-ordered it from SEGA for Aus $39.98 no problems whatsoever.Why would I want to pay more than double?
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