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  1. Not sure if this is a bug or something that I can change in game but at the moment I am being flooded by scouting reports on players every day.Literally I receive between 5 and 20 reports daily.I can't find anywhere I can change this in-game and it is taking forever to get through the pre-season.
  2. In first season I bought Joel Pohjanpalo for 2.4m in the January transfer window.Only early days for him but 5 goals in 3 games is a promising start.
  3. WOW!!! Amazing price for Berardi.Guess it's worth holding on to players till promotion if you can get there.;)
  4. I've reached that point now and Jansson is now able to be selected as captain even though he's still on holiday.Whether that's because I changed him to captain in the editor I'm not sure.Maybe it's because this save is the release version maybe?
  5. No sorry I don't but I'll try to send one as I started again and I'm nearly at that point now.Although I did change Jansson to captain in the editor prior to starting this save.
  6. Bugger...I paid 1.7m with no ongoing fees.Ive been ripped lol
  7. Not sure if this has been posted yet,but am unable to select Pontus Jansson as Captain as he is on holiday.Unfortunately he returns the day after the selection must be made.Also you can't just wait as the game will not progress further till a choice has been made.Not sure if this only applies to Jansson or all players who are away at the time.
  8. Maybe Maybe these two could work together,hand in glove....
  9. I understand this is an old post but I found this guy. Is this the one?
  10. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/353896369581764751/AC4C9F7740F8165C90EEB37CCDA845B4ACE48327/ Another Cameron Scorer sighting...
  11. Hey Neil, Yeah I have a few skins,using Vitrex16 2.1 for this save,and latest Susie Real name fix as well as some tactics from the workshop. Since clearing the cache I haven't had a problem finished the 3rd season and won Cup treble(sorry had to gloat). Wonder what the problem was?Am now at mid June 2018 and no problem since clearing the cache.
  12. Hi Duncan, Have cleared the cache and restarted game and this appears to have cleared up the issue.I have uploaded .dmp file so you can have a look. "FM 2016 v16.2.0.750467 (2015.12.30 19.51.33).dmp Thanks for the reply.
  13. Hi, Into my 3rd season and I am getting frequent crashes and it has now escalated to crashing every time at the same point in-game.I have numerous Dump files but am not sure how to attach these. It usually crashes when I click on submit team button but I just reloaded an older save and managed to get to the end of the game before it crashed exactly at full-time. Getting very frustrated.
  14. Play him as an Advanced Forward,Attack, and encourage him to shoot more often.Also if using 2 strikers play him on the left side.The amount of times he will peel off the CB and run onto a through ball before burying it into the back of the net is amazing!!!
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