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  1. richjb78

    FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    How have you been getting on with Cummings? I've played him in various roles and formations over a couple of saves and he can't finish his breakfast!
  2. richjb78

    Crash Dump

    Windowed mode. Have updated drivers, will post back if anymore issues. Cheers.
  3. Occurred during a match. FM was minimised, opened it up to see the error. No custom logos etc added. FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.18 15.15.21).dmp
  4. Hi, great update pr0. I noticed Dorus de Vries isn't in the Nottingham Forest squad. He signed a 2 year contract in Feb 2015. http://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/News/article/de-Vries-signs-Contract-Extension-2259053.aspx
  5. richjb78

    FM15: What Team Should I Be?

    Nation: European Division: Top/ 2nd tier Media Prediction : Lower Mid Table and Below Board Expectations : Any Transfer Budget : 0 Wage Budget: Limited Finances: Appalling Other: Looking for a debt-ridden team to rescue. Decent Youth prospects / Facilities would be nice but not necessary.
  6. In. 1. hilly_boro 2. gillsminnow 3. Samamatara 4. Emersonlfc 5. darren1983 6. SouthCoastRed 7. Robbie.Knox 8. Jorg 9. richjb78
  7. Cheers, been busy but i'll give it ago tonight. No issues subscribing through steam workshop for me.
  8. Just gonna try it out now mate, how has your defence been? Could you upload a league table?
  9. Just a heads up guys, if you are prepared to put the work in with some of the younger guys in the under 18's and 21's a fair few turn in to decent players! Gnahore was more than solid for me 2nd half of season 1. 18 league starts, 4 goals rating 7.04.
  10. richjb78

    FM13 Rate My Regen Thread

    Definitely something to work with here!
  11. Baines to Fulham!? for me has happened in all 3 saves, for between £17-£20 mil.
  12. Does it really matter either way? If you can't wait, then make your own tactic. Just be patient.