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  1. Have we all been Bisto’d? (It was Bisto, right?)
  2. i would say conceding 2 goals over 4 games is better than 2 over 3 but my denmark-coloured glasses might be tinting that.
  3. Oh wonderful, they make up for the penalty loss slightly then!
  4. Iran looked good last night. Wouldn’t be shocked if the beat Portugal and knock them out.
  5. @Hodgy 50/1, not great at all really but just for fun
  6. Finally a decent run! £30 won off a bet on Falcao 2+ Shots on target and 1+ offside @ 5/1 and then £75 off Gueye and Krychowiak to be carded @ 14/1. About time too. Also still in the running for my no 0-0s in the group stages bet too.
  7. Trippier did this last night when Kane scored the winner
  8. Terrific drawing video, suppose Denmark are dark horses!
  9. Must wear suit attire on the top half at least from the toilet. FM conferece style
  10. Haven’t received a copy yet mate, is there a step I missed after donating?
  11. Sent. Hope all is well regarding the car crash too!
  12. Does the magazine come automatically or do we need to apply for it, so to speak?
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