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  1. We lost. Don't know if it's a problem with the game but our players weren't training before it and it was two days after the America game. We never stood a chance.
  2. Club World Championship Easily got by América to top our group. A tremendous performance from both our frontmen to send us through. Tough draw in the quarters but it's to be expected at this stage I suppose.
  3. Club World Championship A drab first half saw a rocket lit under the players at half time and they responded brilliantly to thump River in the second forty-five.
  4. Club World Championship Really tough draw for us actually when you compare it to some of the others. Should be managable though.
  5. Career Overview ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club League Position Achievements/Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Brentford Championship 10th - 2021/22 Brentford Championship 1st Champions 2022/23 Brentford Premier League 10th - 2023/24 Brentford Premier League 5th - 2024/25 Brentford Premier League 4th - 2025/26 Brentford Premier League 4th - 2026/27 Brentford Premier League 3rd - 2027/28 Brentford Premier League 13th - 2028/29 Brentford Premier League 4th Carabao Cup Winners 2029/30 Brentford Premier League 2nd FA Cup Winners, Champion's League Runners Up 2030/31 Brentford Premier League 2nd Community Shield & Champion's League Winners 2031/32 Brentford Premier League - European Super Cup Winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2031/32 Lazio Serie A 12th - 2032/33 Lazio Serie A 2nd - 2033/34 Lazio Serie A 1st Serie A winners 2034/35 Lazio Serie A 1st Serie A, Italian Super Cup & Champions League Winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2036/37 Sevilla La Liga 3rd - 2037/38 Sevilla La Liga 2nd - 2038/39 Sevilla La Liga 3rd - 2039/40 Sevilla La Liga 1st La Liga, Spanish Super Cup winners 2040/41 Sevilla La Liga 1st La Liga, Spanish Super Cup winners Trophy Cabinet SkyBet Championship - 2021/22 (Brentford) Carabao Cup - 2028/29 (Brentford) FA Cup - 2029/30 (Brentford) Community Shield - 2030/31 (Brentford) Champions League x2 - 2030/31 (Brentford) 2034/35 (Lazio) European Super Cup - 2031/32 (Brentford) Serie A x2 - 2033/34, 2034/35 (Lazio) Italian Super Cup - 2034/35 (Lazio) Spanish Super Cup - 2039/40, 2040/41 (Sevilla) La Liga - 2039/40, 2040/41 (Sevilla) Max Bruz Champions League Wins - 2 2030/31 - Brentford (England) 2034/35 - Lazio (Italy) AI Champions League Wins - 4.5 2022/23 - Manchester City (England) 2024/25 - Atletico Madrid (Spain) 2033/34 - Paris St Germain (France) 2036/37 - Rennes (France) (+0.5) 2038/39 - Tottenham Hotspur (England) (+0.5) 2039/40 - Lyon (France) (+0.5)
  6. European Update A thumping for Barcelona in the final as Spurs, under the management of Wolfgang Schneider, bring home their second Champions League trophy, their second in two years. Leverkusen come close to making it the entire way to the Europa League final on penalty victories, but run out of luck in the semi final to eventual winners Liverpool. And it's a clean sweep for English sides as Arsenal defeat Nice easily to win the Europa Conference League. It's a first Ligue 1 title for Rennes who finally win the big one domestically after winning the Champions League a few years ago. Good season for Lens who edge out Marseille to a Europa League spot. Another title for Bayern as they take back their Bundesliga trophy from Dortmund. Benfica win after Porto won two in a row but the surprise is Famalicao pushing Sporting down to fourth. The first time since 2028/29 the top three monopoly has been broken in Portugal.
  7. End of Season 2040/41 Just one loss - only our second of the season and our first in about roughly 25 games - but a disappointing one given the season we had, we should have certainly finished undefeated rather than losing to a side who narrowly avoided relegation. Still, despite our league win, we had our troubles. Through April and May, we dropped more points than ever and struggled to score in some games. Sandro Veloso scored once in three months. We scored more than one goal in only a quarter of those games. These issued need to be ironed out or we will not win the Champions League. Still struggling for progress in the Spanish Cup too, though Madrid away was always going to be difficult. We'd return four days later and defeated them two-zip in the league. The final table. Real Madrid struggled all year but a late burst of good form saw them finish top three. Levante were outstanding too, and made the Champions League. Atletico Madrid were a disappointment. Key Players Oumar Mané once again our best player, and established himself as one of the best in the world too. He made the World Team of the Year too, capping off two excellent seasons for us. Bruno Cesar is probably our best player alongside Mané at this point, in fact it's pretty clear. He had a slow start but he came into his own during the season and finished strongly. Injuries have cost him a couple of months though. Vuk Rudic is a bit of a surprise for me on this list, he was a backup player a couple of years ago but since then he's made a starting spot his. His long throws are the main source of his assists, meaning he's gotten a good haul for a defensive player.
  8. Things Are Heating Up Again We're in prime position here.
  9. European Update It was a very tough tie and we were never really in the game despite Skorupan grabbing a brace to make it 4-3 on aggregate and leaving us needing just one goal to make it through. Tolga's stupid red card never helped, and in the end as we pushed for the winner, Dortmund scored again to put the sword to us. Luis Fabiano was man of the match despite the three goals, which tells you how easy Dortmund had it.
  10. European Update Dreadful performance from us as injuries cause us to be missing a few key players. We were without Bruno Cesar, Patxi Ruiz, Hamza Ljutic, Harry Jansen and Emiliano Cerfoglia. That's our first and second choice AMC out and our first, second and third choice right wingers out! With that said, no excuse for the defensive frailties we showed here. Really disappointing, and the tie in Germany is going to be a very difficult fixture.
  11. End of January 2041 A tremendous update period for us. Started off very shaky though, dropping points at Leganes and Cartagena who are bottom half sides but defeating Vigo who were up in the top six at that time. Our away form was leaving alot to be desired. But coming into December and January, we kicked it up a notch and a comprehensive victory over Barcelona set us well on our way to winning every game over the course of the next two months. A smash and grab 1-0 win over Atletico at their stadium was a great moment too. Defeated two second division sides to advance forwards into a tie with Real Madrid away from home. We are six points clear of Barcelona in second place! Surprise package Levante are up in nosebleed territory in third, then 4th to 6th is a narrow race between Real, Atletico and Valencia. Transfers For the second season in a row, no major incomings or outgoings. Couple of youngsters left on loan but that was about it,
  12. Domestic Update Mid-January brought our participation in the Spanish Super Cup where we'd play Betis in one semi final, and the El Clasico derby was the other. Betis didn't put up much of a fight for us as a Skorupan brace seen us through to face Real Madrid in the final. And we got past them pretty easily too, though we were assisted by them going down to ten men in extra time from injury. Once that happened, we piled on the pressure and two late goals from Zakeer and Veloso saw us retain our Super Cup trophy!
  13. European Update Our form against Rennes was very poor and it saw us finish second and ultimately finished unseeded for the draw for the next round. Disappointing, but Rennes were too strong for us at home to capitalise. Not a bad draw, all things considered.
  14. End of October 2040 Started off strongly with a four-zip win over Gijon, but results have been a touch temperamental since then. Loss to Valencia, draws against Bilbao and Levante and some narrow victories over Zaragoza, Girona and Santander which should've been much more comfortable in truth. However, can't argue with wins really and to only drop points in three games leaves us in a good position so far. Tight at the top early on! Madrid have had a rough start and are already seven points off the pace of Barcelona.
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