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  1. Sorry rfm I didn’t realise I hadn’t - my bad!
  2. Haha, was texting my dad before this race and asked if he had any bets on since he’s offshore, told him I had Beware the Bear next on my L15 and he asked me to stick £15 on it for him too, lucky sod 2/4 on the L15 though with Buveur D’Air and Good Man Pat to run
  3. Bryan v Kofi was genuinely amazing, there was a point this morning where I thought Kofi was really going to do it. Not been so invested in a ppv main event like that in a while. also, the ending with Big E and Woods telling Kofi he deserved the chants and then sitting on the steps underneath the Wrestlemania sign was fantastic. As for the rest of the main event, it was a bit meh. Not surprised Samoa Joe was first out. The women’s chamber match was okay, the CW match was great, Braun v Baron was average and Rush and Lashley v Finn was pretty telegraphed from the intervie
  4. Any idea roughly what time the first rumble match will be on? Or is it a complete guess?
  5. I know this is asked probably weekly, but where’s the cheapest place to buy this?
  6. Can anyone tell me if the objective for winning by two goals can be done in squad battles?
  7. I’ve noticed alot players seem to be horrendously out of position. Play a 4-3-1-2 and more often than not my CAM is wide left. Also, on the rare occasion, my formation just completely changes no idea whats going on
  8. Packed Isco yesterday, made a hybrid epl/la liga team with him at the centre but his stamina is so bad needs subbed every game
  9. Did anyone else get all three rewards for rivals? Was only the lowest rank but asked me to pick one and got all 3
  10. I’ve just finished Dark Tourist and I was fascinated throughout, the last thing he visited, the haunted house, made me absolutely terrified!
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