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  1. Simple. We hit 5 past Domagnano for the second consecutive match.
  2. Thanks! I completely agree.
  3. I actually used the name BobbyManc at work today when we were talking about it.
  4. No European run this year. 4-0 is not as bad a scoreline as I'd feared.
  5. Despite being down to ten men after a ridiculous two footed challenge, we only lost one-nil. There is a small trickle of hope remaining.
  6. Simple. Just the small obstacle of Celtic next.
  7. Spent a while catching up on this whole thread, great work in Turkey. I'm interested to see where you end up now! Did chuckle when Norwich offered you the job. edited - I definitely did not write Ipswich instead of Norwich
  8. We've drawn an amateur side in Andorran champions Inter d'Escaldes, their first league title in Andorra so I imagine this is their first time in the Champions League. Hopefully we can give them a baptism of fire. If we beat them, we have a fairly straightforward tie in the next round... Ouch.
  9. I really should follow Brazillian football more. What excellent names.
  10. 2026/27 Fixtures 1 / 2 | Campionato Sammarinese | Coppa Titano Table | Transfers | Finances A great season. We weren't as domestically dominant as we were last season, in fact we were beaten in points by a dominant Libertas side and lost our opening game to them. Thankfully they weren't on our half of the table! We would have the last laugh in the end really because we beat them in the Super Cup, knocked them out of the Coppa Titano and beat them twice in the playoff. Poor guys. They probably deserved more but I've waited ten years for a treble and I'm too excited to give out pity prizes! Also, I hadn't realised just how close our Coppa Titano group was, maybe a touch fortunate to make it out alive from there. Key Players Top Goalscorer - Franco Maccioni* - 21 goals Highest Average Rating - Alessandro Morri* - 7.44 Honourable Mentions - Diego Alvarez 26b, Manuel Gasperoni 23b It was another top scoring season from Maccioni* although he was definitely not as prolific this year compared to last. He also seemed to fade out towards the end and struggled for goals, although with that said he scored the winning penalty in the 1-0 victory that saw us beat Libertas for the title so he did what was required of him. Morri* was superb on the left, a constant threat and his total of 19 assists supports that. He was no stranger to a goal either though and finished with 9 for the season. In the honourable mentions catergory, Alvarez 26b had a really good debut season up top alongside Maccioni* and finished with a respectable tally of 16 goals and it could've been more than his strike partner if not for a couple of injuries. Gasperoni 23b, our captain, swapped back and forth between up front and right wing and took to both positions brilliantly. San Marino in Europe I could talk forever about our European run but I'll leave it with we made the Europa League Playoff and were this close to victory! Elsewhere, Libertas lost 6-0 to Domzale, Fiorentino lost 6-1 to Croatian outfit Siroki Brijeg and Tre Fiori lost 5-0 to Jeunesse Esch of Luxembourg. Around Europe Man City won the league with ease, finishing 10 points clear of Chelsea in second. Man Utd and Tottenham rounded out the top four with Liverpool, West Ham and Arsenal, somewhat surprisingly, finishing 5th, 6th and 7th and thus qualifying for the Europa League. At the other end, it was Burnley, Fulham and Nottingham Forest going down. Manchester City would complete a successful season with an EFL Cup win and a Champions League victory over Atletico, meanwhile the FA Cup would belong to Arsenal, a bright spark in an otherwise unremarkable season. Chelsea would win the Europa League, who says the big teams don't care? Bayern returned to the top in Germany, 19 points clear of Schalke in second. Last years winners, Leverkusen, could only finish 4th, a massive 27 points behind the champions. Perhaps their European run to the Europa League final, where they lost to Chelsea, took its toll on the team. In France, PSG were 26 points clear of Marseille in second but dropped two points on last years points tally, disappointing stuff there. Meanwhile, Juventus' return to the top of the Serie A lasted all of one season as Napoli claimed their third title in four years. Milan finished second with Juve third although only two points seperated the two, it was a tight affair this year. Next Season Same again.
  11. CL overachievers. I wouldn't disagree either.
  12. Treble! For the first time in this save, we win all three competitions in one season. Just the ten years it took.
  13. Ha, incredible John Lennon subbed off for MJ, there's a sentence you never thought was possible.
  14. He's originally from Brazil, although that doesn't really explain it since it's not a very Brazillian name either.
  15. He looks like a silent movie star. Black and white horror film.