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  1. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    That is a cracking result. We'll still need to perform amazingly to progress though.
  2. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Celtic thumped us, as you'd expect. In the Europa League playoff, we ended up drawing Vicenza which is a really tough draw. And a kick in the stones considering we could've faced Rijeka who are definitely a beatable side.
  3. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Was ye, aye? Luca is at it I think.
  4. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    And see it through we did. Celtic next. *gulp*
  5. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Nearly made that alot harder than it should've been. We should see it through from here - winner gets a tie against Celtic. And neither of us have a chance there.
  6. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    First up in the Champions League is Icelandic champions FH.
  7. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    2036/37 Fixtures 1/2 | Campionato Sammarinese | Campionato Sammarinese Final | Super Coppa Final | Coppa Titano Final | Transfers | Finances This was the first time in a long time where we didn't complete the treble. In fact, we only picked up one of the three trophies on offer this year as due to having everyone on international duty, we lost 1-0 to Pennarossa in the Super Coppa. There were no excuses available for our Coppa Titano loss to La Fiorita though. We'll chalk that down to an off day. Still, we picked up our eighth consecutive league title to ensure the season was not completely hopeless. Key Players Top Goalscorer - Federico Ciacci 32a - 20 goals Highest Average Rating - Federico Ciacci 32a, Massimo Galante 35a - 7.58 Honourable Mentions - Andrea Tamagnini, Stefano Raschi 35b Ciacci blossomed on the right wing this year and stepped up when our strikers failed to deliver. 20 goals is an outstanding return from the right wing from him when the likes of Gasperoni 23b failed to produce. Galante 35a was also on great form in central midfield, as was left winger Tamagnini (who was shifted to striker towards the end of the season) and Raschi 35b who got alot more game time than expected due to injuries. San Marino in Europe Tre Penne lost 6-1 to Polish side Jagiellonia, Cosmos lost 7-0 to Scottish side (and my home team!) Aberdeen while Dudelange beat Fiorentino 5-0. Around Europe Marco Borriello's Arsenal side won the league following a second year finish the year beforehand as they won the title by just two points ahead of West Ham, whose run of 3 draws in their final four games really cost them. Chelsea finished third, Man City were fourth with Liverpool and Tottenham 5th and 6th. At the other end, Leicester, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa were relegated to the second tier. Bournemouth won the EFL Cup with a penalties win over Manchester City following a thrilling final which ended 3-3 after 120 minutes. Stoke would win the FA Cup for the second time in their history by defeating Crystal Palace 2-1 after extra time. It was business as usual elsewhere. PSG scored 108 points as they went the entire season unbeaten in France, Milan won their sixth consecutive title in Italy and Bayern won their tenth title on the trot in Germany. In European competition, Real Madrid won on penalties despite having ten minute after a 1-1 draw with Chelsea. Man City beat Schalke 2-0 after extra time in the Europa League.
  8. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    An eighth consecutive league title win!
  9. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Quite a shock in the Coppa Titano as we lose our first game in 53 matches (a six year span!) to gift La Fiorita the trophy despite dominating the game. Hopefully this doesn't affect us too much going into the league playoffs.
  10. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Youth Intake 2037 Pretty good intake. Potentially a couple of starters and some rotation options as well. He's okay I guess. A bit slow for a full back, either footed means I could probably get away with retraining him as a left back and using him as backup for Mazzocco He looks good on the eye but he does lack in some crucial areas, notably composure, positioning and passing. Really happy with Stolfi, I think he'll develop into a nice option in central midfield. He might be fasttracked into the first team next season.
  11. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    San Marino - 2036 We came so close to winning the group it was unbelievable. All we had to do was hold on for the final 5 minutes against 10 man Kosovo and we bloody lost. A red card at 1-1 also ensured we'd be thumped by Azerbaijan. Never mind, next year.
  12. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Internationally, I think it's safe to say we've lost our whipping boys status. Into the top 100.
  13. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    This is surprising on the eye but it clashed with internationals for whatever stupid reason and we had to field young players mostly. We had seven debutants ffs.
  14. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Isn't it just
  15. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    This is brilliant, laughed at nearly every post. I can hear every word Dave says in a Geordie accent thanks to your writing, you've captured it superbly.