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  1. January 2018 As you can imagine, the transfer dealings for the Bandits were much less than the summer dealings. Between the start of September and the end of January, only five more players joined the club, meanwhile we lost our three remaining superstars from the club. It is nice to see they decided stay a wee while before moving at least. Outgoing As mentioned, the remaining three youngsters would leave the club and it was the two London rivals, Arsenal and Tottenham, who would end up signing them. Aidan Carter left for Spurs for a £42,000 fee which could potentially rise to £110,000. A pretty hefty fee for a promising player. Meanwhile, Arsenal signed another two of the future stars as they signed both Craig Oliver and Peter Adebayo for combined fees of £61,000 which could rise to over £200,000. It's clear to see that staying the extra six months ahead of the rest increased their value when you compare these prices to the summer window. It will also be interesting to see if Arsenal reap the benefits of having four of the Bandits stars now. Incoming Jonathan Forte (75/118) arrived ten days after the window shut on a free transfer. The Barbados international brings a wealth of experience to the squad, but with a fairly low CA, you have to wonder if he's worth it. John Coventry probably agrees, since he has made no appearances since joining. Adam Phillip (94/124) arrived on loan from Liverpool not long after. He's a fairly decent prospect and plugs the attacking central midfield spot well. The Bandits would continue to add players to their squad sporadically throughout the remaining months, with Aussie goalkeeper Alex Cisak (97/114) arriving at the end of October. Cisak became first choice ahead of Sam Walker and pushed the ineffective Rich Dearle into the reserve squad. Mid-December saw Northern Irishman Ben Hall (99/111) arrive on loan from Brighton to bolster the centre of defence. The final signing is probably the most impressive all year as the Bandits manage to sign former Man Utd and Swansea attacking midfielder Kenji Gorré (110/128). With a CA of 110, he automatically becomes the Bandits best player and at 23 still has time to reach his potential - a great coup. The question remains - will all these signings gel together to get the Bandits promoted? Will they be affected by the loss of their star men?
  2. Summer 2017 Personally, I was expecting the Bandits to have an extremely busy summer. I couldn't see past the remaining superstars being sold and that would mean roughly a whole new team would be needed from manager John Coventry. I wasn't wrong, as he signed no less than 19 new players and sold ten. Interestingly, I was wrong in the sense that there are still three superstars left at the club which is fantastic to see. We'll start with the transfers out. Outgoings Darren Blair - Burnley - £1.4k Tyler Fyfe - Arsenal - £3k Ryan Fox - Cardiff - £3.8k James Ritchie - Newcastle - £2k Liam Clark - Norwich - £1.8k Eddie Massey - Wigan - £250 Clark Daniels - Arsenal - £28k Marcus Donald - Newcastle - £5.25k (£23k) Benedict Mason - Southampton - £25.5k (£95k) Roger Johnson - Colchester - £3.8k (£4.5k) The first three all left on the same date, the 16th of June. The beginning of the mass exodus. Arsenal signed two of the superstars - including Daniels for a whopping fee - and Newcastle now have three of our Banditos as they attempt to stay in the Premier League this year. Two of the Bandits 2017 youth intake also leave for pastures new - Eddie Massey (75/149) joins League One side Wigan but the real story here is Benedict Mason (95/174) who is an absolute star in the making. He switches to Southampton, and I have very little doubt that he will one day be capped for England. Incoming The first signing for the Bandits was Nat Wedderburn (94/110). 26 years old, came through the ranks at Stoke but has spent the last 4 years dotting around Scotland. Is a fairly versatile man as well, being able to play on the left side and centrally in both defence and midfield. A decent signing. He is shortly followed by two left backs: Adam Chicksen (93/102) and Scott Tanser (82/108) as well as central midfielder Luke Hendrie (86/115). Their first cash signing would be a goalkeeper as Sam Walker (91/127) arrived from Colchester for £63,000. A fair old amount to spend, but Walker certainly has the potential to bloom. At 25 though, one could argue that chance has gone. Former Everton trainee George Green (87/100), an attacking midfielder by trade, was next to arrive on a free and he was soon joined by ex-Arsenal centre back Stefan O'Connor (78/92) and versatile midfielder CJ Hamilton (80/95). The following day, the Bandits signed another two as experienced centre back Jake Wright (94/105) and right back Andrew Eleftheriou (78/95) also linked up with the squad. The former brings an experienced head into the side as he comes off the back of a season in League One with Sheffield United, whilst Cypriot Andrew has just been released by Watford. Paddy Lacey (77/95) and Andy Parrish (77/85) are both experienced heads in lower league football. Central midfielder Lacey is almost a veteran of the Conference at just 24, having already played five seasons here beforehand. On the other hand, defender Parrish drops out of the Football League for the first time in order to attempt to win promotion with the Bandits. Botti Biabi (96/109) is the next arrival, a big money signing from Swansea. But for £125,000 (potentially rising to £150k), I think you'd expect a better CA/PA for that personally. Nonetheless, the Scottish winger will be determined to prove his worth. The money didn't stop there either. John Coventry dropped another £60k (rising to £75k) on Brentford's 21 year old German central midfielder Jan Holdack (95/122) - at least he has decent potential and room to grow. They saved the biggest money signing for last though, as Conor Chaplin (96/120), who is comfortable at both attacking midfielder and striker, joined the team for a mouth water £325,000 rising to £425,000. Jeepers. And yet, still more would be added. 36 year old central midfielder Neal Bishop (92/110) and 31 year old Jamaican right winger Mark Marshall (95/102) joined on a free, whilst Ben Davies (102/120) and Harry Lennon (97/130) arrived on loan from Preston and Charlton respectively to fight for the centre back positions. The Bandits have shown they were not afraid to splash the cash this summer, but it has to be said, for me they haven't really bought out a standout player. With the exception of the remaining superstars, their best signing out of this lot is Davies on loan from Preston. That is potentially worrying. I think they'll still probably go up mind you, but maybe Coventry isn't a manager who likes standout players? Perhaps he likes a squad of grafters, which is exactly what he's bought here.
  3. Player Overviews Jason Rutherford 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 25 Conc 10 Cln 15 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.88 Moved to Derbyfor £2k (£3.8k) 2016/17, Derby, CA 110 - Apps 3 Conc 4 Cln 0 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.97 Notes: Interesting to see he has a poorer average rating at the Bandits rather than at Derby, despite an excellent number of clean sheets at his former club and none at his new club. One can only assume that's because he had more shots taken at him at Derby than at the Bandits. Not a bad start to his career by any means. Derby finish 7th in the Championship, not far from the playoffs. Capped at U19 level by England too. Robbie Ward 2016/17, Bandits CA 100 - Apps 1 Conc 0 Cln 1 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.60 Moved to Inverness for £900 2016/17, Inverness, CA 113 - Apps 18 Conc 15 Cln 7 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.94 Notes: As you can imagine with Rutherford making 25 appearances, Robbie's playing time was limited at the Bandits. His switch to the Highlands however, sees his appearance numbers rocket. Not only does he become first choice, he also assists Inverness into 4th place and a European spot! Great achievement. Also makes his debut for Scotland U21's in a 1-1 draw with Bosnia and Herzegovnia U21's. Ally O'Connell 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 4(1) Gls 0 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 1 RC 0 Avg 6.68 Moved to Liverpool for £1.5k (£1.9k) 2016/17, Liverpool, CA 115 - Apps 2 Gls 0 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.30 Notes: Doesn't exactly set the world alight whilst at the Bandits so it's perhaps slightly surprising to see him switch to Liverpool so early in the experiment. Poor form carries on over as he underperforms in two outings in the FA Cup. Capped at U19 level for Scotland. Scott Donnelly 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 24(1) Gls 3 Ast 4 MotM 5 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 7.97 Moved to Everton for £2.4k 2016/17, Everton, CA 114 - Apps 0 Notes: Has a wonderful season at right back for the Bandits, perhaps rightfully keeping Ally O'Connell out of the side, but both right backs end up on seperate spectrums of Merseyside. Doesn't play for Everton though. Currently having an excellent U20's World Cup with England. Tyler Fyfe 2016/17, Bandits, CA 113 - Apps 45(4) Gls 2 Ast 6 MotM 7 YC 6 RC 0 Avg 7.48 Notes: Makes the left back spot his own ahead of Darren Blair despite both staying for the entire season. Has an excellent season too. Has an army of clubs after him. No international appearances though. Darren Blair 2016/17, Bandits, CA 113 - Apps 20(16) Gls 2 Ast 2 MotM 5 YC 5 RC 0 Avg 7.27 Notes: Sporadic appearances throughout the year as he struggles to oust Fyfe. With both of them having relatively high appearances, it suggests one of them may have been played out of position, perhaps after the Bandits lost half their squad on deadline day. Chris Law 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 8(1) Gls 1 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 1 RC 0 Avg 6.76 Moved to Birmingham for £475 2016/17, Birmingham, CA 109 - Apps 2(2) Gls 0 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.60 Notes: A fairly boring starting to Chris Law's career. Doesn't really impress as he should at the Bandits but he wasn't bad. Same at Birmingham. Maybe next year will be better. Michael Doyle 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 12 Gls 2 Ast 2 MotM 0 YC 1 RC 0 Avg 7.40 Moved to Doncaster for £3.2k 2016/17, Doncaster, CA 112 - Apps 16 Gls 0 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 6 RC 0 Avg 6.72 Notes: The first of our trio of Doncaster players to be reviewed, Doyle's season can be described as solid yet unspectacular. Both him and Kruse form a solid central defence partnership that helps Doncaster finish third and earn promotion from League Two. Matt Kruse 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 12(2) Gls 2 Ast 0 MotM 2 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 7.33 Moved to Doncaster for £3.2k 2016/17, Doncaster, CA 109 - Apps 17 Gls 0 Ast 2 MotM 0 YC 2 RC 0 Avg 6.56 Notes: A slightly less spectacular season than Doyle. But at the end of the day, the defensive duo combined and help Donny to third. Job done. Ryan Fox 2016/17, Bandits, CA 113 - Apps 48 Gls 3 Ast 3 MotM 5 YC 2 RC 0 Avg 7.27 Notes: Solid season from Fox here as he plays a mammoth 48 games. Appointed Bandits captain midway through the season and leads his team to the title. Andy Fletcher 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 16(7) Gls 5 Ast 3 MotM 0 YC 4 RC 0 Avg 7.19 Moved to Tottenham for £1.8k Rejoins Bandits on Loan 2016/17, Bandits, CA 116 - Apps 11 Gls 3 Ast 3 MotM 1 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 7.25 Notes: Puts in two shifts at the Bandits, seperated by a three month spell at his new club. Good season for Fletcher. Picks up 7 U21 caps as well. James King 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 24(3) Gls 6 Ast 11 MotM 3 YC 4 RC 0 Avg 7.40 Moved to Bolton for £3.6k 2016/17, Bolton, CA 114 - Apps 15(2) Gls 1 Ast 4 MotM 1 YC 2 RC 0 Avg 7.03 Notes: Has a really good season for the Bandits, switches to Bolton, has a good season there too. Seems to take to League One football like a duck to water, and he helped his side finish third in the league and win the playoffs. Unfortunately, he missed the playoff final with a virus which is a shame, however it's Championship football next year for the Irishman. Picks up 5 U21 caps for his country. James Ritchie 2016/17, Bandits, CA 112 - Apps 28(16) Gls 6 Ast 17 MotM 1 YC 4 RC 0 Avg 6.90 Notes: Has a good season statswise but his average rating says otherwise. For me, 17 assists is a good return but his average rating doesn't suggest that. Strange one. Adam Collins 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 7(13) Gls 2 Ast 3 MotM 0 YC 2 RC 0 Avg 6.80 Moved to Newcastle for £550 2016/17, Newcastle, CA 112 - Apps 0(2) Gls 0 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.30 Notes: Barely gets a chance at the Bandits and has a below average rating to show for it. Doesn't really get a sniff at Newcastle either, just the two sub appearances. Aiden Carter 2016/17, Bandits, CA 110 - Apps 45(1) Gls 10 Ast 15 MotM 2 YC 7 RC 0 Avg 7.25 Notes: Strong debut season for Carter as he makes the right wing his own. 10 goals and 15 assists is a solid return. Secures 5 U21 caps for Wales on top of this. Liam Clark 2016/17, Bandits, CA 102 - Apps 4(9) Gls 0 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.73 Notes: Is left behind in the shadows of Aiden Carter and it shows. Fails to register a single goal or assist and his CA rises by a meagre two points. Has to improve next year, whether that's by moving clubs or staying at the Bandits is anyone's guess. Clark Daniels 2016/17, Bandits, CA 112 - Apps 48(1) Gls 9 Ast 16 MotM 1 YC 1 RC 1 Avg 7.07 Notes: Good season on paper but you'd expect better from a winger who is too good for this league. Also becomes the first Bandit to receive a red card. Craig Oliver 2016/17, Bandits, CA 102 - Apps 3(11) Gls 2 Ast 1 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.91 Notes: Another backup winger this year who has been left behind by his teammate. Whilst Daniels has stormed ahead, Oliver has barely gotten a sniff. At least, unlike Clark, he did manage to register a couple of goals and an assist. Saving grace. Peter Adebayo 2016/17, Bandits, CA 110 - Apps 7(14) Gls 8 Ast 3 MotM 0 YC 2 RC 0 Avg 7.10 Notes: Looks to me like Adebayo was third choice behind Marcus Donald and loanee Barrett for two striker spots. Real shame. Played well when he did though and is currently representing Nigeria at the U20 World Cup with an excellent goals:games ratio. Ryan Davies 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 1 Gls 0 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.80 Moved to Doncaster for £2.5k 2016/17, Doncaster, CA 112 - Apps 18 Gls 6 Ast 0 MotM 0 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 6.75 Notes: Funny how it works, isn't it? Out of favour at the Bandits, first choice at Doncaster. Like the other two, solid yet unspectacular half season at Doncaster. A goal every three games is a decent return though. 7 U21 caps and 7 U21 goals too. Marcus Donald 2016/17, Bandits, CA 109 - Apps 16(8) Gls 15 Ast 0 MotM 3 YC 0 RC 0 Avg 7.40 Notes: Becomes first choice once Scott Matthews leaves and relishes it with a brilliant return of goals. Includes two important goals in the FA Trophy final, although sadly they lost on penalties to Barrow. Good season. Scott Matthews 2016/17, Bandits, CA 100 - Apps 28 Gls 22 Ast 7 MotM 5 YC 3 RC 1 Avg 7.47 Moved to Gillingham for £3.8k 2016/17, Gillingham, CA 117 - Apps 16 Gls 12 Ast 1 MotM 1 YC 2 RC 0 Avg 7.02 Notes: Highest CA rise to date! Showed excellent form for the Bandits in the early stages of the season scoring an impressive amount, in fact it was enough to see him finish top goalscorer for the club and the division. Earns his move to Gillingham and continues to excel there and helps them to a 10th place finish. Also currently representing England at the U20 World Cup.
  4. Season Summary 2016-17 - Vanarama National League South P42 W35 D6 L1 GF102 GA24 GD 78 P111 (Predicted: 1st) FA Trophy: Runners Up Overview It's a successful debut season for The Bandits as they (somewhat expectedly) romp to victory in most of their matches. Even the dismantling of their squad mid-season couldn't stop them: they added four more players to the team and eased to the end of the season. (More on that later) A small point to note here: they never score more than four in a match. If I'm not mistaken, this actually happened in the original experiment as well and it's very interesting to see history repeating itself here. It's slightly disappointing that they haven't kicked on and destroyed the opposition but losing only once, that's being extremely picky. Now the interesting part will be seeing if they can keep hold of anyone in the Vanarama Conference, and whether or not they can repeat their first place finish in a higher league. Perhaps disappointingly for the remaining Bandits strikers, Scott Matthews remained their top goalscorer for the season despite leaving at the end of January. That's a bit of a poor showing up front, IMO. Signings As I mentioned earlier, they signed four more players over the course of the season to beef up their squad a touch. A couple of household names as well. Jonathan Douglas (91/122) was a familiar and experienced name added to the centre of the park following his release from Ipswich. At 35, he is by no means a spring chicken but the eight caps he picked up for Ireland speak for themselves, he's a quality asset for this level. And beyond, if he decides to keep playing. Luke Southwood (100/140) also arrived on loan from Reading as part of a partnership the two clubs have. He's lightyears ahead of Dearle who was signed as an emergency option on deadline day. In the middle of March, the Bandits seal two more arrivals: familiar face Andy Fletcher arrives back on loan from Spurs for the remainder of the season and it's great to see an ex-player back so soon. Would love for this to happen again. The final signing certainly took me back as Alan Hutton (107/137) dropped 4 tiers to play for the Bandits. He's not even on that much of a wage (from his perspective - for the VNLS it's alot) so it was quite surprising. Records Broken Highest League Position - 1st in the Vanarama National League South (2016/17) Most Points in a Season - 111 (2016/17) Most Wins in a Season - 35 Highest Attendance - 75,528 (v Wealdstone (H), Vanarama National League South, 29th April 2017) Highest Gate Receipts - £573k (v Oxford City (H), FA Trophy Semi Final, 11th March 2017) Lowest Attendance - 35,352 (v Bath City (H), Vanarama National League South, 15th April 2017) Biggest Win - 4-0 v Hampton and Richmond (A), Vanarama National League South, 13th August 2016) Biggest Defeat - 1-2 v Margate (A), Vanarama National League South, 6th September 2016) Highest Scoring Game, Highest Scoring League Game - 4-1 v Hemel Hempstead (A), Vanarama National League South, 9th August 2016 Highest Transfer Fee Received - £3,800 - Scott Matthews to Gillingham, 31st January 2017 Most League Goals in a Season - Scott Matthews, 21 (2016/17) Top League Goalscorer - Scott Matthews, 21 (2016/17) Youngest Player - Tony Willis - 16 years 11 days (v Chelmsford (H), Vanarama National League South, 21st March 2017) Oldest Player - Jonathan Douglas - 35 years 180 days (v Barrow (N), FA Trophy Final, 21st May 2017) Fastest Goal - Aiden Carter - 1 minute 12 seconds (v Bishop's Stortford (H), Vanarama National League South, 24th September 2016) Most Goals in a Match - Scott Matthews - 3 (3-0 v Hungerford, Vanarama National League South, 6th August 2016) Most Assists - James Ritchie - 17 (2016/17) Most Clean Sheets - Jason Rutherford - 15 (2016/17) Youngest Goalscorer - Scott Matthew - 16 years 218 days (v Hungerford (H), Vanarama National League South, 6th August 2016) Oldest Goalscorer - Jonathan Douglas - 35 years 77 days (v Margate (H), Vanarama National League South, 7th February 2017) Most Games Won in a Row - 12 Most Games Without Losing - 41 Most Games Lost in a Row - 1 Most Games Without Winning - 2 Most Games Without Conceding - 5 Elsewhere Manchester United complete a domestic treble by winning the League Cup, FA Cup and Premier League. They could've had more, but lost in the final of the Europa League to Gladbach. Real Madrid took home the Champions League after a 3-1 win over Bayern. At the other end, Middlesbrough, Hull and Swansea were relegated while Newcastle, Brighton and Norwich were promoted. Next up is player overviews!
  5. Probably the pick of the central midfielders, so not a bad player to have them pinned on!
  6. 3rd February 2017 The winter window has just closed (for other clubs, if I recall rightly clubs in the Bandits league can sign players anytime) and it's safe to say, it was a horrible window for the Bandits. No less than 12 of the 22 youngsters left for bigger clubs, and the worst part was that the majority left on deadline day and, as such, has depleted the Bandits squad terribly. Doncaster were the major culprits, signing three of the superstars for a combined fee of £8.9k. Bargain. Interestingly, it was quite an even spread as some of the players signed for League One sides whilst some went straight for the jugular and joined Premier League sides. It will be interesting to see if the careers differ much - will the Premier League lads develop with better facilities, or will the (presumably) more game time in League One be more effective? Transfers Out Michael Doyle - Doncaster - £3.2k Jason Rutherford - Derby - £2k (£3.8k) Ally O'Connell - Liverpool - £1.5k (£1.9k) Adam Collins - Newcastle - £550 Andy Fletcher - Tottenham - £1.8k Ryan Davies - Doncaster - £2.5k Scott Donnelly - Everton - £2.4k Robbie Ward - Inverness - £900 Scott Matthews - Gillingham - £3.8k James King - Bolton - £3.6k Chris Law - Birmingham - £475 Matt Kruse - Doncaster - £3.2k As I said, it's a fair old mixup. There's a couple of interesting moves there - for me, I'm looking forward to seeing how Doncaster get on with three players in their squad. I'm also curious to see how long Robbie Ward spends in the Highlands at Inverness before getting a bigger move. Should be interesting! Transfers In With all the transfers out, you'd expect the Bandits to react with some more signings. As of yet, they have signed just three players to the club. Josh Barrett (CA105/PA129) is an Irish central attacking midfielder signed from Reading who is excellent for this league. He was the first to arrive at the end of July with the Bandits manager, John Coventry, clearly not impressed with the plethora of talent available in the centre of the park. Since losing the above playerson deadline day, they have been quick to react and sign two players: Roger Johnson (93/136) arrives with some experience for the backline following release from Charlton. He's also on a hefty £900 per appearance showing the Bandits don't seem afraid to splash the cash. The final signing was goalkeeper Rich Dearle (64/93) - not the greatest replacement for the two who have left by any stretch.
  7. The Players Central Midfielders Wingers Strikers There we have it, all 22 players in all their glory. Time to get this show on the road.
  8. The Players Goalkeepers Defenders
  9. The original was a fantastic read, and still is if you can get past some of the formatting. Glad to have you on board! Likewise. It's a real shame it's a bit skewed on the forum, although it is still readable.
  10. When I was in my SI infancy, which is touching nine years ago, () I fell in love with an AI experiment by a user named kipfizh. The now-ten-year-old experiment followed the careers of 22 players and their club, the Bandits. It followed them through every move, every season, every injury and it followed the club as it yo-yo'd up and down the leagues. It was a magnificent experiment. You can find it here, but most, if not all of the screenshots have been lost to the imageshack tigers and some of the forum's formatting has made it difficult to read. However, whilst I don't think I could do the original justice, I hope you'll be able to see almost what it was like here! The premise of the experiment was to see how the AI would cope under the unrealistic circumstances. I've taken the worst ranked team in both the Conference North and South, East Thurrock, and tore them apart to form a new side named 'The Bandits'. The Bandits are bankrolled by a background sugar daddy, they have top facilities and all their players have been sacked and replaced with genetically engineered wonderkids. 100CA and 200PA wonderkids with a reputation of 1. The only change to attributes is Injury Proness set to one, otherwise all other attributes have been set to 0 and therefore randomised. Finally, there is a varied spread of nationalities across the 22 so it will be interesting to see if this affects their national sides and perhaps propels them to better things? My plan is to set my manager on holiday with the 22 players on my shortlist and return after each transfer window and at the end of the season. I will be posting updates on each player at the end of each season as well as following the progress of the Bandits as a club and (hopefully) their rise through the leagues. It will be fairly interesting to see how long the players stay with the Bandits, whether or not they can make successes of their careers and if them leaving the club adversely affects their rises. Here's a list of questions kipfizh posed in the original thread for your brains to ponder:
  11. Although we came away with a credible away draw, the Cypriots were too much for us. Out we go.
  12. Thanks man!
  13. Great result, and we're through! Omonoia of Cyprus await us.
  14. Excellent first leg, puts us in a great position for the return fixture! On a side note - my professional status was due to be completed on the 25th of June. It still hasn't. Anyone have any ideas why this may be?
  15. Straightforward. We face Rijeka in the next round. A winnable tie I think.