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  1. When you get something from Steam, then you should check with the mods authors, rather than here.
  2. It's not like they are turning down NHL offers to play in Europe. It's more like NHL teams don't manage finances well enough to grant them a roster spot, then they go to Europe with the season going with a bit of a discount due to the season being started already. Maybe the teams should buy out players more.
  3. "Historical mode" only supports NHL, Sweden, and Finland I think. Other leagues are not supported.
  4. Well, of course I agree, but I just tried explaining the way the game works
  5. Well, many leagues have a salary cap. Mostly minor leagues in NA, but also the KHL IRL has a salary cap although we decided to remove it with TBL DB as it makes more harm than good to the game
  6. Well, I think you jump to conclusions a bit too much. Of course it is as unrealistic as you say, but regarding penalty minutes and hitting, for example, in all the games you attached a screenshot of, the Habs outshot badly the opposition (check also blocked shots). While this also has in part to be considered in light of PP time, this also means that probably the gung-ho tactic gives the team a lot of offensive zone time, which leads to less PIMs and more PIMs on the opposition. Hits are on par with the opposition, hit hard doesn't mean hit dirty. Btw your habs are some 100 PIMs less than
  7. Just to write that Denmark won't record league winners even with default DB
  8. Probably the new DB added some flags that messed up things with a league or two. I set up a fictional league similar to Denmark, and I noticed that it doesn't "save" winners. I then tried with Denmark league itself, no winners. Now I need to try with the default DB...
  9. Having a look at the row at the bottom of the standings screen would probably help...
  10. https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/wiki/index.php?title=EHM_2007_Guide Have a good read
  11. Please notice the rights expiration date (5.30.2018) and the game date (10.13.2018)... I have seen other examples. I can't sign him of course, just trade for his rights.
  12. I think that the problem is that most of the good Belarusian players are playing in the KHL, which doesn't release players for non-IIHF tournaments. That being said, I think the game is too severe with this (may also be a problem of scheduling clash?). IRL in the euro hockey challenge in November KHL players were in Team Belarus roster, while in the game, they aren't available. Of course it was mostly young players.
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