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  1. Complete KHL rights information will be in next release. Unfortunately I didn't have time back then. I'm not even done, by the way, but I think I will on time.
  2. ?? Maybe I wasn't clear. Watch these interviews. The title is enough: http://www.sport-express.ru/hockey/nhl/news/702112/ ИВАН БАРБАШЕВ: "ДИНАМО" ПРЕДЛАГАЛО КОНТРАКТ, НО ХОЧУ ИГРАТЬ В НХЛ" - Ivan Barbashev: Dynamo (Moscow) offered me a contract, but I want to play in the NHL http://nhl-news.ru/khl-barbashev-otkazalsya-vernutsya-v-dinamo-iz-ahl «Динамо» предлагало контракт нападающему Ивану Барбашеву, который выступает в АХЛ за фарм-клуб «Сент-Луиса». - Dynamo (Moscow) offered a contract to forward Ivan Barbashev, who plays in the AHL for St. Louis' farm team
  3. Well, I agree with DonTirri. Most of the players whose rights are owned by KHL team mention in interviews that they were actually offered contracts by their respective KHL teams. It's true that at least for higher-caliber players usually such offers are rejected, but I also think, why shouldn't we get the chance to do so...? And having VHL and MHL playable I think it's a must. It's kind of frustrating to work your arse to develop a good pipeline of prospects and send them to dummy leagues without a true impact on their development. Btw, DonTirri, what happens with Finn juniors? With Russian clubs I can buy Russian juniors (well at least I can make offers, it's hard to buy good players, but it's just the way it should be).
  4. Old discussion. The draft will continue with 2016 rules. Riz knows these rules hopefully we'll get the draft sooner or later. And I agree on the presence of a KHL clause.
  5. Espoo/Jukurit/Beijing will be in once the game will start in 2016. Not sure about Vegas since it'll be from 2017
  6. No, you aren't wrong, techically speaking. And yes, there are too many Russkies (and generally speaking European players) in the NHL in the game. However: 1) The huge number of Russian (European) players in the NHL is IMHO due to the fact that the NHL draft is too much Euro-heavy. Too many players are drafted out of nowhere in a way IRL they'd never get drafted (1st round picks playing in 5th Swedish division or Kazakhstan league) 2) There isn't enough leagues-moving free agents. This afflicts mainly European play, but it also gets less free agents signing in NA. Look at IRL, there are good players moving in and out North American leagues every offseason, not so much in the game 3) Very KHL specific. A player can't move if it's under contract, but he can buy out his contract and move, like Lehtera and Plotnikov did amongst others. http://thehockeywriters.com/sergei-plotnikov-ready-for-nhl-debut/
  7. I think that the problem is more of a contractual problem... Certainly both things are to be considered
  8. Stop having the training camp organizing scrimmages the day you have a friendly scheduled...
  9. I hope that in the future we'll stop having first round picks from Swe-4 or Russians playing in Kazakhstan championship
  10. It would be good in the KHL to ask players with dual nationality to renounce to the "other" national team so that he won't be a foreigner. Eg I just signed a dual nationality Russia/Kazakhstan. Now, I'm scared that the Kazakhs will call him for the national team and he'll be a foreigner for me. It would be good to ask him to renounce to play for the Kazakh national team... ideally even before he signs.
  11. In his tab there is written "He's considering a new contract offer from xxx"
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