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  1. Summary: You log into Twitter via FM19 it authorises the app Description of Issue: As soon as you close the game it logs you out re twitter ( 17 18 doesnt) have tried checking settings within twitter - Steps to Reproduce: open FM19 load a saved game - go to prefs click log in - authorise app - play game save & close & re log in to FM19 you will no longer be logged in Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: For the summary you need a quick summarisation of the issue. Then for the description describe the issue in as much detail as possible. If the issue reproduces, please include these steps within Steps to Reproduce, then give us the file names of the relevant files you've uploaded to our Cloud Service. We will nearly ALWAYS need a save game in order to investigate the issue, so please be sure to provide a relevant save. Also remember to add a tag of the version number of the FM you found the issue within (say 19.1 or 19.1.1 etc). (all versions even Beta)
  2. Hi I found this didn't solve it, If you go into the workshop Via the steam app rather than choosing downloads it kills the game when you try to go back to it If you try any other version 13/14/15/16/17/18 this doesn't happen & its fine
  3. na i'll be honest I haven't, sorry I should of I will try after my reboot shortly thank you
  4. I dont know if its a known issue or just me but IF i try to do anything at all in steam like download files - when I go back to FM19 Its stuck on screen shown Only way round it is to close FM19
  5. hi do you have a link for the 2 discussions you mention please
  6. Has anyone got or know of a database that has Jersey players/clubs?
  7. I can't get the cross save to work either, I can on some challenges they seem to appear but not normal new game. Yes checked it's compatible etc, I do find it interesting that when raise these issues the reply always assume the user hasn't waited for the game to upload to cloud - when we post it's because we have tried various times various options I have tried changing to default skin, uninstallling re installing rebooting -starting the game again .. I can only see challenges
  8. when do you start seeing points is it per season?
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