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  1. I have notice that. There is an increase in shots outside the box. There hitting some and there flying in from everywhere. Your right, there are quite a few of goal of contenders.
  2. Hi I keep on getting goals that does not show up in the commentary. Previous version did not have this problem with previous version. Has anyone having this problem?
  3. Who suffers the second half season slump, every team i pick, i start well then the inevitable happens. I hit a brick wall, does not matter what i do i cannot stop losing, and then i am no where the board wants me to be, in terms of league position and then the sack. Who has any tips?
  4. Your right. I read somewhere people achieving this, because I don’t how doing this or am I just rubbish. I keep picking team after team In the Vanarama and sacked. You could have long term save on previous editions.
  5. I have tried so many team to get from Non League to Premiership, but I keep getting the sack. I start off well and then I hit a brick wall, then I am giving a month to improve results, then comes the sack. I love doing long term saves but FM 20 has got me beat. I do not even last a season. Any tips anyone.
  6. Thats so strange i did not have to do any of that. I just loaded it up and it worked.
  7. Works fine for me, i have not countered any problems.
  8. How does it show ten stars. Is there even a field for 10 stars. Lol
  9. I have been playing FM on a old laptop (about 5 years old), and it always says Game speed half a star. Now when i play it the games says 5 star, and its playing really quick. How is it possible the game speed jump from half a star to 5? Has that happened to anyone else?
  10. James Now you have started winning. What you did you do before to change things, because i am struggling? Thank You
  11. James Now you have started winning. What you did you do before to change things, because i am struggling? Thank You
  12. Thats weird. You have better specs than me and mine runs so fast and no lagging. Mind you saying that, that there could be other issues why.
  13. Has anyone else notice. Every now and then a goal is scored but does not appear in the commentary, and i only notice it when i look on the overview screen. Has anyone else seen that?
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