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  1. That was one sided game and you only score once.
  2. The only problem trying to get the game to work on Windows 10. This was for Football Manager 2007.
  3. Drives are very cheap these days. The games you want you pick up very cheap these days.
  4. Just realise I miss out a word, bad typo error Hope it is but I cant see that happening to be honest.
  5. How do you its this afternoon for the official patch? Just out of curiosity.
  6. d d

    Quickest FM

    That is strange. That does seems to not happen on mine.
  7. d d

    Quickest FM

    I was thinking that, this could one of the quickest.
  8. I don't know about you guys but I find this years FM19 just so quick. The processing through the days must be the quickest than the recent versions going way back to FM12 I find. I love this years version.
  9. It plays very fast as well, maybe one of the fastest.
  10. When I first played the Beta FM19, the game use to 30 seconds to save, not sure if that's the norm. All of sudden has I got further into the game, the save time has reduce to under twenty seconds. I could not understand the reduce time because I have not done anything different.
  11. The game plays quick on mine, even faster than FM18...
  12. d d


    I have to agree with Chelsea, 18 is quick on mine. Maybe all depends on your machine, but, I mine is faster than 17.
  13. Wow that is cheap £21.
  14. No I am not. How much cheaper is it?