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  1. When I first played the Beta FM19, the game use to 30 seconds to save, not sure if that's the norm. All of sudden has I got further into the game, the save time has reduce to under twenty seconds. I could not understand the reduce time because I have not done anything different.
  2. The game plays quick on mine, even faster than FM18...
  3. d d


    I have to agree with Chelsea, 18 is quick on mine. Maybe all depends on your machine, but, I mine is faster than 17.
  4. Wow that is cheap £21.
  5. No I am not. How much cheaper is it?
  6. £31.02 is the price.
  7. I am also on a journey with Kidderminster, I took from the Conference North and we are top of League 2 at the moment, They gave me 100% and untouchable. I don't think that's ever happen to me in the last twenty years.
  8. Did they say it was going to be more streamlines. I don't remember them saying that, but I could be wrong.
  9. Every now and then when I am playing a match the game disappears of the screen, there is no crash dumps, it just closes down. It only happens when playing a match. Can you help please?
  10. d d

    Make FM faster

    Where do you find your subscriptions?
  11. Yes your right. You need to leave the minimum interval blank. This is how mine is set up and its fine.
  12. Hi Neil. Thank you i am running the minimum database and just doing the English leagues from Prem to Vanaram North/South. The Anit Virus software I am running is Avast. Thank You once again.
  13. It seems to be running ok but I just had a freeze.
  14. Is my computer ok to run this game because I just had a freeze. Thank You DxDiag 2.txt