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  1. I agree, I think it is a step forward. I can certainly tell you its the quickest, of the recent editions (well it is on my laptop). The processing of the days is definitely quicker. I am really enjoying this version.
  2. I got him on loan I think he was good.
  3. I remember doing that with a team I think Spennymoor, I use Gegenpress and I had a lot of success.
  4. I just turn mine of and on again, I receive no update.
  5. Wow that's crazy. Plus League One CA. I think that's need to be tone down a bit.
  6. In the squad view there is a section called match load. Can someone tells me what does that mean? Thank You
  7. You can change the text size on your laptop, that may help.
  8. I have to agree with Cadoni, it does feels quicker, the processing through the days has been speeded up.
  9. I have too, and I remember Kevin Toms as well. When that became a success, a lot of companies started doing Football Manager games on the Spectrum. Especially Gremlin or was it Cult, cant remember. ,Well I just been stuff 4-1 so yes they have. Lol.
  10. Not that I have noticed.
  11. The only reason I did not report because its updating but slowly, so I could not call it bug because the screen is progressing.
  12. How do I know if it is a bug, might be the norm.
  13. Mine is taking about three hours to update.
  14. Hello 1 - I day the game first. The patch needs the gamed to load. 2 - FM19 works fine for me on Window 10 3- I think I read somewhere you don't need the code anymore, but I had loaded mine through steam, it was already there when I brought it previously. 4 -If the game does not work you can always change from game properties and change the windows I think, but it work fine for me on 10
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