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  1. If you change the resolution settings, it takes the borders section away, and you can play on full screen. I cant remember what resolution it was but i had to do it for FM 12.
  2. Not too sure, but i tried what he said and its quicken it up a little bit.
  3. Thank You prot651, clearing the cache has seem to have done the trick.
  4. Thank You. I will give that a try. 18 is super quick for me.
  5. On my Laptop, the last three FM’s. 18 and 20 play very quick but 19 is sluggish, can be slow to move when processing, but 18 and 20 are quick. I wonder what 18 and 20 have got but FM 19 does not. All the games are in the same settings. Strange.
  6. Wow. 40 years. Not only that impressive that is the longest save I've heard, Well done.
  7. Just recenlty loaded FM 18, forgot how quick that process.
  8. I have Windows 10, and 09 play fine for me. I have not seen any loading issues.
  9. The phantom goal is so annoying. Your winning by the odd goal, and you think you won because no other goal was mention by the end of the game. Nope its 1-1 and the equalizer was not even mentioned. This has happen a few times i could drawing and then phantom goal has been scored. I had this issue on 19 as well, and i thought it maybe sorted for 20, but its still there. .
  10. What about goals being scored, they don't always appear in the highlights or even in the commentary, is that because its not in comprehensive highlights
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