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  1. Robin, your second suggestion is the right one I think. The player's mentality will determine his starting position with regards to his actual position (eg. an MC with an attacking mentality will stand on the pitch in a more advanced position than an MC with a defensive mentality). The Fowards runs option will then determine how often the player makes a run forward from that starting position (eg. rare forward runs - holds his position, often forward runs - often makes a run past a marker into advanced positions). Hope that helps.
  2. Anyone help me with the exact definition of a "big match". When a player relishes or does not relish the big games, what games are they referring too?
  3. I would go with juan carlos if the scout says he has good potential. It depends whether he'd be any better than your present strikers though.
  4. Is freddy adu in that version? snap him up sharpish if he is. Jerome thomas was pretty good iirc
  5. Typical German. Even the keepers are good penalty takers!
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