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  1. May have missed this but who is David Kevan? Managed to get quite a bit for him!
  2. @dave byrd: Do you play Felipe any different now he's losing his pace? More forward runs? Higher mentality?
  3. Thanks. I actually do that already, was just wondering whether 14/14 scouts were good enough for searching regions. Obviously they won't be as good as judging as 20/20 scouts but can they still alert you to the real gems? Anyway, it doesn't matter that much as I've still been able to find some great regens using scouts and the regen date list. How important would you say Determination is for a scout? p.s. You can add the post you're replying to by clicking the 'reply with quote' button at the bottom right hand corner of the post.
  4. Great thread again SFraser. Was particularly interested in the scouting network you have set up. I am usually able to find gems although I do this by going through a lot of clubs' u18s, u20s etc myself which is quite labourious whislt setting my scouts to a few regions. However, as I was considering setting up a system similar to yours, I was just wondering what level of JPA and JPP you consider to be 'good' scouts and so on. Are scouts with 14,14 able to distinguish great talent if just sent to a specific region?
  5. I'm using the TC as well. Have just tweaked a few of the individual player settings. I also have "more roaming" for more movement in the attacking 1/3. I'll go back to the default and see if that brings me any joy with that particular player. The rest of the team are doing pretty well though. Top of league 1 after about 10 games with Crewe. Don't have the best squad in the league (easily QPR after their relegation) but we're a tight knit group, up there in terms of squad quality and brimming with potential. Looking forward to what the rest of the season brings.
  6. Thanks for that Heathxxx. I also have a tall winger who despite poor heading is good in the air (jumping 17). He also has good anticipation but has struggled getting many goals. It may be down to me giving him mixed RFD so that he is not always looking for the ball beyond his full back. It seems to help with possession but I suppose the lack of goals is a trade off. My main issue with him however is his crossing. Despite having good crossing I found he was wasting a lot of good moves. I have since reduced this, first to mixed, and then to rarely so he only crosses when appropriate. This, combined with his poor decisions (7) may be a bad combination though so perhaps I will revert to the original role setup. Any thoughts? Have most of Rasmussen's assists been crosses?
  7. @heathxxx Your team are doing very nicely in Lge 2! Just had a question about how you play Rasmussen. He looks like a winger role would suit him. Is this the role you use for him? Any tweaks? Just wondering as I have a player very similar in attributes and yet he flatters to deceive. Decent mentals and personality aswell so i don't think that's the problem. Thanks
  8. @ edgar555 How do you play Bale? Some phenomenal stats there! I'm guessing he takes set pieces?
  9. I realise Niang is a regen! :O I was wondering about the dual nationality because I've had a few very talented African regens on trial and have tried to sign them but couldn't due to wp problems. Lucky to have one with a french passport! The reason I was asking about the scouting range is that I am managing Crewe in Lge 1 now after promotion in the first season. I can currently scout in Europe but I don't even have the option to ask them to widen their horizons as it is greyed out at the moment. when I hover over it it says I have asked not long ago (which was the start of last season). I guess my board aren't as generous as yours! Hopefully it'll become an option soon.
  10. Great thread Heathxxx! Btw does Niang have dual nationality so he didn't require a work permit and how far are you able to scout at this stage?
  11. Some great faces here! I was just wondering whether anyone could help me. I've followed all the steps in the walkthrough to get my face in the game but it's not working. I have placed a face and it's config file (I've made sure it's a config.xml file) in a graphics folder in the FM2011 folder like this: http://img405.imageshack.us/f/12262010181553.jpg/ The config file is as follows with the number of my manager ID put in: http://img80.imageshack.us/f/12262010181741.jpg/ Can anyone see where I'm going wrong? I've done the unticking and ticking of the cache things but no joy
  12. @ nmwaldron Did you get that regen through the original facilities that Crewe have or did you upgrade them? Just wondering whether I'll get a similar gem
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