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    when the mods message me it makes me want to put my fist through a wall


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  1. how you doing loked ur man aioki is fighing eddie i see looking forward to that
  2. ur been silly son stop acting like your 5 and talk properly
  3. you sound real stupid son whats up with you stop acting like dale winton
  4. you are the idoit what man would not want to watch that bobby
  5. is the rhonda rouusey v tate fight been shown in the uk i wanna see that fight well ill be honest i wanna see them rolling around together and touching
  6. dunno if im gonna make it till 3, one to many drinks getting very angry very angry
  7. you never seen one before
  8. you wanna see my tatts boy, why would i show pictures of myself on here son, i am a god fearing man and i swear to god i have those tattoos i tell no lies im for real
  9. you aint your to wimpey to get a tatt. man up son shave the fluff of your chin
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