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  1. im having problems ive installed the game and it wont let me open up the data editor ive downloaded 801 patch but it wont let me download the 802 when it comes to 29 a error comes up, also ive downloaded a update pack done by some guy on fmbase but i cant get it to show up on the game ive put the file in the db folder help
  2. thanks muse, ill keep a an eye on your progress with that good luck with it, its ashame you cant change the start date to make the season start in 2012
  3. oh right it must of been 09 when steam was used by SI, ill have a look on some other sites for an update
  4. if i install fm08 with steam will they update it for me with the latest patch. and does anyone know where i can get a up to date databse for fm08
  5. it annoys me we cant use usami i cant play with bayern for that reason
  6. it gives me a nice warm feeling when i think back to the old cm days big wolly jumpers cold winter nights a few logs on the fire playing cm great days
  7. i wont use it i did download it but i deleted it, next time just title the thread sloppy data update then i will know not to waste my time with it, i thought this update was the real deal with all the ... lickers giving you good feed back
  8. if a job is worth doing do it right thats all im saying looking through the database of yours there are about 4000 incorrect things that you have not done imo no update should include pa changes and ca changes
  9. does this work for fm12. i am very interested in this to me this would be the best league in world football
  10. what are the wages like for this job
  11. well done way better than forbies this is a great bit of work
  12. this is a sloppy bit of work shocking do you get your info out the back of the daily star
  13. you have bueno at liverpool vauled at 20million what the hell
  14. ruben amorim has joined braga on loan from benfica
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