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  1. it annoys me we cant use usami i cant play with bayern for that reason
  2. it gives me a nice warm feeling when i think back to the old cm days big wolly jumpers cold winter nights a few logs on the fire playing cm great days
  3. i wont use it i did download it but i deleted it, next time just title the thread sloppy data update then i will know not to waste my time with it, i thought this update was the real deal with all the ... lickers giving you good feed back
  4. if a job is worth doing do it right thats all im saying looking through the database of yours there are about 4000 incorrect things that you have not done imo no update should include pa changes and ca changes
  5. does this work for fm12. i am very interested in this to me this would be the best league in world football
  6. what are the wages like for this job
  7. well done way better than forbies this is a great bit of work
  8. this is a sloppy bit of work shocking do you get your info out the back of the daily star
  9. you have bueno at liverpool vauled at 20million what the hell
  10. ruben amorim has joined braga on loan from benfica
  11. kazim kazim has joined olympiakos on loan with a view to permenant, bojinov has joined lecce on loan
  12. dzubzack has gone to dinamo moscow, fredy gurain has gone to inter
  13. ok silly b.,,,,ks, alex i think you should start a thread though i think people will love this tactic
  14. im trying it with my inter side my first game ive won 3 0 againts bologna i liked the the way my team moved the ball around its looking promising ill report back after ive played a few more games:thup:
  15. i also think this years game makes it very hard to get barca stats using the tactics creator
  16. i just find it mad using classic tactics it takes so much away from the game
  17. cheers alex im gonna give it a go im currently playing with inter, but im gonna start a barca game to try it out
  18. is there a good barelona tactic made by the tactics creator anywhere
  19. why does no one use the tactic creator no more, whats with all these arrows and stuff
  20. luiz adriano is fantastic before when i have managed shakhtar i have sold him, but now i have kept faith with him and he bangs in goals for fun, dont let his poor finishing stat put you off, he has plenty of other good stats that make up for that
  21. you guys keep faith with Luiz Adriano he brings a lot to the team, i play eduardo on the right he and douglas costa compete for that positon
  22. i love shakhtar they are my 2nd team i have watched them progress over the years to become in my opinion the biggest team in eastern europe, Shakhtar for life
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