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  1. Hello there, I am currently using the Base 21 Dark Skin and have been for a while. I notice that in the workshop it is up to version 12.2, however when I look at it in my preferences it says that it is still version 1.0. I assumed by subscribing to s skin or a tactic that they would automatically update to the latest version, but it appears not. How do I get the skin and tactics to update to the latest version please? Cheers
  2. Hi @Daniel Wells, Yep, no worries. I have uploaded the latest version of my save, with the same file name: Antony Gibbons - Liverpool (Antoz7) Yes, it happens every time the opposition scores, no exceptions. Disappears if you go into the tactics screen, or after I score. No notification when I score after the opposition has already scored, but when the match resumes the stuck notification is gone. Cheers!
  3. Hi @Daniel Wells, The update appears to have fixed this issue in my save, so thanks very much to the team for that, however I still have the error where the opposition scores a goal and the on-screen notification stays on the screen for the rest of the half. I was sure that I had seen a post with this error but I can't find it, so just wondering if it's a known bug, or a fixed one, cheers. Stay safe and Merry Xmas!
  4. Hello again @Daniel Wells. This is probably connected to the same issue, but I also get similar non-reactions pre-match too, as you should be able to see in my save upload. Cheers Ant
  5. Glad to be of some help @Daniel Wells :) Thank you :) Cheers Ant :)
  6. Hi @Daniel Wells, Thanks so much for the speedy reply, and apologies for my slow one, different time zones and all that! I have uploaded my save to your server as the following: Antony Gibbons - Liverpool (Antoz7) I have saved just before the next game I had to play so you can see what's been happening. Cheers and have a great day/week/weekend wherever you might be, and stay safe. Ant
  7. Hello there, As per the attached picture, after every game since starting a new save with the full release, I get the same 'How the media reacted' (to an 11-0 result, which is great, but it was just a friendly!) and no 'How the fans have reacted', which I was quite enjoying during the beta. Cheers Ant
  8. Hello there, I regularly buy the full version of FM every year and get Touch for free, though I have never needed to use it. I am hopefully about to get an Android tablet that is compatible with FMT 2020 and was just wondering if I need to purchase the game again to play, or if my 'free' Steam version will also work on my tablet. Does Steam even exist for Android tablets? Cheers Ant
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