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  1. Hello there, I regularly buy the full version of FM every year and get Touch for free, though I have never needed to use it. I am hopefully about to get an Android tablet that is compatible with FMT 2020 and was just wondering if I need to purchase the game again to play, or if my 'free' Steam version will also work on my tablet. Does Steam even exist for Android tablets? Cheers Ant
  2. Oh I get that, and yay FSG are gone, but I thought the whole point of floating the club on the stock exchange was to generate cash and lots of it. We are now in a worse state financially than before!
  3. New owner completes purchase of Liverpool FC and promptly floats the club on the stock exchange, and I get a message saying that it brought precisely zilch into the club coffers. Is this normal, a bug or an issue? I cannot find any discussion whatsoever on the entire internet about clubs becoming public limited, so am stuck.
  4. The game has never been released on the C64 and started life as Championship Manager, sounds like you're referring to the Kevin Toms' version that has nothing whatsoever to do with SI's.
  5. Hello. I have had a search for this and cannot find anyone else having the same issue, so it mus be something I'm doing! I can play FM15 with my laptop plugged into my TV via HDMI. However, for some reason the sound stubbornly outputs from the laptop, no matter what I do. Video files are fine, they play sound and vision, but not FM15 for some strange reason. Just a toshiba laptop, and a panasonic tv, nothing special or fiddly or anything. What gives?
  6. What tosh. I have been playing since the mid 90s and without fail, every annual update is an improvement on the last. I play FM15 pretty much 24/7, thanks to some great opportunities, and a very understanding boss and wife. It is without doubt the very best CM/FM ever released, and I will wait until FM16 is out, even though I know it will be even better. Because I can play FM15 each and ever day until it is eventually and inevitably replaced. Perfection for me.
  7. Yep, that's what I thought too! And though my wife tolerates it, she wouldn't even know where to start to delete the files. Even my trash bin is still full of the usual debris accumulated over the time since I last emptied it a few days ago, so they would have to somehow delete the games without them going into the bin. But that's the only explanation I've got too. FM icon says there are no previous versions, and no unfortunately I don't backup my files, other than the 10 game save, which has always been sufficient. When the worst thing in your life is having to start a brand new game of FM t
  8. Hello, I have been playing my save for a while now, no issues whatsoever, when my laptop decided to stay on when I closed the lid. This happens sometimes. However, I had to restart FM and when I did all my save games were just gone. Missing. Kaput. Nowhere to be found whatsoever. Not just a corrupt saved game, but the whole lot just vanished. I have always religiously used the 10-game rolling save, but they are all gone too. Help?
  9. Great thread! I'm 43 and have been playing since CM 1 on my best mate's Amiga back in '94. Before that I was a Speccy boy back in the '80s and spent many hours enjoying the thrills and spills of Match Day and Footballer of the Year, my very first 'management' experience. CM2 96/97 was the first version I owned myself, though I had to play on my Dad's PC, by the time of CM3 I finally had my own computer and the rest is history! I gave up playing all other games, consoles, everything to concentrate on My One True Love some time ago. Since owning a laptop I now play FM 24/7 (or at least every wa
  10. Brilliant! No worries there then, yay I get to start a new save for the weekend (and beyond...) Cheers mate! Ant :-)
  11. Hi Si, Sorry if this has been asked before, but how big exactly is the new update in MBs/GBs when downloading from Steam? I need to know cause the only access to the internet I have at the moment is via setting up my S4 as a wifi receiver, and i have a limit of 1.5GB each month.. Cheers Ant :-)
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