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  1. Literally came in here to post the same thing. Stats look very good.
  2. Same thread, different year. Post your hidden gems here.
  3. Same as last years popular thread, all hidden gems you find in here. ----- Not a hidden gem as such, but Dries Mertens has a release clause of £26.5million
  4. Probably wrong thread but didn't realise Serge Gnabry has a £7m release clause on the new patch.
  5. Name: Ron-Robert Zieler Position: GK Club: Hannover Value: £12.25million Release Fee: £6.5million Other: Another great keeper for not a lot of money.
  6. As you can see my form has dramatically disappeared after the patch update. Has anyone else had the same issue? (I installed the patch after the Fleetwood game) Quite frustrating! Suppose it makes the season a little more interesting though as I was en route to a comfortable promotion place.
  7. Nation: Any European League Division: Top or second division European Competition: Doesn't matter Media Prediction: Doesn't matter, preferably the lower the better Board Expectation(s): As above really Transfer Budget: Need at least £4million to play with. Wage Budget: Doesn't matter Finances: Healthy with no debt Other: Basically, I want a decent team with decent facilities where I can turn a St.Etienne sized club into a dominant force. The better the youth facilities and finances the better.
  8. Signed in January first season with Blackburn for £250k. Will play him now instead of the misfiring Rhodes and see if he performs any better.
  9. Has anyone been Blackburn? If so, how on earth have you been playing Jordan Rhodes? I've tried everything and can't seem to get him scoring and he's been playing terribly so far in my first season. Half tempted to sell him so we get passed FFP to be honest.
  10. This guy is immense. I rotated him in my Hoffenheim team between a AM Shadow Striker role and a Deep Lying Forward (A) and he was brilliant.
  11. David Platt and Rene Muelensteen
  12. Started my first save with Ajax. Won the season on the last day, with PSV keeping me on my toes throughout the season. Was getting ready for the second season, and then I had my first Football Manager 2015 crash! Lost nearly 4 months so I won't be going back to the save unfortunately. Things I learnt that can be useful for anyone interested in starting an Ajax save: - Play Zivkovic. I was playing a 4-2-3-1 wide formation and he spear headed the strikeforce brilliantly. Nearly a goal a game. - Sign Romero. I played him as a box to box in a 2 man midfield or a half back in a 4-5-1 away from home. Bought for £6m, sold for £25m the next summer. A must buy. - Try and keep Fischer and Kishna happy. Both play LW, both are amazing. Try and rotate them to keep them happy. Enjoy the save though. You shouldn't have to spend a lot of money with the quality that you can produce in the Jong side and U19's.
  13. One thing I've noticed is when I send a scout to look at a particular region, let's say South America, it's sending an Italian scout to go over and take a look at players even though I have some great scouts at my club with South American knowledge? What happened to being able to select which scout you could send out?
  14. A) JRod LW (IFs) Ramirez (APs) Lallana RW (IFs) was my set up first season, it led me somehow to 2nd place. All 3 were amazing in their roles. B) Gallagher hasn't threatened the first team just yet but he has been out on loan for the past 2 seasons. Currently in the Championship where I think he's found his level, he could be a decent backup in the Prem. C) Both great, can't choose between them.
  15. How have people got rid of Torres and Ba? Both useless for me and struggling to get rid of them.
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