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  1. I’m playing something very similar but not getting many goals from wide areas. Can you post goal stats for your squad currently?
  2. I’m playing something very similar but not getting many goals from wide areas. Can you post goal stats for your squad currently?
  3. Managed to 16 from Newcastle for darmian, 25 from Monaco for smalling and Everton coughed up 14 for rojo. Mata went on loan to inter with obligation to buy for 18, which isn’t bad given last year of contract despite all my attempts jones and fellaini are not wanted by anyone anyone have thoughts on selling lingard. 53 from Arsenal is a lot but he’s local lad. Only real place I could see him in my system would be if he could be restrained as box to box in terms of cb signing who have people gone with? Toby, skriniar and varane all seem gettable with better current ability than like of De Ligt and rugani i see Saul and Casemiro both gettable for around 50 so considering one of them to bolster cm
  4. Barella could be another good option although not as good as savic to start
  5. I think a save as Southampton could be very interesting. Trying to get the best out of ings gabbiadini etc well stocked with keepers and defenders so no work needed there. Perhaps a 442 with elyounoussi and ward prowse as wide midfielders and ings playing off either gabbiadini or Austin (or Callum Wilson if he can be poached) an underachieving squad which has a lot of potential
  6. I have been playing him as Segundo Volante on attack in first few games and he is destroying it. 6 games in, 4 goals and 4 assists average rating 8.54
  7. Interesting I noticed he is available quite cheaply and develops well. Shame he got injured, would be interested to hear how he does for you has anyone tried to copy the Woodward blueprint and target some big names like griezmann or bale?
  8. Lucky escape if you ask me! Mata and mikhi work harder and are more consistent if you want to play with an amc
  9. Noticed a couple of people have been able to pick up goretzka in first summer. Is that just by unsettling him? going to start Utd save over the weekend. Thinking of bringing in tierney at left back, another cm option and possibly another centre back as not convinced by smalling or rojo in game
  10. Gustavo scarpa from fluminese. Winger in aml but been dominating in my rangers save as an inside forward support amr
  11. I have a few saves lined up. Man Utd (team I support) and Saints (my hometown club) are saves I play on every game i am thinking Rangers as well will be a good challenge. Also I don't like Brendan Rodgers or Neil Lennon so beating their teams would be a pleasure! A Monaco save appeals to me as well to rebuild and challenge PSG's new galaticos am open to suggestions for other potential saves. Continuing naglesmanns great work at hoffenheim could be a good hallenge to try and topple an aging Bayern squad while trying to break Juventus' monopoly on the serie a title with Napoli or Milan is also an exciting prospect
  12. ahead of fm 18, trying to create a 4231 in current style Jose is playing full backs staying wide and overlapping, two stable centre backs. Matic as a deep lying playmaker and pogba a roaming playmaker the front 3 behind lukaku (complete forward attack) is where is am struggling to recreate the current style. Martial on rashford on the left as an inside forward attack getting behind the opposition defence seems to be working but the issue is with the right side and the amc i have been using mata as the 10 and mikhi inside forward support but with the instruction that they are to swap positions like they seem to be doing IRL. I am thinking that with the potential purchase of griezmann he may take matas place in the starting 11 and have the role of swapping with mikhi between the 10 role and inside forward on the right. However the game does not seem to like the swapping roles I am trying to implement and am currently struggling to get the best out of mata or mikhi with their rating consistently in the 6.5-6.9 range just wondered if anyone else was planning to try and recreate this tactic ahead of fm 18 and whether you had any success so far
  13. Giminez from athletico is a beast, so is lindelof if you can persuade benfica to sell. Sule looks excellent again and cheap, and manolas is good option. On my save hazard got transfer listed after falling out with Conte and was available for 25 mil but I decided against it, wanted to give martial a chance
  14. Ended up selling smalling and buying van dijk. Then darmian asked to leave for psg and I noticed lindelof was transfer listed after a row with his coach so I bought him and let darmian go. Didn't to manage to solve the winger issue before end of the window never mind started off with 2-1 home wins over Watford and spurs before a mourinho esque 0-0 at anfield who had just sold firmino to spurs and replaced him with tequira
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