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  1. Did the facepajc you have provide pics for shoretire etc too?
  2. I think I will plump for keeping laird. Has anyone found a face pack that includes all under 18 players too?
  3. Will start my Utd save properly next week when new laptop arrives but interested to hear people’s opinions on laird. If it wasn’t for injuries then I would expect him to be in the squad as he showed more promise than Williams in the under 23s. Perhaps that hasn’t been reflected in this years fm
  4. Not sure if there is anyone who does this to download as I never looked whilst playing previous versions of fm but is there any way of downloading a patch that mirrors the real life champions league group stage draw and inputs that into the game, I.e Leipzig Istanbul PSG and Man Utd in same group thanks
  5. Need to get myself a new laptop for continuing to work from home anyway as the company do not provide them and trying to find one that I can handle fm21 as well as all the players facepacks logos etc that I download. Would appreciate anyone’s opinion on the below laptop as an option. im not the best when it comes to researching graphics cards and processors but to my untrained eye it seems not bad https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-aspire-5-a515-43-15-6-amd-ryzen-7-laptop-256-gb-ssd-black-10193895-pdt.html
  6. Even forgot about the lad McNeill we signed from city. I agree the first team recruitment has not been good but it is nice to see some proper investment in the academy
  7. Looking ahead to fm 21 utd is looking a really interesting prospect in terms of young players. Goalkeeper wise we have Henderson for the long term and be interesting to see how lobar develops as he could become a good back up. With laird and Brandon as well as AWB and telles you have full backs covered for years whilst at centre back you have axel mengi and possibly kampwala depending on how good the game makes his potential in midfield with garner and levitt there are options and I expect a boost for Galbraith too whilst Hannibal is the Jewell waiting in the wings. There could be ro
  8. Nice will take a look now. Looks good. Would need to get in a wide playmaker for the right but rest of roles I have good options for already
  9. I finally got round to starting a new game properly albeit through unconventional circumstances. Playing a network game with my friend was fired by Leipzig in January despite winning every Europa league game and being third in the league st the time (very strange in my opinion) Quite bizarrely I was offered the Man Utd job in March with Ole being 8th in the league albeit in FA Cup and champions league quarter finals as a big united fan myself I have strong feelings on the current problems with the club and so this summer will be perhaps the biggest overhaul I’ve ever attempted G
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