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  1. Any idea how long this sale is going to last? Tempted to pick up The Witcher, but got a few different things going on this month so I really shouldn't be getting new Xbox games. It's £6 in the Xbox sale, so anyone buying from CEX etc is getting royally ripped off. Again, tempted to pick it up, but I must resist.
  2. Decided I'd holiday past the transfer deadline day and following international period. Come back to find my DoF has signed Ruben Neves and a really good, young Slovenian RB for combined £38m. Hero
  3. So it turns out Zubizarreta is pretty good at this. He managed to bring in Laporte, Deulofeu, who for some reason Everton decided to get rid of for ridiculously cheap - £12.75m, and a Uruguayan regen. Fixed my two problem areas with those first two. He also went after Lucas Romero and Sergi Darder, but despite getting good deals on both of them I decided to veto the transfer as I want to give Fosu-Mensah as many games as possible in the new season. He didn't do too well at selling the deadwood though. A combined total of £13.5m for Valencia, Sergio Romero and Fellaini. Disappointing. Still, t
  4. Agreed. The potential for a film like this was huge, but her holier-than-thou character was a bit of a let down. Still a top film mind, del Toro was great.
  5. Just completed my first season on FM16 since getting the game about a month ago. It might be because I picked up the game when all the issues had been patched out, but this is the most complete version they've released imo. That said, I'm fairly terrible at it so far. Scraped to 4th with Manchester United as Liverpool and Tottenham were kind enough to be even worse than I was. I'm playing the game as realistically as it will allow me - so that meant no transfers in the first window, and complete control of the club handed over to Ed Woodward. We seemed to work quite well in our first season
  6. In their post conviction motion to request a retrial, Steven's defence team actually posited some plausible suspects, including members of his family that we weren't introduced to in the documentary. I'll see if I can dig out the documents but it makes for very interesting reading. This Scott Tadych fella had a history of violent abuse towards women and had no solid alibi, for instance. Found them (http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/wkow/newsdocs/avery%20documents%201-22.pdf and http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/wkow/newsdocs/avery%20document%20page%2023%20+.pdf). If you want to see their suggestion
  7. Does anyone know what happens when the team that wins the Europa League also finishes in an automatic qualification spot for the CL in their domestic league? Does the CL qualification spot for winning the EL go to the runner up? I'm potentially playing Barcelona in the final who will batter me, but they'll finish in the top two in Spain for sure, whereas my team is struggling in 5th and this may be my only route into the CL.
  8. Just finished watching Spotlight, which is every bit as good as it's Academy Award would suggest it is. Mark Ruffalo is brilliant in it. Next up is The Big Short.
  9. So on recommendation from a couple of users in this thread I bought Rise of the Tomb Raider and have since completed it (took me roughly two weeks). It's a brilliant game, probably the one title I've enjoyed the most since getting my Xbox just before Christmas. Although I'll echo those who said it does get a bit action heavy towards the end, and the weakest part of the game is definitely combat situations vs multiple enemies. Nonetheless, I'll be looking out for the next instalment, and may even download the Baba Yaga DLC in the mean time. Now looking for any thoughts on what I should conside
  10. Good choice. Texas forever Just watched Ex Machina. Brilliant film, really makes you think and delivers a nice twist too.
  11. Has anyone here played Rise of the Tomb Raider? If so, is it worth getting? I've just given the trial a go and really enjoyed it. Don't suppose if anyone knows if there's any other adventure type games currently out or on the way that are worth taking a look at? I always liked Uncharted, gutted that it's PS exclusive.
  12. No. Best thing to do is just forget they ever existed. It's so strange as they came along at a time when CGI wasn't really that good, so even on a visual level they look worse than the originals.
  13. I thought this too. It's good, but it's missing something to push it onto the same level as Warrior, for example.
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