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  1. On top of the talent and the passion, they're really well drilled too. They attack together and defend together, it's great to watch. So impressed with them, I really hope they go all the way.
  2. Apart from the Russia game, the tactics have been so off. Hodgson has so much to answer. The main thing being why test and play a diamond in qualifying/friendlies, pick a team clearly based around playing a diamond, and then bottle it back to 4-3-3 at the last minute? It makes no sense, and it clearly didn't suit the players we had.
  3. Guess that's football, different people see different things, but I genuinely thought Henderson was one of, if not the worst performer on the pitch. He had two great chances to pick someone out in the box and failed to deliver a good enough ball - one of them was outrageously poor, think it was on the half volley? I'm not one to unfairly call out players either, I just don't think Henderson is good enough (or ever has been) and he did nothing to disprove that tonight. His link up play with Clyne was encouraging, but it lasted all of 5 minutes before he went back to being utter dross. Also, no more Sturridge out wide please. He doesn't have the discipline to stay wide, and he's much more effective in the centre with his movement anyway. In fact, no more shoehorning strikers into wide positions in general. If we wanted to play with wingers, we should have brought some.
  4. God that was terrible. Henderson is a shockingIy bad footballer.
  5. Lallana has been getting unfair stick in the past few weeks. I'm not a fan of his normally, I think he's a player who pulls off nice tricks and turns without actually contributing anything, but this tournament I think he's been great with his incessant pressing from the front. He does quickly fade out of the game in the second half though, so it would have made sense to bring Townsend as a replacement for him.
  6. I think most England fans will be probably have similar opinions to be fair. We did reasonably well, so we just need to hope the players can respond to the disappointment at the end. They all looked absolutely crushed by the result.
  7. Gutted after last night's result. Russia offered absolutely nothing all game, I hope they get knocked out in the groups. Haven't really read anything on here post-game, so I'll post a few thoughts now. Rooney was excellent as the passing midfielder, really helped us control the play and was missed as soon as he went off. He really should have scored though. Dier was also brilliant. It makes such a difference having someone who can genuinely provide protection for the back four. He also played through some nice forward passes to Alli and Lallana, cutting straight through the Russian midfield. Shout out to Lallana as well, he was awesome with his relentless pressing. Kane and Sterling were disappointing. For different reasons though. Sterling was just because of his poor end product, although I liked that he kept getting on the ball looking to make something happen. On the other hand, Kane was completely anonymous, I can't remember him doing anything of note. I like Kane, but to be honest this game was tailor-made for Vardy upfront. Those Russian centre backs are old and slow, they would have struggled with Vardy's pace and movement. All in all, really good performance with a sour end. Hope the team isn't too disappointed because there were a lot of positives to take from that game. If we play like that in the next two matches I think we'll finish top.
  8. Jose doesn't half like signing physical, young, French speaking defenders. Varane, Zouma, and now Bailly. Good to see the club addressing the clear problem areas too. Just need Zlatan and a playmaking central midfielder. Possibly a right winger too, but I'd rather give Depay a chance there as he's not getting in ahead of Martial on the left and he's too good to be backup.
  9. The difference is that with Wilshere the alternative is James Milner or an unfit Henderson. Wilshere is easily worth taking the risk on with that in mind. Whereas with Sturridge we already have two clear first choice forwards (Kane and Vardy), and his competition (Rashford) is talented, in great form, and full of confidence.
  10. Yeah agreed. Martial plays left wing similar to how Neymar/Hazard do. Plus, if the tactical set up is good enough, it doesn't really matter where Martial/Rashford/Depay start because they're all more than good enough to float around and switch positions.
  11. I completely disagree. Players don't get much time on the ball before being closed down at 10, if they're not already being man marked, which means they need to be great at operating in tight spaces (first touch, dribbling, opponent/team-mate awareness, finding gaps between the lines). Rooney isn't really very good at those things, he's much better with a bit more thinking time, pinging passes around from a deeper central position. On the other hand, Mata is awesome playing at 10. Would love to see him there next season.
  12. Matic is a properly lazy journalist rumour that seems to be ignoring how expensive he would be for what is essentially a slightly taller version of Schneiderlin. Now I've said that we'll probably go and sign him for £40m.
  13. Disappointed Bernardo Silva has missed out. He was brilliant at last year's U21 tournament.
  14. Maybe, but I really don't see Mourinho playing a talented 19 year old over established players in central midfield, even if those senior players are under performing (see: Loftus-Cheek). Fosu-Mensah is fortunate enough that he has the ability play a number of positions to a high standard, and if he ultimately ends up as a full back then that's fine. David Alaba was an extremely talented central midfield player in the Bayern youth team, but was never going to break through there. Instead he played a hell of a lot at left back and now he's one of the world's most complete defenders.
  15. Yeah, but he can play anywhere along the back too. The most important thing is getting him regular game time and the best opportunity for that is probably at full back.
  16. My hope is that Fosu-Mensah can make the breakthrough as our starting right back next season. Valencia's actually been pretty decent since his return to the side, and I do like Darmian, but neither have the same mix of strength, speed and actual technical ability that Fosu-Mensah does. Shame that LVG lost complete trust in him after the penalty in the Everton game, as I think he probably would have already cemented his position in the first team if it weren't for that.
  17. Lukaku would be great here but no doubt very expensive. That said in terms of buying new strikers there's the question of how good do we think Rashford can be, and should Martial be playing upfront? If the answers are 'very good/better than Lukaku' and 'yes' then a short term option like Zlatan would be better.
  18. Yeah, can't argue with that at all. Just feel a lot of fans are willing to blame LVG for the result tonight when the fault lies solely with the players for crumbling.
  19. We completely bottled it after we got the second, not sure how anyone can blame the manager either, as I'm pretty certain LVG did not instruct Herrera to go round cropping Noble at every opportunity. Still, got a good feeling Swansea will take points against City, so one more chance.
  20. Our fate is in our own hands. That is a scary thought.
  21. This. A few months ago I would have said there's no where else to play him apart from as the 9, but he's genuinely improved massively as a central midfielder since then.
  22. Depay was terrible today but he's been far from "absolute *****". He's shown more than enough in bursts this season to suggest there's a brilliant winger there. I'd say his season has gone as such: started well then was dropped at the first sign of a slump in form, then had some good/some bad sporadic appearances, but ultimately hasn't been given enough game time. Wait... this sounds familiar.
  23. There was a really comprehensive post earlier that showed you were completely wrong about this. It doesn't suddenly become true if you say it more you know? You've even picked out the two reasons why there should be concerns about hiring Mourinho (classless behaviour and a dodgy youth policy), you don't need to add in something that has no factual basis.
  24. Game in hand is away against West Ham, midweek before the final round of fixtures.
  25. Very optimistic but I think we'll get 3. Lingard has shown enough to establish himself as a JOS/Park type, someone we can rotate in/use a lot with no worries. TFM I'm really impressed with and think he'll be first team regular next season, and Rashford seems to be getting better with each game. What works for these three is that there are loads of opportunities for them to play, but not so much with the others you've picked out (even though they're arguably just as talented).
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