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  1. Thanks, My system specs are as follows: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 AMD Radeon HD6850 - (driver not sure)
  2. Its not a big deal as i can play on Windows 10 on my laptop but I would like to get this issue on my desktop resolved. Can you let me know what kind of information I can give that would help? I can confirm that FM16 is still loading fine for me in Ubuntu.
  3. Hi, Just purchased the game and installed it through Steam and am not able to start the game.
  4. I have been playing FM16 in Linux and it has been running more smoothly than in Windows for me.
  5. This kid is going to be a LEGEND! I was in my 2nd season as Newcastle and lost Ba to a massive injury for half the season. Adam "The Goal Machine" Campbell single-handedly powered us to a 2nd place finish behind a rampant Man City. He finished as the highest club goal scorer despite only really playing half the season! Highlights included 9 goals in the FA cup (we lost in the final to Man U). He also scored 2 hat-tricks in the Champions League helping me defeat Real Madrid on away goals in the Quarter finals. Ba is now back from injury and I cant bring myself to put him back in the team.
  6. I claim half at the most but yes I play an extreme amount I am willing to admit. Hey, I work from home and have 2 screens its on all day everyday. Sad thing is I haven't managed more than 5 seasons in any of the recent editions of the game.
  7. I do leave it on for extended periods but can probably say honestly that 50% of those times were spent trying to guide my team to glory. I haven't had much success since FM 2009 (probably due to a stubborn obsession with the Brazilian 4-2-2-2 that I have just recently kicked). I have a feeling that this year I might finally crack it.
  8. FM2012 - 3728 Hours FM2011 - 4289 Hours is that possible? I don't feel like I play that much :o So far on the FM 2013 beta I have somehow clocked up 132 Hours already!!
  9. I'm going in as Newcastle United. I consider all the play I have had up till now as practice
  10. Hi all, I have made some changes since my last post (see image below). I have had a lot more success so far. Thanks for your help Cleon watching the matches in full helped me figure out that the fullbacks were the key! I assigned them both as wing-backs and have given the whole team more fluidity and it seems to have made the world of difference. One downfall of the way I am playing now appears to be a slightly increased susceptibility to the long hoof down the middle but I am hoping to score more to offset that
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