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  1. Maybe you can give your cm(d) the dlp(d) role so the defense will look for him more. If you have one with good passing/vision he might create some better opportunities for you. And indeed make sure players are available to pass the ball to. You could try to have your CF drop deeper by putting him on support. And you could try to distribute to your WB So they can carry the ball forward.
  2. In my second season now as ASV Geel (one of the clubs without a manager at the start) and I'm having a blast! Team is making a lot of profit though, currently 1.5M in the Black, making cup runs less needed, but it's still hard to attract really good players luckily Thanks for making this!
  3. I'm a fan of 4-4-2, because the formation you see in the tactics screen is generally the shape your team has when defending. 2 blocks of 4 is defensively more solid. 4-2-4 is pretty aggressive but if you are generally up against weaker teams and your players suit the formation better, it's all good. Not sure if 4-4-2 is wider, but it could well be. Also depends on your roles and TIs ofcourse. Just try both formations in full 90 min matches en see the differences and see if the team plays how you want them to play. Also have a look at your BWM. He will often leave his position and makes you vunerable through the middle.
  4. It seems like that the last update changed some things. Anyway, I would not combine a higher defensive line with slow defenders. They will get caught out. I've never played with mezalas but I believe they are very attacking minded. Try the carrilero indeed.
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