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  1. Well Urotsukidoji, I'm impressed. Currently with my Valencia save playing 14 games in La Liga, won 10, drew 3 and lost 1 (away at Barça, could live with that.) I've scored 46 goals and conceded 12. The gameplay overall is sexy. In the CL i'm in a poule with Benfica, Lille and Manchester United. Played 5 games, won 4, drew 1. I've scored 20 goals and conceded 6. Absolutely smashing it with this tactic!
  2. True words mate. I did not change a whole lot player-wise, I only bought Timo Werner from Leipzig. And I can't get my head 'round tweaking the tactic so that it will suit me as a high rep team. I'll give it another go with a lower league team, because I do like the tactic very much.
  3. Well, had a good run in the first season with Arsenal. Fought with ManU for the title and won the league with one point difference! On the other side, this second season things are going more sluggish and since yesterday I can't seem to score anymore...
  4. Hi Uwe, First of all, I've been a fan of your tactics for a while now and I'm happy to see you return! I've been trying your tactic with Arsenal in season 2021-2022 after two odd seasons with AC Milan (and a differend tactic). I took over after their draw at home against Huddersfield and implemented the play through middle after the update since Norwich-away. The results speak for themselves and got me to the top of the league at the minute. Off course everything can still collapse but so far it looks promising! Also, I'm doing it with the squad they've left me, I
  5. Hi @knap, any chance we can have this tactic in FM20?
  6. I'm very eager to try this one out, problem is: the download doesn't work. Got a new link perhaps?
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