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  1. Wow! Did you just win the title second season with Nancy!?!? That's incredible. Well played.
  2. Ah I love him too! I have him and Rabiot in my Ligue 1 fantasy team. And all ways have those 2 as my CMs on my FIFA Ultimate team lol.
  3. Wow. The dev team nailed him in game then!!!
  4. Angers SCO Season [1] Preview 2016/17 I'm taking the helm of Angers for my Ligue 1 adventure. Big fan of theirs after their fantastic debut season back in Ligue 1 after 20 odd years. They defied so many expectations after a fantastic start to the season last year finishing just in the top half. The infrastructure is a little weak, and the depth of talent around the first team certainly needs work. With little to no room for manoeuvre in the first transfer budget the first season is going to be a big challenge. With key players such as the man mountain Cheikh Ndoye i am confident i can deliver safety and push for another mid-table finish. I've rearranged the backroom staff as best as possible to bring in a goalkeeping coach and fitness coach. But with a limit of just 4 coaches, the workload is stretched. Transfers In: Kalilou Traore - Free Lukman Haruma - Free Transfers Out: None. I am settling on a fluid 4-4-2 system. I am keen to keep things tight and use the strong physical presence in the team to grind the opposition down. Discipline and organisation will be key i think. I am worried about the lack of technical ability in the team and i think we could struggle to break teams down. To counter this I want to play a tad more direct, using crosses and direct football to force mistakes and rush the opposition - I want to unsettle and not allow them to settle into a rhythm. Alot, i feel will hinge on Ndoye staying fit in the middle of that midfield. He is a beast and a real physical presence. Pre season went well but performances were inconsistent, to be expected with rotation of players. My FM habit since the beginning of time is to use pre-season to set up my defensive shape and make sure my defensive line is coherent. The results were nice but against weak opposition, and i am worried about the cover the 2 MCs are providing for my CBs - On the counter we will be vulnerable. Something for me to work on. Anyone else also arrange that last preseason friendly just so they can just batter a team 9-0 ad get morale up!? Onwards to Montpellier for the season opener!
  5. What a season! Not many could pull of an 8th place spot first season with Nancy. I watched them loose 6-0 to Monaco (RL) a few weeks back so kudos lol! How did you land Upamecano for 1.5m - It's a steal!
  6. You may all find this interesting on the topic of Leipzigs tactics this season. Tactical article here. http://outsideoftheboot.com/2016/09/06/hipster-guide-2016-17-rb-leipzig-tactics-key-players-and-emerging-talents/
  7. One of my favourite FM saves was with PSG, a season or 2 before the takeover when Lyon and Marseillie (Lisandro Lopez!!) were the dominant teams. I can still remember that team with Nene, Sessegnon and an old Ludovic Giuly! A yong M.Sakho too!
  8. Boom. Well done Jogo - I was hoping you'd get this going again this year. I have a save going with Toulouse. Will update soon!
  9. Don't forget social media is a joke! Some of the comments you read about football on twitter, facebook etc. People (Majority of) are clueless. I think that's reflected in some of the comments you read in game.
  10. Great update. Thank you for your work. The changes to the player 'dots' on the tactic display have upset the view for those who use 2D views when watching match highlights. Rather than players appearing as neat circles the icons are like oblongs and distort when moving. See below:
  11. Start of season 3 (18/19) - User developed.
  12. Not many defenders will my friend!
  13. I too am playing with the 4-1-4-1 on my current save. You've done fantastically well with Oxford in your save. The only suggestion i'd have on your line up above is about whether you should have your WM(a) cut inside. Your 2 CMs will be pushing on with one in (A) role and another as Box-to-Box. Your DLF will be dropping deep. So thats 3 players occupying similar space in the AMC strata. The WM then cutting inside as well could create congestion. That said, it could be a useful overload tactic. You may just lose a-lot of width from your game though. I dont know how beneficial it is completely changing your team shape during a game. Is that a normal thing to do? I tend to stick with altering player roles from attack to support / defense and limiting creative freedom.
  14. Nice Thread. Good post AndySummers. Looking forward to seeing how your season plays out.
  15. Keep up the great work. My favourite skin every year. Well done.
  16. ★ Issa Diop ★ 19 I Centre Back I French After making his debut aged 18 in November last year, the centre-back played a pivotal role in Toulouse's relegation escape last term, starting all but one game from then on. Weighing in at 84 kilos and standing 1.94m tall, the 19-year-old's physical presence is proving a real asset in both boxes. The Toulouse-born youngster is relishing his role in the Toulouse's renaissance. As a member of France's under-19 European Championship-winning squad in the summer, Diop already has a taste for silverware. The grandson of former Bordeaux player Lybasse Diop, Issa is also already on the radar of some of Europe's biggest teams. In order to reach the very top, Diop will need to control a volatile temperament that occasionally lands him in trouble. But judging by his coach's view of him, the teenager looks a sure bet to become a leading light. Here he is at the start of the game: Age: 19 Foot: Right Value: £1.1m Wages: £3.3k Sale Value: £6.5m
  17. Will update the player profiles and tactics section today shortly- Keep your eyes peeled.
  18. Haha! They're all just dots with numbers on to me (2D Classic Hero)...
  19. Thanks Saint94 - I've disabled transfers in the first window and not too far into the game yet. Confident Austin and the others will be able to contribute enough. As for VVD, i don't think there is a better CB. Toby A probably pushes him close but VVD has been immense, i can see him playing for any top European side.
  20. ★Where Legends Live★ ★Team Records★ Biggest Win: Biggest Win in a Cup Final: Biggest Win in Champions League: Most Possession in a Match: Most Games Won in Row: Most Matches Without Losing: Most League Goals Scored in a Season: Least League Goals Conceded in a Season: ★Premier League - Players★ Most Goals in a Season: Most League Goals in a Season: Most Assists in a Match: Most League Assists in a Season: Most Goals in a Match: Highest Transfer Fee Received: Highest Transfer Fee Spent:
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