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  1. Best Processor for FM??

    After 9 years of playing FM on the same laptop I've just built a new pc and the game is flying. I had a Dell studio 1735 which could play FM17 fine but I wanted to upgrade just to see the difference. I now have an i5 6400 processor, 8GB RAM and most importantly a SSD and the game is flying. 55 playable leagues running and its almost instant between continues. Also I don't have a graphics card and I get medium quality graphics running nice and smoothly. All of this was just over 400 quid. I'd say if FM is your chief concern look at saving money on the graphics card and put the savings to the best processor and SSD you can buy, you can always add one later.
  2. Not worked for me at all since the update, but the framework is there so I'm going to use it and tweak more to how I want to play. Thanks for tactic again
  3. I want my own agent to offer my services discretely to clubs, in my current save I've just taken Wolves to the Prem but not sure if I want a relegation avoiding slog.. I'd like to tell my agent to test the waters with available jobs to see who might be interested without applying and annoying my current board..
  4. I've playted this tactic for a season now and can echo the posts saying it's saved my FM life, I'm Wolves in the CH season 3 and top of the league but 1 think I'm having a problem with is scoring goals and the strikers scoring rate in particular. Can anyone advise of the type of player I am looking for here ?
  5. This may have been said before but if might help someone - If like I was you're struggling to get into the game, not quite getting your team to play well or do what you want and are just generally not having fun playing. Go into the tactics forum and find a tactic to download that has good feedback and is if a similar formation/style as you are looking for. Download it, see what differs between yours and it and try to work out where you may be going wrong. I downloaded one last night after 2 weeks of finding the game a bit of a chore and did this, made some small adjustments and played a few games, a few more changes so it was "my" tactic and I'm now loving the game and hooked like every other year.
  6. Just had a nice little feature pop up, asking me in the newsfeed if I want to postpone an upcoming game due to international callups - Love it
  7. After not playing the beta at all I've finally got the demo and here is my initial feedback for what it's worth Not a fan of the layout and general display - I'll get a new skin in time so not a big deal Match screen looks amazing, crisp and fluid graphics, players movement and actions very realistic My team are playing pretty much how I have asked them to, my vision of bring back the 3-5-2 is working a treat so far. Not sore why the press conferences are now in news ? Bit pointless Possibly too many goals from corners No major bugs or issues found (apart from no trialists able to play for Rangers) Cautiously optimistic about FM14, bring on Thursday when I can start the full game
  8. Do you 'cheat' at FM?

    I always go in and change the expansion capacity of Ibrox to 80k, year on year I get wound up that it's set to 64k when anyone who has ever been there must be able to see the vast space around the ground and potential to make it so much bigger
  9. BETA Pre-order

    Don't think it is possible I'm in the same boat sitting waiting for the demo to get my fix. Any pre order will take the money now
  10. I never have it on in the background so apart from calls of nature, trips to the fridge and eating the hours listed are pretty much playing time only. Gambit, do you take your laptop to the pub ?
  11. I'm sitting here reading the beta feedback thread and getting depressed because I won't have the cash to buy until the end of the month and there is no sign on a demo yet so had a quick look on steam at my previous FM playing times FM10 - 1025 hours FM11 - 1040 hours FM12 - 1243 hours FM13 - 1038 hours So basically in 4 years I've spent 181 complete days playing FM In the last 4 years assuming I average 8 hours a day sleeping, 40 hours a week working and 5 hours a week commuting - I have spent a total of 31% of my total free time playing FM I've paid less than 3p an hour to play FM12 was 200 hours more enjoyable than the other 3 Sorry bored of not having FM 14 and just rambling on.... SI if you need anyone to beta test the demo please let me know, I'd be happy to help
  12. Is it just me...?

    Booked the 31st and the 1st off, nice wee 4 day run from the go
  13. Sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhere but I can't find it. Is there a beta and a demo or are they one and the same ? i.e. only available with a pre order ? I'm pretty skint till release day and wanted to have a play beforehand with a demo to keep me going until full release.