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  1. I've been playing this years game on and off since December and the more I've played the more I've come to the same conclusion as many others on here, the ME is boring, no need to list every reason why they are very well documented on the various feedback threads. I've posted many times positively and on occasions been able to sometimes bypass the games shortcomings for a brief time but its come back again and again to boring and not enjoyable. To say that more and more people are playing and enjoying the game is inaccurate, they may be playing but I doubt the enjoyment levels are there. I've kept revisiting the game and the forums hoping that things would be improved and I've just seen the update from Neil, I'm not surprised, this is at the end of a day a business. I am however disappointed. Reading between the lines the response seems to be : "we know it's not great, we know there are issues but we can't fix them because we've got FM21 to develop and sell now. We can't acknowledge the games deficiencies because If we do we would need to try to fix them and we're busy keeping our jobs by starting on next years game which we hope we can make better. We know you lot will buy it anyway (or most of you) so that's that. Thanks for buying and we tried, onward and hopefully upward" I think I am one who won't buy again, not next year certainly. The game takes a massive investment of time (424 hours for me since 1st December) but it's been less fun and more of a slog this year than any previous years I can remember, I can't see me going through this again. I may check into the forums around launch of FM21 and see what the feedback is like but it would take a massive positive swing in opinion to get me to buy again. SI, from a player of over 25 years of every iteration of this game (including online which I loved) it's farewell and good luck, hopefully not goodbye forever.
  2. Strange thing and might just be me but I can't move a few of my U23's to an affiliate because it says they are involved in a transfer when they are not, they are listed and wanted but not under a current bid
  3. 6 games in so maybe not a permanent feature but in the 6 games I've had 6 penalties (all scored), 5 goals scored by CB's from a set piece, 4 goals scored by full backs assisted by the other full back srossing and 0 goals from open play from any striker or AM. Feels like the game is going backwards Playing a 3 CB, WB's, DM CM 2 AM and a ST to try to get some kind of central play which I was occasionally getting before but not now.
  4. OK I went into the Europa cup and removed Rangers as registered then added Hearts to take their place - now showing as Rangers not qualified which is good, just hope it doesn't exclude permanently when I take them into the Premier
  5. HI, looking for a bit of help from someone who knows more than me: I've moved Rangers into League 2 but when starting the game they are in the Europa cup - I've set previous year Scottish prem finish to blank, edited the history and also set club is nation, based in nation and continental qualification all England yet they still are in Europe when I start. What am I missing ?
  6. Is this true? Thanks for posting I didn't know this and always pick my first 11 just to set them up in the selection screen and then get frustrated when he doesn't pick people needing games. You may have just cheered me right up with this little nugget of information that I never thought of but makes perfect sense
  7. That's just not true, it may not be working as well as you'd like but if you set up your team correctly there is plenty. I've had some great results using 2 DM,s one SV with a CM AP - both on attacking mentality. Player traits run through the middle and try killer balls more often. Working fine for me with this set up in a narrow width and no wide men
  8. Had a quick look too and can't find anything, see previous post about the group winners getting a bye being correct
  9. Bye to the last 16 for group winners isn't a bug: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=2629443.html The eight group winners automatically go through to the last 16. Additional knockout round play-offs will then be played before the round of 16 between the eight group runners-up and the third-ranked teams of the UEFA Europa League groups.
  10. Not sure if it's a mistake or real life but you get to use 7 subs from the play off round on. Another strange thing is if you win your group you get a bye in the first knockout round
  11. I usually wait till then if I have to, the ones who aren't interested in joining my club previously have a change of heart sometimes when they are without a club
  12. My feedback for what it's worth: I didn't buy on release day, probably for the first time ever. I based this on the demo feedback and forum feedback after release so delayed till about 10 days ago. This meant though I read about the many complaints I didn't experience them first hand. I finally decided to give it a go and wasn't impressed by the ME in particular, but the public beta was released the day after so I quickly moved to that and it's been pretty enjoyable. I've been playing for over a week solidly and I feel my tactic works, the changes I make are displayed pretty well and games go largely how they should. I do have a few issues which are: Penalties - about a 50% success rate overall which is not realistic One on ones - improved in the latest ME but still too low a success rate, however I've improved them slightly by teaching my strikers to go round the keeper or lob the keeper, they score more but still IMO not enough. Far too many offside /disallowed goals, about just under one a game on average but not uncommon t get 2 or more in some games - unrealistically high ? Apart from that some small niggle I have are: The transfer budget screen - "70% made available until 58 million has been generated then it will drop to 40%" ? What does that even mean ? When I play a player out of position I get a news item saying I'm retraining them to this position and they aren't suitable or similar - I'm not retraining them it was an emergency position only The previous manager (Gerrard) seemed to retrain everybody in midfield to cover RB also, might have been a one off but was peculiar I've also not seen any evidence of an issue with attacking through the middle. I use a Segundo Volante on attack with a CM AP on attack - both trained to run with the ball down the center and play killer passes and it works perfectly for me. WIngbacks put in plenty of crosses and cut backs too so I have several avenues of attack. Overall I'd say 7.5 out of 10 just now and hope these issues are addressed in the future.
  13. Is the public beta 20.2.4 ? Seems since I started playing again tonight I've got back to the way it was before I tried the beta
  14. Went for the beta last night due to frustrations already listed on this thread, and I am happy so far. My team is playing pretty much how I set them up and scoring a variety of goals for fun (Rangers v Scottish teams so that's as it should be). It just looks and feels so much better. Overlapping, crossing, through balls, 1 on 1's, all improved. Great work SI. One small observation is that there seems to me a marked increase in processing times along with load/save times, could just be me but definitely feels longer.
  15. I would take "work ball into box" off, don't ask me why but I had it on and was having the same issue, now they seem happy to make decent killer passes and stick the ball in the net
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