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  1. Bump. I did this (format is like Copa America, 12 teams in 3 groups, 8 to quarters) with 2 places in this extra fate places, it shows that two best third placed teams are qualified, but game picks 3rd from group A and 3rd from group B - 3rd from C never qualifies to quarters - even when team from C is best third-placed and is highlighted, it doesnt' go through. What do I need to set in "Teams" tab in cup round? Get league stage teams or what? EDIT Got it!
  2. I'd assume it's the same as in previous versions (I last used 2012). 1. Set "Fixed draw" in Round defaults -> Draw rules. 2. Set "Get league stage teams" to 0 (top) and 1 (bottom) in Teams. 3. Set "Team order" to 0 (first line followed by seven anoher lines = eight teams in quarters), 5, 1, 4, 3, 6, 2, 7 in General. That should do it.
  3. You would have to use advanced editor. I don't know what does it look like on FM14 (as I didn't play it and will not - I stick with FM12 ), but I have successfully used it and created similar competitions on FM12.
  4. Yeah, I entered collaboration box later and saw every 2012 file was deleted. Never mind, thanks anyway.
  5. @magicmastermind124 Hi, mate. I was wondering if you had FM 2012 advanced panel activation. If you do, I would like to ask you to send me a link to it, I can't log in box.com (forgot my pass, it's been too long since I last played 2012 edition) to find it there. Thank you in advance, cheers.
  6. I am advanced editor veteran and I am aware of this. But, this is needed in normal editor.
  7. Cup competition seems to be huge issue. There are countries that have teams from higher league enter in later stages, and teams from higher leagues are forced to play away... in other countries there are not similar systems like ones in the UK, you know, e.g. in Germany BL teams play first round away at lower league teams. This is something I'd like to see in new basic editor - rule like "Lower seeded teams play at home" and "Keep teams from same division apart" so we avoid top division teams play in the first round.
  8. I have voted for second option, but it's whatever - or first or second, just to keep it. Seems advanced panel audience is quite large - mainly due to poor normal editor - and SI should listen to it.
  9. Don't take advanced panel out! Normal editor is ridiculous (dozens of rules can not be implemented) and if you won't improve it, leave advanced panel as "option", or remove competition editor totally. P.S. You could have removed it from FM2011 as one in FM2010 was used, you didn't. You could have removed it from FM2012 as one in FM2011 was used, you didn't. Taking it away in FM2012 patch is just sad.
  10. How did you manage to get international friendlies played on other dates? I would like to do the same. I suppose you used advanced panel. Seems great, btw.
  11. I have added NASL to existing MLS structure. And altered US Cup. So, yes, it should be possible.
  12. You can do it using hidden stages. Would have to create a lot of them, though.
  13. GaZ, I succeeded in stats work properly. Just had enter all teams to "Qualified Teams" tab, and in each stage enter teams with "Get Qualified Teams For Comp". I also used "Store" flag in "Stage Flags", but don't know is it "must do" option.
  14. I have one more question. Two teams that take part in continental competition share stadium. Competition has fixed dates - two groups on tuesday, two groups on wednesday. Would it be possible to assign one club to play in one of first two groups (A or B), other team to play in one of next two groups (C or D), like Al Ahly to be in groups A or B, and Zamalek to be in C or D? I am annoyed when I see that one team gets it's match moved to other day at 1930 hrs.
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