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  1. Bump. I did this (format is like Copa America, 12 teams in 3 groups, 8 to quarters) with 2 places in this extra fate places, it shows that two best third placed teams are qualified, but game picks 3rd from group A and 3rd from group B - 3rd from C never qualifies to quarters - even when team from C is best third-placed and is highlighted, it doesnt' go through. What do I need to set in "Teams" tab in cup round? Get league stage teams or what? EDIT Got it!
  2. I'd assume it's the same as in previous versions (I last used 2012). 1. Set "Fixed draw" in Round defaults -> Draw rules. 2. Set "Get league stage teams" to 0 (top) and 1 (bottom) in Teams. 3. Set "Team order" to 0 (first line followed by seven anoher lines = eight teams in quarters), 5, 1, 4, 3, 6, 2, 7 in General. That should do it.
  3. You would have to use advanced editor. I don't know what does it look like on FM14 (as I didn't play it and will not - I stick with FM12 ), but I have successfully used it and created similar competitions on FM12.
  4. Yeah, I entered collaboration box later and saw every 2012 file was deleted. Never mind, thanks anyway.
  5. @magicmastermind124 Hi, mate. I was wondering if you had FM 2012 advanced panel activation. If you do, I would like to ask you to send me a link to it, I can't log in box.com (forgot my pass, it's been too long since I last played 2012 edition) to find it there. Thank you in advance, cheers.
  6. I am advanced editor veteran and I am aware of this. But, this is needed in normal editor.
  7. Cup competition seems to be huge issue. There are countries that have teams from higher league enter in later stages, and teams from higher leagues are forced to play away... in other countries there are not similar systems like ones in the UK, you know, e.g. in Germany BL teams play first round away at lower league teams. This is something I'd like to see in new basic editor - rule like "Lower seeded teams play at home" and "Keep teams from same division apart" so we avoid top division teams play in the first round.
  8. Don't take advanced panel out! Normal editor is ridiculous (dozens of rules can not be implemented) and if you won't improve it, leave advanced panel as "option", or remove competition editor totally. P.S. You could have removed it from FM2011 as one in FM2010 was used, you didn't. You could have removed it from FM2012 as one in FM2011 was used, you didn't. Taking it away in FM2012 patch is just sad.
  9. I have a question. When watching on any Japanese club information panel, do you see it as any other club, or there is some info missing, like on previous editions?
  10. Malawi did not entered CL this season, and SI might have made mistake with throwing them out forever in game. Check with Togo. If they do not appear also, then this is the reason.
  11. You could merge Austria and Hungary with Yugoslavia to create Austrio-Hungarian Empire - huge country, second biggest in Europe in that period, existed from 1867 to 1918.
  12. No, no, it is possible. But, as I said, you need to create every league that you want get teams from, for your Caribbean Cup. I did something like it, but I lost that file when I bought new PC. And I plan to make something like that for FM2012.
  13. @ nom245 Have you ever used Advanced Panel before? If you have, you should be familiar with fact that you need create every single league before starting creating continental competition - so you could get specific teams from specific leagues. Advanced Panel is totally different from "normal" Editor and it's "Continental Rules".
  14. I would like (and appreciate, big time) some advanced panel "druid" help me with this. All I want is get this file not to crash, and to play. I already made some leagues, like USA, New Zealand, Egypt, managed teams for seasons there and was nice, won trophies, personal awards etc . Now, I can't get this thing to go further than first loading sequence when I choose what league to start. Here is link to that edited Croatian database (just first league, I think, if that was nice, I would go with lower levels editing). Thanks in advance. Daniel ( ), that's weird. Never had something like that.
  15. @ Dave Dude, I finally got what I wanted. Not actually same, but this is awesome, total fixed draw, using "Cup Tie Mappings". C2 vs A1 --------winners play in Semis B2 vs D1 D2 vs B1 --------winners play in Semis A2 vs C1 First leg in each round is hosted by lower seeded team - second placed in Group stage; what is wrong in unedited game, wtih some other issues. Now I can start career I eagerly anticipated. But before go out to take some fresh air . Thanks again.
  16. Do I have to enter teams in that "Teams" list, 1-8, when using mappings?
  17. Yeah, but, when I thick "Teams list" block, and go to input place, I can not input "0", minimum number is "1". I did this with "Get League Stage Teams", seeds "0" and "1", enabled "Fixed Draw 1v2, 3v4 etc", nothing else, and I get pairings A1 v C1, B1 v D1, A2 v B2... Also, do I need, when enabling "Teams list", enable "Fixed Draw"? Also, I see you know this stuff a lot ... why this happens - I set "Seeded Draw", "Lower Seeded Teams Play At Home", and in "Valid Cup Draw Rules" I enable "Keep teams from same group APART", and it makes draws I want, but often I get teams from SAME GROUP play AGAINST EACH OTHER. Thanks in advance, mate.
  18. @ David Fairbairn About that advice of yours, for setting up predetermined draw, I would ask you to help me a bit. I stuck, cant get it work, and I followed your instructions Teams that go thru are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2. I want A1-B2, B1-A2, C1-D2, D1-C2 in quarters. I would like to know what way should I order numbers in "Teams" section in "Cup" tab, how to get it work along with "Cup tie mappings" tab, how to get them into that round, and what "Draw rules" should I set. Thanks in advance.
  19. You should set in "Group settings" tab, under "Rules" tab, option "Avoid teams from same nation". That should make teams from same nation avoid each other in specific group stage. Jeeez... than that is the reason I always had random draw, totally opposite of one I wanted. Thanks for this, dude.
  20. Nice you succeeded with that. About draws, I have been having problems with that, and now I use only first team to go through, not first and second, so I do not have such worries. Draw there is random, and I have no problems with same seeds play eachother. Fixed draw goes if you want to have A1 v B2, B1 v A2, C1 v D2 etc. You should set, in "Team order" tab in cup round, 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc, if you want draw like mentioned. 1 stands for 1st from 1st group, 3 stands for 1st in 2nd group, 10 stands for 2nd in 5th group etc. But there are also fails, I never had what I wanted exactly, like only half was correct.... So I would help you, but I really do not know how to.
  21. I would help you, but I do not understand anything here. You seem to be starter in Adv Panel. And you need to be little bit more experienced with this part of editing to start editing UEFA CL. @Toronto I succeeded, but with changing system - after group stage, there is knockout stage, with group winners play in semifinal then final. Did that as I cant make quarterfinal to get group winners to play first leg away; I even cant make each tie with 2nd placed vs. 1st placed, although I tried everything. Now works perfectly. Only thing that annoys me is Mexico and it's teams qualification - so I decided to recreate league, will make it just basic, 2 tiers of 18 teams, with top three teams from Primera qualify.
  22. I would not know that, mate. Really. Never experienced that. And if I do not succeed in next day or two, I will give up on this one.
  23. It goes August to May. First phase / 4 groups of 4 / with 2 matches each in Aug, Sep, Oct; top two to next phase Second phase / 2 groups of 4 / with 2 matches each in Feb, Mar, Apr; top teams to Final Final in May with two legs. Everything is just fine, I had lots of problems with recording history before, now with that problem solved I have competition not to create new season, 2011-2012 one. I dont know if there is 2012-2013 edition though.
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