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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    FC Andorra in the Champions League, the world have gone mad
  2. Funny Screenshots Thread

    poor germany
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    11 goals by one player and the highest avarage i have ever seen by a team in a game
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I have never seen a low rating on a player as on the goalkeeper to Real Madrid
  5. This hit my tactics hard I play 4-3-2-1 and i have extreme amount more goal agains me then before the patch, so i have to change the tactics in the summer break
  6. Its finaly happend Vugar Huseinzade (21) have been appointed Director of Football after playing FM/CM for 10 years, the club how did take this chance is FC Baku in Azerbaijan, so its time for all of FM gamers to apply for jobs as Manager, Coach and Director of Football across the world Arsenal here i come Aftonbladet
  7. i did have an all british final in FM 2022 world cup final England vs Scotland, but in the semi it was England vs. Ireland, but i lost the final as england after Joe Hart (Still first keeper) did get red card after 5 min and a penently to scotland, so i lose 0-1 against scotland
  8. Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    can somebody send me the clue on PM dont use twitter
  9. New Zealand and Andorran league sytem
  10. No, this year i will not play that much FM becuse so many good games will come Skyrim on 11/11, Star Wars: The Old Republic 22/12 and in march Mass Effect 3 The next year iam SWTOR iam sure is the game i will play most the next year not FM
  11. This must be a glitch?

    iam not sure in what fm it was or it was in the old CM i was Paris FC i played 2 matches on one day
  12. Following Country do have conscript service of some kind Algeria Angola Austria Bhutan Bolivia Brazil Burma/ Myanmar People Republic of China Cuba Denmark Egypt El Salvador Finland Greece Iran Israel Jordan North Korea South Korea Kuwait Libya Mexico Moldova Russia Seychelles Singapore Syria Switzerland Republic of China (Taiwan) Thailand Turkey Venezuela
  13. in this year fm gambia is the wiriest places, but in fm10 i got one superstar from Guam
  14. and i have seen Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham relegation in last year FM Torino to dominate the Serie A from 2015 and fulham went down to Conference Blue Square and shortest time