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  1. Got a bunch of random bets on but one that caught my eye was Ledian Memushaj to be Albanian top scorer at 20/1 on Bet365. First thing that caught my eye was that he was as low as 8/1 elsewhere (a 12 point gap seemed unusually big) but a bit more research suggests he'll also be on free kick's and penalties when he's on the field which for a team who will potentially only score 1 or 2 goals in the tournament made 20/1 quite tempting. Actually 365's Albanian top scorer market seems quite erratic, there's players they have at 50's when others have the same person at 14's, or players where they have awful odds compared to competitors.
  2. Hi, On my save, I keep receiving a crash dump a day before the season is due to the start. Have uploaded a save to the FTP called "FM15 persistent crash dump on 17-8-19" and a crash dump with the same name in the crash dump folder To reproduce: 1) Load up game 2) Press continue Am using custom leagues and skins, but not using any in game editors, official or otherwise. Thanks, Dan
  3. This would be quite interesting really. The draw for the 2018 world cup qualifiers is due to be on 25th July 2015. Gibraltar would reach the 2 year mark of being in UEFA on May 24 2015. There tends to be a FIFA congress in June of each year too, so they could just about sneak into the 2018 WC qualifiers. FIFA's rules on admission are actually less strict than UEFA's too, so there's every possibility they could be accepted at the first hurdle, provided they get enough votes (should be able to count on the 51 UEFA nations that voted them in back in May) Edit* http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/bodies/02/06/57/77/agenda2012web.pdf (Page 9 says that the 2015 congress would be in Zurich on 28th and 29th May 2015. Gib would pass the 2 year barrier by 4 days in that case)
  4. Only thing I reckon would work would be to tick 'full FIFA member' in their nation page on the editor. Might make the WC qualifiers a little haywire though.
  5. The only downside is that outside of the Premier Division, half of the teams in the DB don't exist any more
  6. He's actually born in Gibraltar, definitely one of our best players in recent years.There's a couple of players in non-league that have also been able to declare for Gib due to their parents/grandparents.
  7. Yep, what will most likely happen is two teams will be promoted to the premier this season, with no teams being relegated from the premier.
  8. Have Pompey played any of their midfielders in their correct positions this season?
  9. Looks like Borini has broken a bone in his foot (according to BBC). Hopefully means Yesil or Morgan gets some gametime tbh.
  10. Was going to ask whether Pompey really needed another central midfield, but I guess Buszaky might just be using them as a short term fitness boost before moving on to a Championship club.
  11. LFC XI: Reina, Johnson, Kelly, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Allen, Gerrard, Downing, Borini, Suarez Seen worse XI's for Liverpool tbf.
  12. Just an observation here, but I reckon there's going to be a few 1000+ players this year. Seems high scoring games are more common in FM12 (i.e. beat Norwich 9-3 with Man City), should be interesting to see just how many get there.
  13. Some cracking names in the list there, once I get FM12 might try and give this a go properly.
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