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  1. Went for my first proper walk around town catching Pokemon today - went from level 5 to level 7. Caught a bunch of new pokemon including a Clefairy, Oddish, Machoke and a Squirtle which now means I have two of the starters. Where I live seems to be a hive for Magnemite's, all over the place they were. Of note, did get a 10k egg from the pokestop when I was buying lunch the other day, was level 3 at the time so a bit surprising.
  2. DanGLiverpool

    Euro 2016 Betting Thread - Tales of Woe Guaranteed

    Got a bunch of random bets on but one that caught my eye was Ledian Memushaj to be Albanian top scorer at 20/1 on Bet365. First thing that caught my eye was that he was as low as 8/1 elsewhere (a 12 point gap seemed unusually big) but a bit more research suggests he'll also be on free kick's and penalties when he's on the field which for a team who will potentially only score 1 or 2 goals in the tournament made 20/1 quite tempting. Actually 365's Albanian top scorer market seems quite erratic, there's players they have at 50's when others have the same person at 14's, or players where they have awful odds compared to competitors.
  3. DanGLiverpool

    The FIFA 16 Thread

    Got 198k for him, typically put him up just before the psn went down though haha.
  4. DanGLiverpool

    The FIFA 16 Thread

    Packed Neymar in a 50k pack, now I'd normally keep him ofc but with TOTY coming up, and already having SIF Konoplyanka in my La Liga team, do I sell him before his price crashes?
  5. DanGLiverpool

    Your work Xmas party

    Got taken over recently so ours is a 3 course meal paid for us on a 5* yacht hotel restaurant. Hoping drinks are covered too but it hasnt been mentioned either way. Is on this Sunday which I thought was an odd day, working til 7 and it starts at 7:30 as well. Got the Monday off though.
  6. DanGLiverpool

    The FIFA 16 Thread

    Packed two bronze IF's in 750 coin packs this week, both League 2 players that sell for about 5k so might as well keep them. Thought it would be pretty much impossible to pack a Bronze IF given how few there are compared to how many bronze players there are.
  7. DanGLiverpool

    The FIFA 16 Thread

    EA dropped an Ultimate Loan pack in everyone's accounts, got James in mine which is not bad for a freebie, also got a De Sanctis to keep which will come of use at some point soon.
  8. Andorra scored, and shock horror it was a penalty haha.
  9. DanGLiverpool

    The FIFA 16 Thread

    9 or 10 chemistry is the ideal amount to be getting on each player. Some will get 9 if say you play a LW at LM, but it's barely noticeable.
  10. DanGLiverpool

    The FIFA 16 Thread

    Could always play a 4-3-1-2 with James at CAM and Kroos as the central CM, 7 chem James would still be half-decent. Could even have Adrien Ramos up top to build a BL/German/James side and have him on 10 chem.
  11. 0-3 - 9/2 0-4 - 5/1 0-5 - 13/2 Belgium -2 is currently 1/3 as well, while -3 is 5/6. Could combine the o2.5/no btts with the same bet in switzerland - san marino and get a 1.16/1 double.
  12. O2.5 goals but no BTTS on Andorra - Belgium is currently 4/6 at Bet365, seems a really good price that unless you feel Andorra might score, which given their three goals so far this campaign have been courtesy of two penalties and an own goal seems unlikely.
  13. I'd personally back Manchester 62 to beat Lynx in Gibraltar tonight at 11/8 on Paddy's. Manchester strengthened loads in the summer including signing former Stoke defender Carl Hoefkens, Lynx struggled to beat 10-man Angels who are new to the league and lost 4-0 last night to a weaker team in St Josephs Maybe £2 or £3
  14. DanGLiverpool

    The FIFA 16 Thread

    Opened up 1600 FP worth of gold packs, got Darmian and Arturo Vidal in my 7.5k packs, and then in my 5k pack got Hummels