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  1. I thought I had a son come through my club once, as my surname isn't the most common name, but isn't a rare name either, but it was just a player with my surname, nothing else. Disappointed me, but he was rubbish anyway, and was duly released once his contract was out, and has since retired
  2. Working his magic at the British Virgin Islands it seems, someone must have told him that it was full of virgins for him to go there tbf. Did a spell to turn black and old to disguise himself I reckon.
  3. Forget the career, something come up
  4. Good point, you got me there:o Starting up a career game now, so once I get to the two years, I can start a thread:D
  5. Ah good, so when I finally set up my thread, I can name the PA's of regens, and CA's to show how the regen youth of tomorrow are developing.
  6. What's the rule on naming the CA/PA of regen players/staff.
  7. Even funnier is that Liverpool fans referred to Fowler as God. So basically God hailed Jesus as a wonder-maker
  8. Typical England tbf. Will be the norm in 10 years I say.
  9. About the kids retiring early, in my career game, every few months, I go to the retirements page, click on every kid under 30 retiring, and if they have a PA above 100, I delete the retirement, as they do have potential. if not, I let them retire.
  10. One of the faceinthegame people I belive, they are SI staff and sometimes not SI staff, although I have a sneak suspicion that Miles will pop up as a rare regen.
  11. I present to you, Jack King. A 10 in working with youngsters, hmm, so he can work with both kids and adults. Dodgy American's.
  12. I was thinking about doing an experiment where I would test whether developing in an area with extreme conditions would affect the development of a player. Would anyone be interested if I were to start now?
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